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Just a little support right here. Only great answers please!?

March 13th, 2014 3 comments

Question by angelwings2nite: Just a small help here. Only good answers please!? have much more detail. I charted myself on a ovulation calender and my fertile window was Sept 13th to the Sept 18th and The 18th was the day that i was supposed to have ovulated. I had unprotected sex on the 13th and 14th only. Quickly after the 18th I had discomfort in my reduce left side of my stomach my nipple was sore I am peeing more frequently than standard I got sick and threw up twice I also have decrease back ache and these signs has stopped except for the lower back pain but I am acquiring mild and sudden headaches and a tiny headed hear and there that do go away. Each and every given that this Sunday (September 21st) I noticed that my CM has been egg white but not that thick but variety of a watery variety but it has substance to it but it has covered most of my finger (sorry if its also considerably data) but my question is from the signs and symptoms and details that i offered does it sound like I could be pregnant or in the method of? But I cant test with an early response HPT till this approaching sunday…but I am quite anxious

Greatest answer:

Solution by MrsVincent
It sounds like you very properly could be pregnant. “] You had pain in your reduced abdomen which can sometimes be known as “Plantation Pains” and if your nipples are sore thats one more excellent sign, also the frequent urination. Excellent Luck and plenty of baby dust. “]

I love that each other person that answered this was a guy, cuz you know guys would know a womans entire body far better than a woman and all.. lol

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The Backache Choice: Hand book for chronic pain success: The answers for your chronic back pain. (Volume 1)

March 11th, 2013 Comments off

The Backache Choice: Hand book for chronic pain success: The answers for your chronic back pain. (Volume 1)

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Repost… no answers yesterday. What is going on?

September 24th, 2012 3 comments

Question by Baby Boy Due in April!: Repost… no solutions yesterday. What is going on?

I am 1 DPO nowadays, which is way too quickly to be feeling any implantation cramping (except if I ovulated earlier than my EWCM and + OPK indicated). But all day nowadays, I have been having horrible, period like cramps and lower back aches. I never ever get cramps like this unless I am having my period. It’s not been like my normal mittleschmerz “pains” either. Normally I just feel a handful of twinges when I ovulate, and then it really is above with. The 1st day of my LMP was two and a half weeks ago, so I know my period is not getting prepared to commence, because I have relatively lengthy cycles. What could this be? Anyone else have period like cramps in the middle of their cycle? If so, what did it end up currently being with you?

At times I hate the truth that I am hyper-aware of my entire body. Grrrr!
I enjoy all the answers and can not pick just one particular, so I am placing it up to a vote. Thank you all! I know it truly is not a UTI (I referred to as and talked to my physician…), so now it really is just a waiting game for me! Cramping has ongoing on and off, so I’m hoping to get my BFP quickly! Good luck and plenty of infant dust to you all!

Best solution:

Solution by jpturboprop
Pay a visit to with your physician. Ask her if you could have a UTI…

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I posted this in TTC but received only stupid rude answers, please study?

September 9th, 2012 3 comments

Query by shida720: I posted this in TTC but received only stupid rude solutions, please study?

Help! I have no notion what this could be but any advise if welcome!

Since late yesterday or early this morning I have had a sore feeling pain in the decrease portion of my abdomen (below belly button)
It soft of feels like how your stomach does immediately after also several crunches or operating out. I truly feel it WAY a lot more when I walk than sitting down and it feels sort of tender to press.

It is NOT extreme ache, it is not even genuinely “pain” just a lot more sore.
I do not have any indicators of any variety of infection nor do I have any STD’s.
I have been TTC for five many years with PCOS
I do not have any other signs and symptoms minus a slight decrease back ache that is almost certainly from sitting at my desk at work.
I do not think it is a UTI or any other urinary tract related illness.
I am an (practically) 30 yr old married girl

Thanks for any aid!
These had been my solutions to all the people who did not properly study my publish:

effectively I am NOT worried, just curious to see if this could be related to pregnancy symptoms (consequently the TTC area!!!!). There is practically nothing to be concerned in excess of! I have two masters degrees not to mention prevalent sense! If it was an emergency I would go to my Dr. not come on-line. Would you go to the Dr. immediately after you ran and your legs have been achy, no since that would be stupid! Well identical right here!

Second, this is not an ER variety situation. This is not even a Dr. type situation. It is NOT I repeat yet again NOT agonizing or serious it just feels weird (and I only feel it when I’m standing up!) That is why I posted it in the TTC area!

For the a single individual who did reply nicely and in a Normal fashion, thank you!
If anybody else had this ahead of or has a clue what it is please allow me know! I never want to say it truly is a crampy feeling, just far more of an achy feeling.

There is a abdomen bug creating it is way about Manhattan so I guess that is constantly an solution! (but I hope not!!!)

Ideal solution:

Answer by nay27
i would go to the medical professional and have it checked out. if you feel like this will not go away or will get worse i would go to the physician. I’m not sure what it could be. perhaps your appendix is inflamed. id go get it checked out. tell your physician you’d like testing completed to rule out any possibility of appendicitis or anything. the appendix is on the right side. so I am not certain given that its below your belly button. it could be a bladder infection also or kidney stones. id suggest medical doctor if the ache and soreness does not go away. it could be practically nothing or it could be a lot more. i dont know but i hope this assisted a minor

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Q&A: significant neck ache/head stress, no answers?!?!?

July 17th, 2012 Comments off

Question by : severe neck ache/head strain, no answers?!?!?

I’ve had severe neck pain/head stress for in excess of a week now and numbness/tingling to my extremities and face as effectively as nausea, been to the ER twice, and a neurologisit in the that quantity of time. I am so confused. The MRI of my brain/cspine came back regular but was advised i could need to have a spinal tap to rule out MS and other opportunities. I also had metabolic acidosis, they ruled out diabetes but are worried about my kidney perform now. SO they mentioned it could be one thing autoimmune, and that I require much more testing to figure it out. I went to a neurologist who mentioned i have a nystamus which is new for me and since i have all these neuro signs and symptoms could suggest something but he was like o occasionally we can set off that in ppl and then said I could have optic neuralgia, but refused to check me b/c i “wasn’t in sufficient discomfort”….I am furious. I have not been able to go to function recently hardly at all. I’ve barely slept and when I do its like a nap here and there b/c the soreness and stress in my head hurts to considerably to lie down. and the physicians preserve refusing to test me for things. I cannot even perform as a standard person. I need to have solutions so i can get back to my daily life! Has any person experienced anything at all like this? I feel so hopeless.

Very best solution:

Reply by aWellWisher
Because imaging results of brain and cervical spine have been normal, you will need to wait till they do far more investigations to locate out the cause. Hope it won’t be something critical, all the finest!

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Q&A: what to do: i have extremely negative lower back and leg discomfort and have been provided 4 diverse answers!!! what could it b?

December 22nd, 2011 Comments off

Query by : what to do: i have quite negative reduce back and leg pain and have been offered four diverse answers!!! what could it b?

ok so i asked a question on here about two weeks ago about my reduce back pain and a couple of of the answers had been quite helpfull properly now im stuck in a thought: i have been offered 4 diverse answers
one. I was told it was a compression fracture
two. I was told that it was a compression of the L1
3. I was told it was the nerved being compressed by a “peek-a-boo disk”
4. i am now becoming told it is just genuinely undesirable muscle spasms

now this is all coming from 1 medical doctor as to wich why i am now stuck in thought today upon my go to with her she told me very frankly ” i dont have magical powers, i cant make you much better” and whilst telling her about the ache and how it effects on on what i do on a every day basis she says “oh just move about that will get you going, and make you greater” i was sent to physical therapy by yet another medical doctor the one who told me it was doable nerve compression. and when i told that to the doctor i saw nowadays once again “there just physical therapists, they cant inform you what the discomfort is coming from”….. so soon after not being satisfied with seeing her she ultimately refered me to a back specialist whom of which i am hoping to recieve accurate outcomes from i am a 24 year old woman who has gone from no back pain a day in my lifestyle to now have non quit back discomfort that radiates up and down my spine and into my left leg. (and due to the fact i could not pin point a single particular place of the leg she mentioned she was 100%confident that there was practically nothing other then back spasms) so if any of you can offer you suggestions i am in excellent need of some thing any thing usefull that could much better assist me get to the bottom of this is greatly appreciated
i am currently being given a number of medicines ranging from oxycodone to 800mg ibuprofen, to hoydrocodone with aciteminephin(viacodin) cyclobenzaprine (flexeril). i have just started physical treatment these days was my second session but my medical doctor suggested me to probably stop going seeing as how it is “possibly just muscle spasm’s” once again any and all assistance is appreciated at this point im so wanting to get to the bottom of this and get back to my standard every day actions!!!

Finest solution:

Solution by SGT V
Time to change medical professionals as yours sounds like the M.D. behind her name stands for “Mentally Deficient”! In reality it appears you have gotten two different answers. Things 1,2,three are all variations on the very same theme that it is connected to the vertebrae. 4 is a separate, factor blaming it on the muscle tissue. It could be a compression (type of) fracture of L1 which refers to an anatomical place the 1st lumbar (area) vertebrae. You have cervical (neck), thoracic (upper to low back), and lumbar vertebrae. There are 5 lumbar numbered from top to bottom L1-L5. A compression fracture would call for at bare minimal an lumbar spine series of x-rays or far more likely an MRI of your lumbar spine. I believe the “peek-a-boo” they refer to is a problem recognized as spondylolisthesis where the vertebrae moves (most likely when you bend above or twist) and compresses on the spinal nerve which would cause the problems of which you complain. It does not sound like physical treatment (PT) helped you which would make me discount “just muscle spasms” statements. The orthopedic (bone) or neurosurgeon (nerves and spinal cord) should get to the bottom of the dilemma. Pain is a symptom of a issue. Radiating spine ache is probably either brought on or aggravated by nerve compression.
I suffered a “burst/explosion” fracture of C-6 with associated injury to my spinal cord (SCI) when I was 21 years old. I have a situation named Brown-Sequard Syndrome which refers to motor loss (paralysis, which subsided) on 1 side of the entire body and sensory loss (discomfort and temperature in my situation) on the opposite side.I have been being handled for serious, chronic ache for almost 30 many years as a end result of this injury and resulting anatomical adjustments. I was also a medic in the USAF. My educated guess would be there is a very good possibility that you have compression of your spine at L1 most likely with muscle spasms. You don’t mention any drugs but you could try a thing like Ibuprofen (it has ache relief characteristics along with an anti-inflammatory). I would attempt using a topical analgesic (Ben Gay, Mineral Ice, Tiger Balm) it will help ease the pain if it is even partially muscular in nature. You can purchase hydrocollator pads from a Walgreens or comparable spot. You take the pad and heat it up in water on the stove best, remove it with tongs and enable the excess water to drain off and spot the pad in between two towels. Spot the towels on your back and as the heat dissipates take away one particular of the towels. An easier way is to put the topical analgesic on and then right after about 20 minutes take a hot shower and let the water pulsate on exactly where it hurts and that should alleviate some of the ache. It sounds like your sciatic nerve might be involved which would make clear the discomfort radiating down the back of your leg. Hopefully the specialist will get to the root difficulty rapidly. Hope this aids you. Best of luck.

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