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How numerous development spurts do girls have?

April 30th, 2013

Question by Tay: How many growth spurts do ladies have?

I had my time period 2 months ahead of I turned 14, so basically I got my period at 14. I just turned 15 a month ago. Here is my progress:

12 many years previous: 5’4″
13 years previous: 5’6″
14 many years old: 5’7½”
15 many years old: 5’9″

I have been possessing “developing pains” in my knees lately, but I don’t believe I have increased in height.

How many development spurts do women have? Will I grow more? I want to be 5’10”, 5’11” optimum. Is this achievable? Thanks!

Best solution:

I in no way had a noticeable development spurt. 🙁 I’m short.
A friend of mine grew how you describe, I consider that just says all are different and different people expand at different rates. Some never have development spurts.

What do you feel? Response below!

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