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How long does it take back pain to go away?

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delorisjp asked:

I have been going to a chiropractor for 4 weeks now. I went because my hands would tingle. I knew I had a pinched nerve. It didn’t hurt it just bothered me. My hands have stopped tingling but my back (between my shoulder blades) is achey and bothers me. I am just getting fatigued I guess because I want to feel well. I work at Wal-Mart so I do have to bend and lift a lot. I was just wondering if anyone knows how long it takes for your back to get to feeling better?


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  1. vegetarians.are.hott
    April 14th, 2009 at 16:00 | #1


    Put a hot heating pad on it or

    go to get a massage

  2. mike n
    April 15th, 2009 at 16:02 | #2


    i had a pinched nerve same as you in the back in the vertabre of the spine. My chiropracter couldnt fix it in six visits so i went to walmart and bought one of those huge massagers that they use for like 60 bucks. I smaked the heads on it at an angle on the vertabrae to try lift it and it worked. I fixed myself in one hour.
    THe messager is the kind that ways a ton and has a huge v shaped head with two nodes on it. very similiar to the one the doc uses. Get a friend to massage your back along the spin but not on the spine. then have them touch each node of your spin all the way up the back and you will find the one or two thats bothering you. Tap away at them at an upward across angle and your nerve wont be pinched anymore.

  3. proud_usa_mom
    April 16th, 2009 at 21:09 | #3


    That very much depends on what exactly is wrong with your back. How do you know this is just a pinched nerve? Did you see an internal medicine physician before going to the chiropractor? I ask because it is possible that what you really need is an orthopaedic physician and an MRI to see what is actually pinching your nerve.

    Having been through several bouts with degenerative disc disorder, back problems will keep recurring until you address what gave you the pain in the first place. Given the amount of bending and lifting that you do at work, it sounds like the long term solution may be to identify a very good physical therapist who can teach you how to do all the motions required in your work safely. This will include how to lift, bend, sit, stand up, and so forth in a way that focuses on taking stress off of your back.
    Most chiropractors will do ZERO for you in this regard.

    I recognize that this is not the question that you asked, but merely friendly advice from someone who, less than three years ago, was walking with a cane, needed fulltime hydrocodone to deal with the pain, and often thought of killing themself because the back pain was too overbearing and debilitating.

  4. B5150
    April 18th, 2009 at 22:59 | #4


    well go to a doctor and see wat could be causing it. my cousine had that and it turned out to be a really messed up disease.

  5. Robert F
    April 21st, 2009 at 16:22 | #5


    It is good that your hands have stopped the tingling. Back pain can take a long time to recover from and the pain can be intermittent. Keep a positive attitude and try to rest your back when you can.

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