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Is there a law in the state of Oklahoma that requires doctors to treat pain adequately?

February 10th, 2013 2 comments

Query by Lynette: Is there a law in the state of Oklahoma that requires medical doctors to treat discomfort adequately?

I have fibromyalgia and each and every medical doctor I go to refuses to assist me with my soreness. This discomfort is fully existence altering soreness and I can no longer operate and my daughter has to aid me with all my pursuits of everyday residing. I know that pain medicine will assist me with some of this and make my lifestyle somewhat much more produtive.

Very best solution:

Answer by GramNegative
No- they use their very best judgement when identifying who demands it. I would attempt a ache management physician or someone who specializes in treating fibro. I would also propose retaining a ache journal every single day (maybe the dilemma lies with how you are talking to the physicians- not explaining how a lot ache you are in or how it’s affecting your existence). Good Luck

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