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Visible knots in back? How to alleviate/avoid back pain?

December 13th, 2013 2 comments

Query by ~* Petite Choupette*~: Visible knots in back? How to alleviate/avoid back discomfort?

How to alleviate/keep away from back pain?
I am a competitive ballroom and latin dancer (I practice about two-three hrs a day) and I get the worst muscle pain in my back (a lot more in my upper middle back amongst my shoulder blades, but right now it really is all over the place. Also, fundamentally the top half of my back is tied up in knots… so unpleasant. Any ideas?

Very best solution:

Solution by Stu
If you have been in this variety of program in excess of a extended period of time (ie. practicing these routines routinely), I would anticipate that you are acquainted with “warm ups”,” great downs”, “stretches” and the like.
It is NOT clear from your study if the “discomfort/knots” have been a Persistent symptom, or just a current event.
It might be that you are “pushing” as well tough,skimping on the warm ups and so on., or truly suffered an Injury that is now aggravated by your regimen.
It would not be unusual (as you know), to be sore if you have overworked your muscle tissue. As well, heat , massage, a wonderful soothing bath can support to reduce discomfort if it is purely THAT.
Too, muscle tissues groups do have a tendency to bundled in the “upper tree”, and may “ache” could radiate along its lineage if overworked.It does sound muscle based, and when one set of muscles “knots” and so forth., it usually throws the equilibrium of other muscle groups off triggering much more “expanded discomfort.
On the other hand, if the supply of your discomfort is actual trauma and damage like a misaligned spine, pinched nerve and so on., you will require to have this assessed in a a lot more critical venue. Again, if this is something “NEW”, and abruptly Distinct, see a Medical doctor.
Hope this assisted. Excellent luck. Peace.

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