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Early Pregnancy – Anybody Had Stabbing Pains?

February 19th, 2014 2 comments

Question by Wannabemum: Early Pregnancy – Any person Had Stabbing Pains?

From 7DPO I had these light stabbing pains that progressed into sharp ones as the days went buy. They were intermittent but occurred all day. Lasted about 4 days.

I then felt a strange sensation, like a feather stroking my uterus, unpleasant.

apart from intense tiredness for two days, this is the only symptoms, I have, so doubt am pregnant. Plus am 13DPO carried out an IC check and zilch. AF is due tomorrow,

Anybody been through the exact same thing.
meant to say as the days went “by” Lol.

Best response:

Solution by alton w
u are pregnant

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does anybody no anything at all about detoxing from oxycotin?

October 21st, 2013 1 comment

Question by Emily D: does anyone no something about detoxing from oxycotin?

ive been off of oxycotin for alittle longer than a month….does anyone know if component of the detox is genuinely sore joints? my legs are killing me adequate to be limping its greater then it was a month in the past but even now rather undesirable. if someone is aware of please let me no.

Greatest reply:

Reply by painfredoc
If you’re detoxing ‘cold turkey’, the discomfort you took it for may possibly return as the drug ‘leaves’ you. If you are currently being helped by a professional, inform them & they can support ease it an additional way.

You can get assist at your city-county Health Dept.
If you happen to be beneath 18, it could be a dilemma for you with no parental permission in creating.

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Has this occurred to anybody else during pregnancy?

December 17th, 2012 4 comments

Question by Fretz: Has this took place to anyone else during pregnancy?

I am 9 weeks pregnant and for a handful of weeks now I’ve noticed when I wake up my entire decrease entire body, about my ovaries/uterus cramp like crazy. It can be constantly in the morning right after I’ve slept and only lasts for a couple of minutes. I do not genuinely know how to describe it, but I do not don’t forget it happening throughout my 1st, but it takes place every morning and by no means any other time, so I doubt something is wrong, just pondering about it though. Has/ does this take place to any person else?

Greatest answer:

Response by Paige S
it’s very normal. It really is your uterus streching and expanding with your new child! I don’t forget waking up every morning freakin out simply because I usually felt period cramps. As extended as it is not accompanied by bleeding or significant soreness, you must be ok. But always inquire ur doctor

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does anybody know any great irish artists or sculpture artists nevertheless dwelling?

December 6th, 2012 Comments off

Query by CATHERINE: does anyone know any good irish artists or sculpture artists nonetheless dwelling?

for my A degree art project i need to pick an Irish artist or sculpture artist that is nevertheless alive so i can organize to meet up with them for an interview. the theme of my venture is “soreness” so it would be great if the artists portrayed this in their perform. i am locating it genuinely challenging to uncover an artist and would be grateful if someone could help me. thank you.

Best solution:

Answer by tigrizzle
You can check out e.g. via these.
or these websites:

From the 1950s onwards, sculpture in Ireland has witnessed an increasing diversity of styles, subjects and media. Among the mentioned contemporary and modern Irish sculptors are the following.

Melanie Le Brocquy (b.1919), at times referred to as ‘the sculptor’s sculptor’ simply because of the subtlety of her little-scale, virtually miniature, bronzes. Gerda Froemel (1932-75), the German-Czech born artist who worked in bronze, steel, stone and alabaster, displaying indicators of a variety of European influences such as Giacometti, Brancusi and Lehmbruck. Alexandra Wejchert (b.1921) the Polish-born Irish-based sculptress recognized for her metal or perspex abstract performs, in certain Freedom, her 12-feet-large metal sculpture outside the Allied Irish Bank’s Complicated at Ballsbridge, Dublin. Imogen Stuart (b.1927), is another highly flexible artist working in a variety of media like bronze, stone and wood. Much of her best perform has been commissioned by the Church, and her design incorporates numerous motifs from Barlach medieval to Celtic art. The modern steel sculptor, Conor Fallon (1939-2007) a native of County Wexford received his start off in St Ives even though his mature style is closer to European masters like Brancusi. Other crucial Irish sculptors of the 2nd half of the twentieth century incorporate: Hilary Heron (1923-76), Patrick McElroy (b.1923), Ian Stuart (b.1926), Deborah Brown (b.1927), Edward Delaney (b.1930), John Behan (b.1932), Michael Bulfin (b.1939), Brian King (b.1942), John Burke (b.1946), Dorothy Cross (b.1956) and Eamonn O’Doherty (1930-2009).

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I’m in constant physical pain. Anybody know what might be triggering this?

October 8th, 2011 Comments off

Query by notdamonbradley: I am in consistent physical pain. Anybody know what may well be creating this?

I have asked a doctor about this, and she wasn’t any assist. My shoulders constantly hurt, and I get headaches extremely effortlessly. My fingers hurt a lot of the time, and my knees and elbows sometimes hurt to. Occasionally I get this floating discomfort that hurts and seems to move over my body. Appropriate now it is in the back of m head.

My blood pressure is usually slightly increased than common. I am a couple of pounds overweight, and would most likely be fine with exercise, but for me physical exercise is like torture. It causes so a lot physical pain I cannot bear it for much more than a handful of minutes. My biceps are beginning to hurt as I type this, as is my left big toe. Now the bridge of my proper foot. My shoulders are the worst even though. Sometimes I wish I could rip my shoulder blades out of my physique.

I’m never ever not in some kind of physical discomfort, and I do not keep in mind ever not being in discomfort.

My medical professional says to exercising, but as I stated, that is torture. I’ve tried finding massages, taking more than-the-counter pain medication, and a few other items. They all lessen the pain, but nothing at all requires it away completely.

No chairs, beds, or anything are at ease for me. No position I rest in is far better or worse.

I do not really feel weak or damaged in any other way. In truth I’m relatively powerful. In higher college I was a weight-lifter.

I am otherwise pretty darn healthy. I eat well. I am a vegan (although this dilemma was going on for 20 years ahead of I became a vegan). I’m presently 29.

When I was a kid and complained about this, my parents and doctors would say it is “expanding pains.” They tried giving me a placebo pill, which didn’t function, and I caught on after a number of months. Given that then medical doctors are mostly dismissive about it.

I’ve located a number of frequent placebos that assist for a brief amount of time, but nothing that lasts and absolutely nothing that tends to make it go away totally.

The appropriate side of my head now hurts, and the knuckles of my left hand…. and now my proper elbow.

It just goes on and on.

I’ve been considering about attempting weed, but I’m worried about acquiring caught. I have a family members and I cannot afford the penalties.
D P, thank you. I read a couple of on the internet content articles on it, and that sounds exactly like what I have. I’m on the verge of tears. I’ve lived with this for my complete life and no one has recommended this. I am at present seeing a therapist for anxiousness and depression, so yeah, it fits. Thank you so much.
Oh, and I just didn’t feel the psychological troubles had been linked, or I thought that they were brought on by my pain. It by no means occurred to me that they could have a typical root lead to, or be associated.

Very best answer:

Answer by D P
You probably have “fibromyalgia.” You obviously concentrate A Great deal on your physical signs. I would suggest meeting with a psychiatrist to help discover a medical regimen which includes cognitive therapy as quickly as feasible.

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Q&A: Anybody else get up in the middle of the night to eat in the course of pregnancy?

October 8th, 2011 7 comments

Question by Eliese: Any person else get up in the middle of the night to eat during pregnancy?

I’m 30 weeks pregnant, and just lately I have had Strong hunger “pains” in the middle of the night (generally amongst 130 and 230 am) and I just have to get up and eat some thing usually a bowl of cereal. I am then satisfied and go back to rest. Am I the only one particular out there performing this odd behaviour?? My husband thinks it really is hilarious. I’m not obese at all, I just want to eat in the middle of the night! Anybody else out there like me??

Greatest answer:

Answer by ASHLEE M
well then I am funny as well cuz i do that too i did it before i was preg and now its just worse but thankfully I am not obese either

great luck ash…

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