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Q&A: Hard time breathing often and coughing on and off. What is incorrect with me please aid.?

February 15th, 2014 1 comment

Question by 1millionMade: Challenging time breathing occasionally and coughing on and off. What is incorrect with me please assist.?

Occasionally my chest feels a bodyweight Sometimes and I cough alot some days like yesterday but nowadays I did not cough a lot anyways this problem has been occurring for the past five months. Sometimes I truly feel like my nose is clogged and its challenging to breathe when I breathe I only get a small air. Anyone know what it is? My mom says it may well be heart attack because I tension. But yes will not be able going to medical professional since parents have function.. :/ and when I breathe often I just cough and this takes place when I lay down or anything at all. I hope somebody understands thanks.

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Response by Jenny Quigley
It could be Asthma

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correct abdominal pain…what could this be…please aid…?

March 11th, 2012 1 comment

Question by Yazz: proper abdominal pain…what could this be…please support…?

okay, i’ve been having this discomfort for i would say now 7 many years, i would say it comes and goes and can be from little bit to a lot (presently encountering this poor time of discomfort)…so first time i went to a medical doctor about it i was diagnosed with iliopsoas muscle strain/sprain, then my decrease back harm a lot and they gave me some workouts to do and it truly helped a lot with that and the “appropriate side” discomfort…so years went by and i was okay…just lately i had bowel changes (extremely abnormal for me) so i went to doc, they did xrays, they did blood perform, and all of the required factors to see whats wrong, he saw blockage in my intestines so he tried to repair it and it didnt function, so i went for a CAT scan, almost everything turned out to be typical (thank GOD) this incorporates no gallbladder stones, kindey stones, or something like that, even checked pancreas and what not (went nuts waiting on outcomes, im only 24)…so following i established it could have been my diet program i altered routines and quickly got back into normal bowel movements and every thing was fine…UP Until…i went to the health club and started to function out vigorously (my mom told me not to i might strain some thing)…but as the stubborn 24 year old i didnt listen…nicely now this “appropriate side pain” came back with vengeance and it hurts like a mofo ๐Ÿ™ i tried stretching which may possibly support a minor bit, i just got accomplished putting ICY/HOT patch, and also my proper testicle hurts from this :(((((( i heard its regular when the doc a while ago explained the side effects of iliopsoas inflammation…so does it sound like its the iliopsoas muscle or could it be one thing else? im a hypochondriac and freak out very easily…i imply i did all the tests and almost everything this is the only issue that looks correct…and if it is a muscle…what the hell do i require to do to support it? Swiftly…my nuts are hurting so this is really killing me ๐Ÿ™

ANY support would be greatly appreciated

thank you

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Solution by Van Bo

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