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is it achievable for someone else to get your pregnancy signs and symptoms also?

November 25th, 2013 1 comment

Question by : is it attainable for someone else to get your pregnancy signs too?

.. is it

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Reply by jazzi
Lol no, pregnancy is not a condition of virus.

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why do I often envision the worst achievable situations about almost everything?

September 20th, 2013 Comments off

Query by Pearl: why do I constantly think about the worst feasible situations about every thing?

Its automatic Is there any way I can not have these thoughts.

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Solution by wasajeep
i never know i do the exact same point, i’ve study in a “new earth awakening to your life’s function” that individuals have ego’s which are believed and emotion connected. so to feel of an situation that creates unfavorable emotion feeds the ego, and can fill a sense of “me”. he also talks about a phrase ache bodies which he defines as “an accumulation of old emotional ache” that people momentarily recognize with and can generally be resolved by analysis and acceptance of an unresolved dilemma. nonetheless this is hard simply because the so-known as ego likes soreness and will trigger imaginary scenario’s to recreate old emotional ache.

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is it achievable to end “increasing pains” which are in my lower body?

June 21st, 2013 2 comments

Query by pop r: is it feasible to cease “developing pains” which are in my lower body?

am turning 15 in a month , about a 12 months ago , i beginning getting pains in my reduced physique , mostly in the joints , the medical professional advised me they are developing pains , effectively heres my question , can i Quit them?

i know they are supposed to stop when i quit growing , but why doesnt each and every child have them? am i bound to hold feeling like a 90 previous or is there a way to take away the discomfort?
i’ve gotten those solutions ahead of , and clearly you are misunderstanding me , i dont want to ease off the soreness for a handful of hours , take a pill that can make it a minor bit much better for a couple of hours.

i want it gone , its not honest for a person my age , i am into sports activities and i have ben practicing karate considering that i was a kid , i cant stand this.

Ideal response:

Solution by Curly
Chiropractic therapy can often instances have achievement with relieving developing pains! Consider your nearby chiropractor!

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Is it achievable that I have a type of pneumonia?

November 25th, 2012 1 comment

Question by : Is it possible that I have a form of pneumonia?

Okay so I have been coughing some not as well significantly but when I do it is like a sturdy cough and some stuff comes up with it. Mucus. Also I’ve been possessing trouble breathing, and final night I woke up gasping for air. Ive been obtaining some back soreness, and some discomfort close to my diaphragm. Oh and I have a headache. Anybody know what is going on?

Finest solution:

Solution by Hunter
Any time you have difficulty breathing, you ought to undoubtedly consult a physician. Coughing up mucus also sounds like an additional symptom of pneumonia, as effectively as the ache in your diaphragm. I’m not a medical professional myself, but I would nevertheless recommend seeing one particular quickly.

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Support! Achievable Malpractice case?

May 13th, 2012 1 comment

Query by : Support! Attainable Malpractice situation?

I am 44yrs old and had a terrible fall which messed my back&tailbone up, along with having scoliosis,degenerate decease and 11 many years ago I was put on methadone 40mg each 8hrs for chronic pain& 25mg phenergan to take a hour prior to for nausea and vomiting.(which due to acid,took enamel off my teeth, and lost my teeth from the medicine) Had injections as nicely as nerve blocks for my issue, but absolutely nothing was doing work anymore, I didn’t have insurance coverage so that is why he put me on people drugs.
In March 2011, even though out of state do to an emergency in Florida,with my mom couldn’t get back Maryland to my medical professional to get refilled.When I ran out, I was in such serious ache, heart was palpitating,shortness of breath &sweats and so on, so went to the ER exactly where they refused to support me or give me any medicine currently being “out of state”. afterwards many attempts in contacting him with regards to my scenario, he refused to speak to me (mind you I’ve been w/him for 11yrs) refused to prescribe me “something”, leaving me to withdraw from this medicine, hallucinating,acquiring severely sick. A day later on I was taking by ambulance to yet another ER (due to my problem had to go to closest) and once again wasn’t in a position to seek help, was informed I just had to go thru withdraw& deal, that my signs have been all from the medication. Afterwards yet again known as explained to my doctor’s nurse of every thing,and was informed to get to a clinic or discomfort mgmt down here in Fla, but yet again I wasn’t a resident, nor an “addict”,to go to a methadone clinic, that I was “chronic discomfort” patient, so wasn’t capable to get help. Suffered and went via mental and physical issues! He never ever named me, refused to assist me in anyway, left me considering what physician would do this to their patient of 11yrs?
I was taken to the ER, Once again….when tests were ran on me and identified that I, was a extremely sick individual that I also was diagnosed with much more medical situations such as lung disease,chronic inflammation &fibrosis of the lungs,gastronomical inflammation,&nevertheless currently being diagnosed from problems of the immediately after effects of currently being on this medication for so extended! The drugs had been hiding, ache and effects of these problems and due to my fantastic physician of 11yrs, HE Never ever RAN ANY TESTS ON ME, NO LIVER Perform,NO Practically nothing while being on this heavy medicine all these years and now locating so considerably incorrect with me, my new lung doc & primary doc, can’t think and are beside their-self that my medical doctor has carried out practically nothing, but just continued prescribing methadone all these years with out testing me via out becoming medicated. I, certainly did not know what he should and shouldn’t be doing although on them and now it haunts me daily of my daily life of having “no lifestyle”. Still til this day he’s by no means bothered to phone, request, see how I am, or why I haven’t returned to him and so on.
This is a nightmare, and never know in which to begin or think but really feel he wants to be held accountable for whats happened and occurring. what’s your thoughts?guidance? malpractice? look forward to replies back to this. Thank you in advance!
Additional particulars:
I am completely conscious my medical professional in MD could not give me my “typical” meds whilst staying in Fla, but he did prior to this create my scripts in advance, and gave to my pharmacist which in return mailed them down right here to me under my issue and circumstance,then just made a decision to cut me off.When this all went down he was contacted &was informed although I was in the ER he could talk to them & one thing could have been carried out for me that way, but he did not bother.(Jacksonville Fla, has i large drug trafficking/doctor searching for, but plainly this wasn’t portion of my circumstance) not becoming a Fla resident, the medical doctors hands were tied not figuring out me or my wellness issues which he could have worked with the medical doctors in Fla and not put me thru hell. Further a lot more, yes I was near w/my pharmacist and did my homework, and when confronted he told me not to worry, that I’ve been on the meds. I will take some blame,not getting money and no insurance, trusting in my medical professional figuring out my s
con’t: my situation when I in search of discomfort mgmt down here he could have talked&did needed paperwork on my condition, but failed following many attempts. My moms medical doctor wrote him on what&why i was essential right here and is why i got in this situation, he was fine with it,and as stated offered me with my meds then just reduce me off. The other component of his neglect to do necessary tests while on these meds, is not my fault in any way and now declined my overall health in numerous techniques. thanks for the feedback, i asked for help,opinions and respect them so thanks! ps.1st was a fall @home, 2nd my legs went numb right after nerve blocks&sent me flying down flight of stairs,which my tailbone needs to be eliminated from that fall. Sincerely, thank you for comments I ask, i got!

Best solution:

Solution by michr
the physician in Maryland can NOT prescribe narcotics in Florida, there is Practically nothing he could do for you……….

Malpractice? almost certainly NOT but who is aware of, see an lawyer who specializes in such issues, they are the only ones who can say what sort of situation you could have…
don’t be stunned if the attorney tells you that nothing at all was accomplished wrong,

you know your pharmacist has been giving you a paper with your prescription refills that explains danger, side effects, testing that is essential etcetera, it is your obligation to read this and to stick to up……… your health is just as a lot your responsibility as a doctors, it is your duty to study, comply with guidelines, inquire questions, get a second viewpoint, etcetera……

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Achievable Treatment method Options for Back/Sciatica Discomfort?

October 8th, 2011 1 comment

Query by jimmnay: Possible Remedy Possibilities for Back/Sciatica Discomfort?

I am 36/f, suffer from all close to back discomfort with sciatica. Not too long ago had spinal x-rays, they read as follows: CERVICAL SPINE: “There is straightening of the regular cervical lordosis. Mild disc space narrowing noted at C5-six and C6-7. Prevertebral tissues are inside typical limits. Oblique views demonstrate minimal foraminal narrowing on the left at C4-five and C5-6 as well as bilaterally at C6-7. There is also right sided foraminal narrowing at C3-four.
LUMBOSACRAL SPINE: Scattered Schmorl’s nodes are noted. No gross compression fracture is identified. There is mild disc area narrowing noted at L5-S2 level. The SI joints and upper sacrum seem grossly typical. The pars interarticularis at L5 are suboptimally visualized.
THORACIC SPINE: There is slight leftward curvature of the upper thoracic spine. Scattered Schmorl’s nodes are noted. No compression fracture identified. The visualized pedicles and rib articulations seem grossly normal.
My queries:
1) Are there non surgery or surgical treatment treatment choices available to repair these problems?
two) Is this regarded as degenerative disc condition?
three) Am I doomed to a life of discomfort?
Thanks in advance,

Ideal answer:

Answer by Douglas B
They place you by way of all that because you have pinched muscles in your back and that is all you almost certainly have. When pinched the muscles pull on the spine on the side that is pinched. They get the studying off the tests that tell them there is a problem but they don’t see that the only point that can result in this is muscles pulling on one particular side and not the other. So basic however practically nothing they are taught yet tends to make all the sense in the world. There is practically nothing else that can cause this, it is only bones, muscles and nerves. Right here is how to release your back muscles to get rid of that discomfort:
Location your left hand on your left leg following to your physique. Location your proper hand more than your left shoulder and locate the muscles subsequent to your spine and press on them and hold. Right after 30 seconds gradually decrease your body forward, maintaining your left arm relatively straight as you do. When you reach your lap remain there for an additional ten seconds, release the pressure but stay there for one more 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your correct side.
Lower Back, Lumbar:
Although sitting spot your hands behind your physique just above the buttocks and press in on the muscles subsequent to the spine and hold. Soon after 30 seconds gradually decrease your self forward as far as you can. Then release the pressure but hold your physique there for one more 30 seconds. Move a number of inches down and do it yet again and keep repeating until you reach the finish of your tailbone.
I did add the lower back a single as nicely, it is for across your buttocks region but can be nice to do. I identified out that I had tight muscles there that have been leading to my head to be jarred when I did any operating so I had stopped. Soon after releasing these muscles I found that there seemed to be cushion for my head when I ran so I can now do that once again. That was an eye opener in itself.

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