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is this appendicitis?

March 8th, 2014 3 comments

Question by devilhorn5: is this appendicitis?

Assist!! two days ago, i felt ache in my reduce appropriate hip. i imagined it may be appendicitis or somthing. but the up coming day, it didnt hurt and no nausea and all that things. im truly scared! what do you consider it is? ought to i get it checked out or somthing??

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Reply by ♥♥♥
the soreness wouldnt be there for two days if it was appendicitis

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how do you know if you have appendicitis?

March 18th, 2013 Comments off

Query by jessypaige[><]: how do you know if you have appendicitis?

im 17 and have had horrible pains in my correct decrease abdomen and ive had a bunch of test run but no 1 would like to think me. the pains have gotten a great deal worse, so do i go back to the er tonight or wait for another dr appointment on friday at 4? assist please i can not stand this anymore.

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Answer by norton g
jessypaige[><] - With "horrible pains" you need to return to see an MD, possibly a gynecologist. While appendicitis is a diagnosis somewhat difficult to be absolutely sure of, other possibilities include inflamed lymph nodes just outside the appendix (viral), an inguinal hernia, or something related to your menstrual period(s) or fallopian tube (? pregnancy). A ruptured appendix is considered a surgical emergency.

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