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Do you think that the “pleasure vs. discomfort” principle is the genuine basis of human behavior?

August 26th, 2012 2 comments

Query by TerryBanto: Do you feel that the “pleasure vs. discomfort” principle is the true foundation of human conduct?

Often, this principle seems like a gross oversimplification to me.Other occasions, I can see it as a brilliant insight–a stroke of genius that is spare and basic. The idea is: every little thing that we do in life is a matter of increasing pleasure and avoiding discomfort. From the minute you get up in the morning right up until it’s time to jump back in the sack and rest yet again–every small thing we do is calculated both consciously or not, to somehow/some way boost our personalized pleasure…both in the instant second, or at some future time. But of course, several many things we do have the two constructive (pleasurable) parts, and adverse (painful) parts. For instance: take the case of a guy who hates chess, but who is dating a lady he likes quite much who transpires to feel chess is a fantastic game. He decides to go by means of the brain discomfort/discomfort of learning the game, and sacrificing some of his weekend tennis time (a lot more discomfort) so that he can get closer to this woman and appreciate a deeper partnership with her = numerous amounts of pleasure.

Is this so apparent it’s not really worth talking about for professional psychologists? Or is it a valued principle that aids clarify specific kinds of self-destructive behavior?

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Solution by Bugbear the Barbarian

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Is it standard to lose inches A lot quicker than lbs when working out on a regular basis?

February 3rd, 2012 6 comments

Question by Stacey: Is it typical to shed inches Much more rapidly than lbs when exercising regularly?

I was currently at a pretty healthy weight but desired to get back down to my pre-baby weight.

I’ve been functioning out on the tread on incline daily for over a month and am loving it.

My persistent ache is so a lot far better and I feel better. I also switched my diet regime significantly to only healthful mostly nonprocessed foods and a lot of fruit.

I notice that I am obtaining to acquire smaller sized pant sizes (absolutely content about that), but the lbs are not coming off as speedily.

Is it typical to shed inches much faster than lbs?

I retain acquiring feedback about how a lot weight I am losing, but I’m technically not losing significantly weight lol.

Am I doing this total “exercise” believe the correct way, or do I require to be losing lbs as a lot as inches?


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Answer by Johan E
As you have probably heard just before, muscle is much more dense than extra fat. So as you workout you not only lose fat, but put on weight from the muscle, it just doesn’t take up as much room.

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