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can you get publish traumatic anxiety disorder right after currently being attacked by bullies?

February 18th, 2014 9 comments

Question by bumble_bee3000: can you get submit traumatic stress disorder after getting attacked by bullies?

can you get post traumatic stress disorder right after getting attacked by bullies. I was stabbed in my right eye at school by a bully and after the incodent I left school which did have an effect on my social daily life badly and i was wondering if any individual had the awnser?
can you get post traumatic tension disorder following being attacked by bullies. I was stabbed in my proper eye at school by a bully and after the incodent I left college which did have an result on my social daily life badly and i was wondering if anyone had the answer?
I also forgot to add that the individuals who bullied me utilised to be my so-named friends who I even now some of them can not trust.

thank you to absolutely everyone who has offered me an response you have all been extremely useful xx

Best reply:

Response by hereforyou
yes you can

you need to talk about what happened so you can move on, i have a supportive web site you can use you ought to also see a therapist.

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I have been obtaining horrible stomach pains soon after eating protein. What could it be from?

August 22nd, 2013 1 comment

Question by Hayley P: I have been receiving horrible abdomen pains following eating protein. What could it be from?

Lately, I have been receiving horrible stomach aches minutes following eating proteins, this kind of as eggs and meat. It isn’t going to appear to come about following chicken. I am also 26 weeks pregnant and this did not occur to me prior to. Nonetheless, before I was pregnant, dairy items utilised to bother my stomach and now I can consume all the cheese I want and I am flawlessly fine.
Tofu and soy goods also lead to me to feel sick to my stomach. But nuts and nut butters are fine.

Best response:

Reply by Evil Angel
go vegetarian, our bodys are not ment to consume meat. Consider other sources of protien such as nuts, tofu, and soy.

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Q&A: Do women know the exact minute that they ovulate after they have ovulated?

March 12th, 2013 2 comments

Question by Sam Fisher CT: Do girls know the precise second that they ovulate as soon as they have ovulated?

what are the indicators? or otherwise how do you know when ovulation occurs?

Best reply:

Solution by EROS7776
Most women ovulate amongst the 10th and 17th day of their cycle. Commence counting with the initial day of your time period to determine your cycle.

No, I never feel most women know exactly when they ovulate, I by no means have. The very best way to decide if you are ovulating is take a check you can purchase at the drug shop. The old way is to get your temperature every single morning ahead of acquiring out of bed. The day that your temp is about two degrees higher than typical without sickness is almost certainly ovulation.

However, if you are wanting to use this technique to not get pregnant, hold in mind that sperm can live in you for up to seven days, so it is not really a risk-free method.

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Can you get pregnant days soon after your period?

March 8th, 2013 2 comments

Query by mcamp1107: Can you get pregnant days soon after your time period?

My abdomen is challenging and my breast are tender. But its only been a number of days following my time period. Is it attainable?

Best reply:

Answer by Andrea W
Typically, the best time to get pregnant is in the course of ovulation which occurs 10 days soon after your period. I’m thinking if you had intercourse inside of a couple of days after your period, you are not pregnant, but if you happen to be late for you following period, get a test.

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I Have A Tiny Bit of Red Discharge Right after my Period?

December 8th, 2012 Comments off

Question by sparky: I Have A Little Bit of Red Discharge After my Period?


I’ve had light red discharge right after my period for two days.I believe I have a situation acknowledged as “middle ache”. Which is not a ailment or sickness, it just makes you get that drainage and period signs for longer than most. I could be wrong. Anyways does any individual else get this?


Greatest response:

Reply by Meg
It really is just the finish of your cycle also recognized as spotting….You are going to be fine.

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Q&A: Is it possible to feel totally much better right after the baby drops?

October 5th, 2012 2 comments

Question by Courtney P: Is it attainable to truly feel totally better following the infant drops?

I think my baby dropped final Sunday…I had significant pelvic pressure, as well as rectal strain (TMI…sorry!) and I could barely walk or should I say waddle following it took place. Right now I measured my fundal height and it seems like I have indeed “dropped”. I know all the indicators of the infant dropping (strain, more urination, lower back soreness, etc…). I’ve commenced obtaining mild reduced back pain and tailbone discomfort, but overall, I truly feel significantly much better. The “crotch” discomfort I have been having for the past three months has gone away and I generally truly feel great physically. Is it possible to truly feel better (especially “down under”) even though I must be getting some negative “crotch pains”. Considering that the infant has dropped you would assume I would be hurting, but I do not! Is that weird? Has any individual else ever skilled this? Please honest solutions only.
Just to let everyone know, this is my second and I did not feel this way with my final pregnancy. I truly felt awful and could barely stroll. That is why I am so curious.

Very best answer:

Solution by Krystal G
I have no clue… I am 33 weeks preg and every thing you just stated I have had for like 6 weeks. I would contact your doc and make an appt to get checked to see if you are dilated.

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