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Q&A: Bad knee pains?

February 20th, 2014

Question by Lindsay: Bad knee pains?

I am in substantial college and really feel as if i have terrible knees previously. I have never ever had a severe injury to them. They have usually been agonizing (as lengthy as i can remember). When i was younger they employed to just phone them growing pains, i have not grown in four many years.

What can i do about this? I went to a unique medical professional currently and he told me practically nothing is wrong with them.

They usually hurt right after a prolonged day of strolling, if i slam them down on the floor in the wrong way and so forth..

(Advil no longer performs)

Very best solution:

Response by SkylarReese
nonetheless, get a tylenol or take unique discomfort relief for arthritis for joint pain. Place ice and then heat pads. Whitch following two hours. Hope it works. I have bad knees to.

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  1. dtwladyhawk
    February 20th, 2014 at 06:39 | #1

    Try ibuprophen 800 mg. That means 4 of the 200mg. It works for me and I am 54 with knee pain and arthritis. But, you really should have x-rays to rule out a serious problem-doubtful because it is in both knees.

  2. MOB
    February 20th, 2014 at 07:36 | #2

    leg extensions can help to strengthen the knee area done correctly – I’d check with a fitness instructor so you do it correctly.

  3. menlo girl
    February 20th, 2014 at 08:10 | #3

    I suggest that you go to another doctor, an orthopedic doctor. Sounds like you have joint problems. Check it out and good luck.

  4. Answer M
    February 20th, 2014 at 08:42 | #4

    We need to have a long talk about your diet and what you have eaten and not eaten in the last ten years. IO want you to go into deation s about your diet and lifestyle and other things so we can try to identify something that might be a clue as to what or why this is. WHo in your family parents grand parents have had anything like this?
    I know of some greta natural based ways to solve pain problems. You do not want ot take tylenol etcetera because they woudl ruin your ability ot eat and digest foods.
    Are you poor? could you afford tospend Ten dollars a month or fifty? I am not trying to selel you something I just want to get an idea about your culture and abilities to help your self.
    What do you eat now?
    HOw old are you?
    Do youhave acne? If sohow muchand for how long?
    tell me about other things like sports and etcetera.

    If you re in high school you are probably in pouberty and doiig things nost guys do at that age. Is there and relatinoshi betweenthe two that you might be aware of. I mean if you do more or less of that thing that guys do ( not all guys doit and you might not do it at all) but if you do it and you do more of it do you knotice any relatinoshiopo between doing that and this pain in the knees issue. And this is not to make you worry bout that you do htat thing. BUt it can be a clue to us about what else is going on.
    IS this pain pain that comes for mmoving the limbs or is it in the pbones in side?
    is it always there or just sometimes. When you say they have always been painful do you mean they are painful alla the itme or that the pain come snand goes bit it is always comeing and going
    well plese email us diorectly istead of throughthe yahoo, system becaeu this is goginto take a lot of back and forth and we need to keep a copy of whatwe said and you say so we can go forward totry to find a clue.
    SO go ahead and tell us efverything about your self and let us find some clues to this puzzle.
    Do you spend a lot of time indoors or outdoors? DO you play a lot are you in sports are you sifck often or seldom.

    One thing you can do is read our many answers toquestos especially abotu diet and the world’s best brealfast. that might help you greatly. sk me about it and I will tell you abotu some thing that you can take that should relieve the pain and help fix what might be the problem.

  5. dawnofrabbits
    February 20th, 2014 at 09:28 | #5

    Although I am not a Doctor & will not make a diagnosis, I had this same problem when I was very young too. My knees would hurt mildly to very painfully- usually based on the amount of physical activity I would have had during the day. Sometimes they would ache from no physical activity at all, but most of the time it was when I was active. I also never had any really serious injuries to my knees. The symptoms did not go away until I was completely grown, so I believe “growing pains” may be a part of it- but I don’t think that this is the only reason. Both of my Daughters experienced this as well; my oldest Daughter complained the most about it- and I finally took her to see a “Bone Specialist” who did make a diagnosis of a particular condition that primarily will affect the knee-bones. I do not remember the name of the condition (you may be able to find information online if you key in specific words). She was given a “Medical Excuse” from the Doctor for a modified exercise program in PE; it mainly involved resting her knees when they began to ache. I would definately recommend seeing a Doctor who specializes in this field (I am not sure if a Chiropractor (Sp?) would be the right Specialist)- but it would be a “Bone Specialist” of some sort. Your Family Doctor may be able to make a referral for you. Genetics might play a part, but if you are in this much discomfort on a continuing bases, seeing a Physician would be appropriate.

  6. glenda576
    February 20th, 2014 at 10:07 | #6

    Read the “dehydration” website. Also take 2 tbls. of apple cider vinegar for its 93 vitamins and minerals once a day. Vinegar gives you lots of energy.

  7. Dee
    February 20th, 2014 at 10:14 | #7

    There are a couple of things to consider when evaluating your knee pain… If you are into sports that could very well be the cause of your knee pains. You mentioned when you walk a lot you notice the pain more. Do you also notice it when you have not been active?

    I too have had knee pain and I know, as you do, it is no fun! I would suggest you see another doctor and perhaps try your best to think of ANY thing at all that has to do with your knee pain. It could be a sort of arthritis that is making your knee hurt…or a bursa that is inflamed or even a tendon problem.

    You probably need to have some x-rays done of your knees if you haven’t already. Regardless of what type pain it is…pain of any sort is not normal and you should seek medical advise to find the answers. Check out this site for more info on knee pain. Good Luck

  8. warrior mama
    February 20th, 2014 at 11:12 | #8

    how much to you weigh, do your carry a heavy load of books at school.. have you had xrays done to check for structual damage (bones ) have you had a blood test to check for any anti inflammatory problems which effect joints.. if this is a really annoyin problem for you keep demanding answers from doctors.. dont let them shrug you off just because your a kid…..

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