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Any suggestions for a brace to help appropriate bad posture?

November 24th, 2013 1 comment

Question by curiouser: Any suggestions for a brace to aid appropriate bad posture?

specifically slouching, rounded shoulders…hopefully it can be worn under garments inconspiculously, and not also pricey ….

any other hints or tips to proper bad posture also welcome…thks

Best answer:

Solution by Michael I
A broom handle up your trouser leg

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Spiritually, is dealing with chaos without having dread the appropriate path to healing one’s inner pains?

December 5th, 2012 5 comments

Question by Gone Fishing: Spiritually, is dealing with chaos with no fear the suitable path to healing one’s internal pains?

I ask this simply because it has become normal in our society for a man or woman to numb their pains by way of medicine or to just emphasis on anything else. Although this may ease the signs and symptoms, it does not deal with the problem. If reality set’s a individual cost-free, isn’t it much better to face the soreness of ones inner kid, head on and without dread, in order to free ones self?

“it is via chaos, that order is accomplished.”

Greatest response:

Response by Sassymama
Without having dilemmas we would be zombies. Ache is the pathway to inner reality and outer extremities. Like a flu shot can help create our immune system ache prepares us for the power that is within us all. Only in defeat can we discover the courage to truly feel powerful and the will to help other folks go by way of hardships.

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Q&A: 17 weeks – actually bad reduced appropriate back pains.?

June 16th, 2012 3 comments

Question by : 17 weeks – actually negative reduced right back pains.?

For about a week now I have had a undesirable back (low down on the correct) – it hurts when I bend down and so forth and I get the odd twinge in it.
But final night I woke up in tears – it was killing me. As soon as I laid on my back it went (I have been sleeping on my sides for the past 2 weeks – typically I am a tummy sleeper and I am locating it challenging to get comfy)
Right now it hurts once again, when I am not moving it is a extremely dull ache but when I get up and move close to it hurts a lot more.

I also have been getting the odd twinge of discomfort in my belly area near my belly button and in my reduce appropriate side – but I know that this is almost certainly ligament pains.

I just wondered – do you believe this is normal “developing pains” in my back or could it be that I have just lately stopped sleeping on my tummy and the change has harm my back?

I am having an antenatal appointment at the hospital tomorrow so I will ask then but I just wondered what you guys think?


Best answer:

Reply by Gail D
Ask them to check you for a urinary tract infection whilst you are there.

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Atheist–Can you describe to me what appropriate and incorrect is without pointing back to an absolute moral truth?

April 8th, 2012 36 comments

Question by two Timothy two:15: Atheist–Can you describe to me what proper and wrong is without pointing back to an absolute moral truth?

Most atheists agree murder is wrong/evil/sinful, whatever you want to contact it–it’s not a good issue to do. Perhaps, due to the fact it hurts, or it’s just merely wrong. Why is it incorrect?

Why is stealing incorrect? Why is causing discomfort “wrong”? Why is Something incorrect at all? Why does society decide it, and why is letting society establish it “right”? Why is not that wrong?

Can you clarify why this or that is correct or wrong, with out pointing to an absolute truth to defend your position, for which an absolute giver of moral truth need to exist in order to be so?

If you say “such and such” is wrong… I feel that you will ultimately, if you want to stand firmly on that belief… point to an absolute moral truth. You will at this point both ignore that conclusion so that you don’t have to tackle the existence of God, or you will accept it and look for God out.

But, the challenge nonetheless exists, if you can. Please explain to me proper and incorrect, without having addressing the absolute truth. If you say, “Due to the fact I say so” or “Since society says so” or “Because it feels excellent and doesn’t result in paint”, then you should think that people issues *are great* primarily based on some foundational absolute, ergo, absolute a lot more truth is yet again established. Can this really exist with no God?
“What causes ache is wrong, what leads to happiness is proper.”

I addressed this solution in my question. You are creating an absolute statement, consequently, pointing to an absolute moral truth… in which does this come from? How do you know and why is this so? What if I disagree?
meissen9…: I openly admit, I can not. God exists, He helps make the guidelines.
“There are no moral absolutes.”

Is that the proper thing to think, and are you absolutely certain?

Best reply:

Reply by Malik L
We tend to use the “Golden Rule”


Treat other folks as you would have them deal with you (most likely paraphrased, but that is the gist).

So, if you have a question about no matter whether an action by you would be “correct or incorrect” ask (honestly) whether you would enjoy currently being on the other side of the equation.

You are going to steal from a person, would you want a person to steal from you? You are going to murder someone, how would you really feel if you were the victim?

Pretty absolute (if you are truly honest with your assessments) and no God required.

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sharp pain below decrease appropriate ribs when leaning back, gallbladder currently checked?

October 17th, 2011 Comments off

Query by Ben: sharp pain underneath reduce appropriate ribs when leaning back, gallbladder currently checked?

Hello, I have been possessing altering signs more than the past 2 months and it is practically not possible to get a diagnosis. I’ve had endoscopy, colonoscopy, blood tests. The pain began in my left side decrease, It was an ache I could really feel it when I would bend down. I had a quite swollen vein in my left testicle that morning. The swollen vein went away that day, but the ache lasted for a month. I ultimately went to the medical doctor and had a ct scan carried out, every thing was standard except 2mm achievable kidney stone in left kidney, which “should not be triggering any discomfort.”

Nicely now for the previous month the correct side of my ribs has a bad pain when I lean back, I also feel nauseous throughout the day (I am not positive if this rib pain is creating me really feel unwell, but I have no desire to puke.) Had a kidney ultrasound and gallbladder ultrasound, all okay.

Often I will wake up in the middle of the night and feel like my left leg is Really weak, challenging to make clear. There is a thing going on, but I cannot come across the answer. I practically feel a numbness senstation somtimes. I do not have significantly anxiety, mentally I really feel fine.. though the last doctor kept saying it was anxiousness. Properly if that is accurate, why can I not even throw a ball without having this shooting discomfort below my right rib? Where do I go from here?

Could there be some sort of blood clot somewhere in my body creating this? What tests should I have completed?

Best answer:

Answer by Mistoday, PRD for Peace
I have no concepts on your situation, but if you try out this therapy for kidney stones, the apple cider vinegar has numerous nutritional advantages. Are you eating a balanced diet program and not overdoing any one item?

In Herbs of the Earth by Mary Carse, she lists underneath stones and gravel in the urinary program pertaining to kidneys and the bladder, that these are uncommon in which apple cider or vinegar are a staple of the diet. (I note that this reference does not state regardless of whether the vinegar requirements to be apple cider vinegar, but the manufacturers in the health meals aisle are less processed.

The woman I work for now, says her daughter passed a kidney stone (identified by a medical doctor) right after taking apple cider vinegar. The Braggs brand located in the health food aisle suggests to take two teaspoons in water with honey three occasions every day and there is yet another organic brand known as Spectrum.


In In Apple Cider Vinegar Wellbeing Program by the Braggs 1985 or 34th printing, it states on p 21:

A big amount of kidney stones are of the sort that can be dissolved with cider vinegar.

Use cider vinegar freely on salads consisting of cabbage, carrots, celery, beet root, tomatoes, green onions, parsley, cucumbers. Consume prunes, raisins, apples, at the exact same meal with the cider vinegar on the salad.


Note that neither citation above guarantees that this will perform for you, but it may.


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