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Appendix, in which can you feel the pains in addition to the lower correct side of your abdomen?

October 25th, 2013 1 comment

Question by Cal: Appendix, exactly where can you truly feel the pains in addition to the lower appropriate side of your abdomen?

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Answer by Hal Lancer
Appendicitis pain may possibly commence close to the stomach button, but quickly moves to the decrease correct quadrant of the abdomen. To support greater find the tiny organ, put 1 finger in the stomach button and 1 finger on the hip bone that protrudes in front on the appropriate. Two-thirds of the way across between the stomach button and that hip bone is exactly where the appendix is discovered. A check MDs will typically complete in an ER to distinguish whether or not stomach ache may possibly be appendicitis is to push down on that spot very firmly. If the discomfort increases sharply especially when the pressure is launched (“rebound ache”), that is a constructive discovering for feasible appendicitis, and if the signs and symptoms and background match, suspicion for appendicitis will enhance.

Note that in some obese men and women or 3rd-trimester pregnant females, the appendix might get pushed a few inches away from that spot. But if you happen to be asking, Can appendicitis soreness be upper appropriate or nicely above on the left side?, generally not, specifically in a individual of reasonably normal excess weight.

By far most people with stomach ache do not have appendicitis. One thing else is incorrect. Left-side discomfort is frequently stomach difficulties. Moving ache (1 day right here, an additional day there, the up coming day someplace else yet again) is typically persistent constipation, or irritable bowel syndrome. Upper proper soreness in front is often gallbladder problems. But there are a lot of possible triggers of abdominal ache, just as there are many attainable brings about of headache, so you really want to get examined by a medical doctor to get these things pinned down.

An additional consideration that guidelines out several worries about appendicitis is to note that it is practically usually an acute, short-term problem. If this ache has been persisting constantly or off-and-on for a couple of weeks or longer, it is not not possible but is unlikely to be appendicitis, due to the fact odds are that the patient would have currently had to go to the hospital some time ago. Appendicitis typically builds rapidly and comes to a head with a journey to an ER within a four or 5 days of starting and frequently significantly less than that.

Wishing you very good luck and good wellness.

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Q&A: How do you know your appendix just burst and also can you die from it?

April 28th, 2013 4 comments

Query by Melissa: How do you know your appendix just burst and also can you die from it?

I was possessing ache like beneath my tummy and it hurted so poor at very first and know it just went away, right now. But I’m not sure if it’s my appendix due to the fact i was having the exact same ache for this total week it came and went away.I just wanna know just in case:D
Also, I had no signs, like some websites say. So i do not know what really has been happening to me. But it really is been happening comparable.

Ideal reply:

Answer by RMG09 Guardian
It will lead to intense pain in the reduce side abdomen for several days or much more that becomes unbearable. The discomfort does not go away until finally you get surgery to have your appendix eliminated.

Yes, you can die from it.

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Identified no fluids in uterus or appendix @ ER am I preggo?

June 27th, 2012 Comments off

Query by SleepingBeauty: Found no fluids in uterus or appendix @ ER am I preggo?

prior med historical past- @ the age of twelve (2000)i started depo provera- i stopped in 2008 (twenty) due to wanting to “cleanse” /” its just not all-natural, anyways immediately after 1yr i received back on it result in effectively pms is just disgusting, so in 09 after a year of “cleansing” i get back on depo til my final schedule shot which was april 17th 2010, nicely i didnt get it (Finance causes), so in june (chaotic) i dont keep in mind my period and i know i havent had 1 this month, must be preggo appropriate? no preceding signs of pregnancies or miscarriages in the past.

so now that ur caught up on my med historical past lets go to june 12th 2010

close to 11 in the morning i get a blood spot ” oh yeah no wonder why ive been a biotch” so i have no tampons (packed up) so i go to keep and purchase some, properly all day into the subsequent i dont bleed anymore but i have a bloating reduce adominal discomfort, “must be gassy” properly as the day proggressed the discomfort went over to my right side and was horrible, i slept in the recliner for the subsequent two til i could get to the er. cause now ive done some research on ovarian cyst (bf is experienced in popping them) and i assumed i had a single rupture do to the ache and stuff. well i get to the er they do a urine pee test, detrimental, an ultrasound, located a cyst on my left side (not my correct in which the discomfort is), a ct scan no fluids in my appendix either so the dr stated no ruptured ovarian cyst and the surgeon stated it was since its not appendicitis, so either way the gave me some percs and motrin, im not taking the percs any longer, i stopped the 17th morn when i received sick oh yeah i went to er the 16th btw, the ache was disturbing my rest, either way, the men gave me a gynos # and she thinks they should have gave me some check (im considering blood), both way she scheduled me in for the 22nd of up coming month but, she she just before you come in consider a preggo check, for ins. motives,

what do yall believe?

Very best solution:

Solution by Addy’s Mommy O)
I’m getting a tough time following what you are making an attempt to say but I will consider to assist. I do not think you are pregnant, I believe you could have either an infection or some thing wrong with your fallopian tubes. I consider you need to get to a doctor asap and have the medical professional give you a pregnancy check. Any medical professional, that tells you to consider a pregnancy check prior to an appointment is not a good physician. That’s is there occupation not yours.

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Q&A: My dads appendix has lead shot in it, medical professionals/hospital not assisting!?

May 10th, 2012 Comments off

Question by : My dads appendix has lead shot in it, doctors/hospital not assisting!?

My dad has been to the hospital 3 times in the previous two weeks for excessive abdominal pain, serious abdominal distention and reduced back ache. The hospital right here is far from competent (they virtually killed me), and are normally just a bunch of health care school rejects. They’ve run tests, but told him it is fine, it is one thing to do with his MS (MS doesn’t result in these signs) then gave him a prescription for hydromorphone and to just plain not come back for the issue simply because they “don’t deal with chronic discomfort”. Plus they outright LIED about 1 test at the hospital, when they came back and informed him the urinalyisis came back fine, but my dad couldnt pee and never gave a smaple! His GP ran a lot more tests and still couldn’t “uncover something wrong”. Then he went to his neurologist, who examined some pictures (I think from a CAT scan) taken at the hospital, and located two little, round bits of metal (my dad figures lead shot, since he’s a hunter and sometimes it disperses in meat) lodged in his appendix! The neurologist does not deal with things like that, and didn’t seem to be to discover it a huge deal. My dad is acquiring worse and worse with the discomfort and new signs are exhibiting up (digestive issues, and a fever). I would envision lead shot lodged in your appendix when you are acquiring extreme pain and issues in your abdomen to be taken somewhat more seriously. Particularly because it has to have been there for some time, as my dad has hunted/eaten hunted meat in above a year!

Form anything I can uncover on the internet, possessing radiopaque (metal) objects lodged in your appendix is extremely very uncommon (something most medical doctors will probably never ever see) and demands your appendix to be removed. I saw the exact same figure above and above on many (respected) health care websites- only 256 circumstances of this in the past a hundred years! My dad is in extreme pain, but due to the fact he trusts his physicians completely, he is not searching for 2nd opinions, and is ignoring it. If his appendix ruptures, I am afraid he will not notice due to the fact he’s already in such immense pain in that place. I referred to as MY gp yesterday and explained the predicament, and he seemed very concerned, and even made available to consider my dad as a new patient so he could at least give him a referral to a specialist who can help. But my dad will not see my medical doctor due to the fact he is a naturopath and he thinks naturopaths aren’t real doctors. But my medical doctor is at least willing to see him and give him a referral to a expert, wherever neither of my dads physicians are. Hell, my dad will not even see another standard medicine medical professional, due to the fact his gp is his friend. What must I do? This is very regarding, and I consider my dads well being is in danger? But he will not do something about this, and it is like speaking to a wall attempting to get by means of to him?

Very best solution:

Reply by ridingorracing
yet another doctor would be my selection, an additional hospital all collectively.

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