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Is it standard to lose inches A lot quicker than lbs when working out on a regular basis?

February 3rd, 2012

Question by Stacey: Is it typical to shed inches Much more rapidly than lbs when exercising regularly?

I was currently at a pretty healthy weight but desired to get back down to my pre-baby weight.

I’ve been functioning out on the tread on incline daily for over a month and am loving it.

My persistent ache is so a lot far better and I feel better. I also switched my diet regime significantly to only healthful mostly nonprocessed foods and a lot of fruit.

I notice that I am obtaining to acquire smaller sized pant sizes (absolutely content about that), but the lbs are not coming off as speedily.

Is it typical to shed inches much faster than lbs?

I retain acquiring feedback about how a lot weight I am losing, but I’m technically not losing significantly weight lol.

Am I doing this total “exercise” believe the correct way, or do I require to be losing lbs as a lot as inches?


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Answer by Johan E
As you have probably heard just before, muscle is much more dense than extra fat. So as you workout you not only lose fat, but put on weight from the muscle, it just doesn’t take up as much room.

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  1. Baffles
    February 3rd, 2012 at 18:48 | #1

    Pounds and inches are separate measurements. I still maintain one of the best ways to check your weight is a mirror. If you are losing weight and gaining muscle (which weighs more than fat) you will lose inches but your weight may not fluctuate or you might actually get slightly heavier, but trust me you’re much healthier for it, even if the scale says a higher number. Its about what you are composed of muscle vs. fat rather than how much. Look in the mirror, if you can see a visible decrease in your fat, you’re losing it, you may also start to see healthy muscle tone. Summarily, remember that muscle is heavy but healthy and a scale gives a number not a body composition.

  2. Duncan
    February 3rd, 2012 at 19:21 | #2

    Your doing everything fine! When you exercise your building muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat so its not strange to actually gain weight when exercising. You will get thinner but your muscle will become more dense, get heavier. Witch is good!

  3. montanisemperliberi
    February 3rd, 2012 at 19:37 | #3

    Losing inches is what you want. No one has to know how much you weigh but they can see how you look.

    The reason you’re losing inches faster than pounds is that the exercise is burning fat and building muscles. Muscle weighs more than fat. So don’t worry about your weight; be happy as you lose inches and get into smaller clothes.

    Sounds like you’re doing a great job sticking to the lifestyle changes.

    Hope that helps.

  4. frig
    February 3rd, 2012 at 20:19 | #4

    they’re right

  5. Ulimited
    February 3rd, 2012 at 20:51 | #5

    yes that ‘s the normalll !!!!

  6. Special K
    February 3rd, 2012 at 21:00 | #6

    Stacey, I answered your question a few days ago and came across your answered question about your resume/cover letter.

    Let me just say that noone likes to read. Not trying to insult you cuz you are having a hard time of things lately. Just want to see you do well. I can talk and talk and talk and as a result of that, I find myself sending long emails, long answers on yahoo answers, etc. What I suggest is you do what I do (and I’m not always successful) and that is write what you want to write and then go back and take as many words out of it as you possibly can.

    Your cover letter starts out “I am interested in pursuing the job opening in your marketing dept, because my………” That can and should be shortened to “I am interested in the position (not job) in your Marketing Department. My experience, enthusiasm and skills will compliment your company’s goal (get rid of the word ‘overall’) to promote brand awareness and improve customer relations.”

    Paragraph 2 is awesome, not just because it is short but because it is short and to the point. It says so much in just a few words.

    Paragraph 3 I would bullet the points because it will break up all the words and the explanation is needed. I’m not sure if I want to advise you to get rid of the “ebay” thing or not but think about this. Maybe just put you developed an online business. That may sound better and more entrepre (I forget how to spell it…you know what I mean).

    “like Cyberduck” should be “such as Cyberduck”
    use a comma after “at local events”

    Wow, you have such great experience. Can’t you put some of this on your resume. Your cover letter should really be a little shorter. If you can put some of this on your resume and bullet the points, it would be more readable. Just think, many of these firms have 50-100 or more resumes and cover letters to go through.

    What will make your resume, cover letter, etc stick out from the others? It has to be something.

    Follow some of the other advice you were given and “grab their attention”. Go to your college/university where you graduated and get help from a professor. I hope I’m not hurting your feelings but you have so much potential and it doesn’t seem like you are selling yourself the right way.

    I love that paragraph that starts out “my principle goal…..” but save that for the interview. Your experience goes on the resume. Your message about what you can do for THEM goes into the letter and the philosophy of work, etc goes into the interview.

    get rid of the p.s. and incorporate that into the last paragraph. I would actually eliminate it. That tells them that they don’t need to contact you cuz you will contact them.

    It’s all there. Just like having a closet full of great clothes and now you have to make an outfit out of them. All your experience is there. Really great stuff but you need to arrange it.

    This is really weird answering in another question but I was really hoping you were on your way.

    Listen, last point……most answers tell a person with a problem to try something else. Why????? Why throw away your college degree and get another one or go in another direction when all you have to do is keep on trying. Isn’t that so much easier, to keep on trying, than to start over? Do these people lay down and die when the going gets tough? Most answers just try to give the person some good feelings and advise them about something else. Don’t give up. I just can’t understand some people. These are the people who tell others “if the employer who you applied with didn’t call you then apply somewhere else. They will call if they want you” and my advise is “go out and get that job…call them back, follow up, go in face to face and introduce yourself, etc” So I tell you the same thing……don’t give up.

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