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Finger get COLD, BREATHING slows down, exhausted, chest pain…?

March 21st, 2014 Comments off

Question by allie182: Finger get COLD, BREATHING slows down, exhausted, chest pain…?

Does anyone know what this cold be? Occasionally it occurs to me in which breathing becomes tough/some “dry”-feeling chest ache, and my extremities lack circulation (cold or numb) and I turn out to be lethargic. I would describe it as breathing-associated but I am out of ideas as to what it could be. All 3 symptoms take place at after and it lasts up to an hour.

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Solution by Angie
You require to see a medical doctor. It may possibly be practically nothing… it might be heart issues. No a single here can inform you… only a doc can. Do not place it off. If you go to a hospital and you say “chest discomfort”, they will deal with you extremely nicely, because chest discomfort is critical.

Call your doc and see him as quickly as you can!

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Q&A: Hard time breathing often and coughing on and off. What is incorrect with me please aid.?

February 15th, 2014 1 comment

Question by 1millionMade: Challenging time breathing occasionally and coughing on and off. What is incorrect with me please assist.?

Occasionally my chest feels a bodyweight Sometimes and I cough alot some days like yesterday but nowadays I did not cough a lot anyways this problem has been occurring for the past five months. Sometimes I truly feel like my nose is clogged and its challenging to breathe when I breathe I only get a small air. Anyone know what it is? My mom says it may well be heart attack because I tension. But yes will not be able going to medical professional since parents have function.. :/ and when I breathe often I just cough and this takes place when I lay down or anything at all. I hope somebody understands thanks.

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Response by Jenny Quigley
It could be Asthma

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Chest tighness and breathing difficulty?

September 28th, 2013 3 comments

Query by oddballzpaintball: Chest tighness and breathing difficulty?

For the previous four or so days ive had a truly tight, compressing feeling in my chest, almost like it was becoming squished collectively as well as some periods of problems breathing. the breathing dilemma starts when i do anyhting much more than walking, including moving factors and carrying some things. the chest “pains” are rather steadily there. i am also undergoing some stressful issues in my personalized life, dont know if that has any impact on it. any a single have any idea what this could be? or what i need to do about it? is it one thing i ought to go to the walk-in clinic for? or even ER? my moms fiancee stated it perhaps asthma, but i am not diagnosed.

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Response by enh
your better go to the er, or somewhere. u want to be checked out. excellent luck.

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Can muscle tissues cramp be the lead to of heart soreness and breathing troubles?

July 4th, 2013 3 comments

Question by Haneen Ghazal: Can muscle groups cramp be the trigger of heart pain and breathing troubles?

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Solution by blynsey
Yes it can and it can be really scary and significant but any new or sudden chest soreness must usually be checked out, excellent luck.

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