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Abrupt “pain” in the abdomen 15 weeks pregnant?

October 28th, 2013 4 comments

Query by SamIam82: Abrupt “pain” in the abdomen 15 weeks pregnant?

For the past couple of weeks, I have been experiencing what feels like a pinching or abrupt soreness in the center of my stomach, below the bellybutton, correct in which my uterous should be. It takes place at all instances of the day and night and lasts a couple of seconds. Its not terribly poor, but adequate to discover. I have no bleeding or other signs. Can round ligament ache occur in the front or only on the sides? Has anybody else seasoned this?

Ideal solution:

Answer by laurafreeman28
You require to see your obgyn asap!

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Appendix, in which can you feel the pains in addition to the lower correct side of your abdomen?

October 25th, 2013 1 comment

Question by Cal: Appendix, exactly where can you truly feel the pains in addition to the lower appropriate side of your abdomen?

Very best answer:

Answer by Hal Lancer
Appendicitis pain may possibly commence close to the stomach button, but quickly moves to the decrease correct quadrant of the abdomen. To support greater find the tiny organ, put 1 finger in the stomach button and 1 finger on the hip bone that protrudes in front on the appropriate. Two-thirds of the way across between the stomach button and that hip bone is exactly where the appendix is discovered. A check MDs will typically complete in an ER to distinguish whether or not stomach ache may possibly be appendicitis is to push down on that spot very firmly. If the discomfort increases sharply especially when the pressure is launched (“rebound ache”), that is a constructive discovering for feasible appendicitis, and if the signs and symptoms and background match, suspicion for appendicitis will enhance.

Note that in some obese men and women or 3rd-trimester pregnant females, the appendix might get pushed a few inches away from that spot. But if you happen to be asking, Can appendicitis soreness be upper appropriate or nicely above on the left side?, generally not, specifically in a individual of reasonably normal excess weight.

By far most people with stomach ache do not have appendicitis. One thing else is incorrect. Left-side discomfort is frequently stomach difficulties. Moving ache (1 day right here, an additional day there, the up coming day someplace else yet again) is typically persistent constipation, or irritable bowel syndrome. Upper proper soreness in front is often gallbladder problems. But there are a lot of possible triggers of abdominal ache, just as there are many attainable brings about of headache, so you really want to get examined by a medical doctor to get these things pinned down.

An additional consideration that guidelines out several worries about appendicitis is to note that it is practically usually an acute, short-term problem. If this ache has been persisting constantly or off-and-on for a couple of weeks or longer, it is not not possible but is unlikely to be appendicitis, due to the fact odds are that the patient would have currently had to go to the hospital some time ago. Appendicitis typically builds rapidly and comes to a head with a journey to an ER within a four or 5 days of starting and frequently significantly less than that.

Wishing you very good luck and good wellness.

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What is this pain in my left abdomen?

May 25th, 2013 3 comments

Ask Batman : What is this pain in my left abdomen Early this morning, probably around 1:00, I started an uncomfortable sort of “almost pain” in my left lower abdomen feel . What are all the possibilities of what this could be, and what should I do Best answer:

Answer Lara
If ur a girl , then a period pain

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Q&A: Shooting pains up and down my abdomen?

April 12th, 2013 3 comments

Query by kry2083: Shooting pains up and down my abdomen?

I am getting a whole lot of various pains going up and down my abdomen and down previous where my ovaries are. Is this typical in your initial pregnancy? There is no bleeding or anything else weird just pains and naseau. I am somewhere about eight to 10 weeks. My initial physicians appointment isn’t for one more week and a half. Please place my mind at ease!

Very best reply:

Reply by motherseer
Call YOUR Medical doctor ASAP. PAINS IN A PREGNANCY Ought to Always BE CHECKED OUT.

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Discomfort on the left side of the abdomen?

December 10th, 2012 3 comments

Question by REGINA: Discomfort on the left side of the abdomen?

It is not truly unpleasant, but when I lie down on my left side, it feels like I am lying down on one thing difficult. I also truly feel this every time I cough, sneeze, or when I attempt to massage it. I’ve had this since December. It has not gotten worse nor has it gotten far better. What could this be?
By the way, I am not pregnant, I do not drink, I do not smoke. I do not sense anything at all other than the abdominal discomfort.
I would know if it really is muscular but this time it’s not. It feels like there’s gas trapped inside or there’s anything challenging that every time I lie down on it, it pushes the other organs.
Never had a liver transplant both.

Very best response:

Response by Kimberly H
It could be two distinct factors, first sounds a good deal like a ovarian cyst, or you pulled the side muscle in your stomach, the following time you cough, push down on the spot actually rapidly, if this stops the ache, it is a pulled muscle, quit performing any ab work outs for a whilst, and it will heal, if you don’t the muscle will continue to be irritated

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Soreness in my decrease abdomen even though 14 weeks pregnant?

November 23rd, 2012 5 comments

Query by LADY LUCK: Discomfort in my decrease abdomen whilst 14 weeks pregnant?

Ive been feeling aches in my reduced abdomen(off to the appropriate side)it kinda feels like where my ovaries are.It comes and goes and sometimes even switches sides.Also when I lay down or stretch I can really feel it like Im pulling a muscle!?!?Is this typical or must I be worried…I havent had any bleeding or any other tell tale indicators but since this is my very first preganacy Im a little concerned.

Finest response:

Reply by Baby #1 due in October!
It truly is your uterus stretching! Acquired to make space for the minor bablet! No concerns girl – it really is standard, but just annoying.

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