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Q&A: What could temple pains and sinus pains be caused by?

April 27th, 2013 5 comments

Question by went proper: What could temple pains and sinus pains be brought on by?

I have temple and sinus region pains(relatively STERN pains) which come and go (off and on)…it appears biological….. but I guess biology is merely/really all about chemistry when it comes down to it, is not it?

I indicate it could be aPHYSICAL blockage like a tumor or something which in reality is again all about chemistry… to get rid of or disolve such would be a considered….

If I were to go to the Doctors what exams or procedures would the medical doctor want to execute in order to discover out far more about this “head pain”.

I have flu-like signs off and on recently as effectively …. this is nearly like an assault on my immune technique or I guess it could be nanos working on the method attempting to fortify it for Future occasions… I genuinely do not know what this is….
could I be allergic to anything that I am becoming exposed to?

I know I am being vague and or rather ~ head pains can be from many factors.
Just tell me what you can, thanks.

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Solution by jim
Sinus Infection

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Back discomfort and health-related name caused by big bust?

October 8th, 2011 Comments off

Question by tallysmiley: Back pain and medical name brought on by large bust?

What are the names of the conditions that large boobs can result in on the back. When I look it up it only ever says “Back discomfort” it doesn’t ever say the specific name what certain condtions can a huge chest result in. Because there are 2 vertabre in my upper back that are partically sore lately and I want to know if there is a particular name.Thanks so a lot
Hey if you get authorized by medicare, could you message me, I am also covered by medicare so I just want to know if they are challenging on approving breast reductions. Thanks

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Answer by chillamade
I have that. D: Sucks, does not it? The term really is ‘back pain’. Sore vertebra can be the result of so many different things there’s not just a name for it. You’d need to have your doctor to examine it out to discover out exactly what it is.

Big busts can result in or worsen scoliosis, pinch nerves, create poor posture which can lead to back discomfort, it has even been linked to tension headaches and depression.

Right now I am attempting to get approved for medicare so I can get a reduction, so I’m in the same boat!

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