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Does anyone have any other suggestions why i could have this ache? Or what i should do? Or even what medical professional to see?

January 24th, 2014

Query by Puglover00: Does anybody have any other suggestions why i could have this discomfort? Or what i ought to do? Or even what doctor to see?

I have had abdominal pain considering that I was 13, and I am now about to be 20. When i was 13, the doctors mentioned the discomfort was due to ovarian cysts, and I was put on birth handle. Following they mentioned they were gone, I quit going to the medical professional till I was 18, but was usually sensitive on my proper reduced side (even with kidney but in front not back). Well, I went back at 18, had to get a laparoscopy and was diagnosed with endometriosis. Discomfort went away for two months, then came back worse. I have been unable to take bc’s considering that (mood troubles). But have been assure my much more then one doc that endometriosis is not the lead to anymore. I have been in and out of the ER on morphine, the very first couple of “diagnosis” was kidney infection/bladder infection..then I started obtaining GI problems as properly. Following going to a GI doc, they wished to do a colonoscopy, but I could not hold down the prep kit, and I have not gone back nevertheless. They place me on methscopolamine bromide (sp) and everything appeared very good…
although I even now had decrease back and side soreness soon after strolling or swimming. Then I my ovaries quit functioning, and i was provided a hormone pill, then ended back up in the ER for ruptured ovarian cyst. That was about 3 weeks ago, I have been on a new bc for a week, but my lower back continues to harm as nicely as sharp pains in my side. I have my gallbladder,appenix,blah blah all of it checked, several blood perform, several ultrasounds, pelvic and stomach. I just have no idea what to do any longer, i dont want to be on pain med forever, and I have no notion the place to turn anymore…it would seem like no doctor offers a crap about me, and just act like im making every thing up…I never request for soreness med both. I just never comprehend any of this any longer…
I am presently only on one particular med…the bc and I experimented with the chiropracter, and it created items worse..so…I do not really feel comfy going back…

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Response by enomis225
Would seem like you are taking a whole lot of meds. Have you ever experimented with the natural method? Ever been to a chiropractor? A simple adjustment might alleviate some of your issues a subluxation of your vertebrae could be causing interference to the nerves that innervate some of people locations you are getting troubles with. x-rays and a couple of chiropractic changes couldn’t hurt. I’ve seen chiropractic operate miracles.

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  1. sab20052005
    January 24th, 2014 at 04:05 | #1

    have you ruled out PCOS? polycystic ovarian syndrome. while you were on the bc’s the cysts were under control but now that you are not taking them they could have come back. if you have had cysts already and are experiencing abdominal pain you should go back to your doctor if you are seeing a regular gyno try an OBGYN (that’s who you’ll see when your prego) I’ve had some ovarian issues and my gyno sent me to an OBGYN because they are more advanced in the field of “lady parts”

    and if your already seeing an OBGYN go to her/him and let her know that this is bothering you and you really need to get it dealt with maybe she has a colleague she can send you to in another medical field

    good luck

  2. LadyLynn
    January 24th, 2014 at 04:33 | #2

    It seemed like you quit your question right in the middle. Did you run out of available letters, or were you finished? About the colonoscopy, you, as I, have to have the new kind. You don’t have to drink the stuff and empty out. I can’t empty out because my colon is too big. It’s disstended from being constipated for 10 years because of morphine , codeine, elavil, etc. Anyhoo, you need the kind of colonoscopy that is just like an x-ray. They do it an diagnostic centers, and it will cost you $ 600-800. But if the doctors need to check out your colon to help you figure out your pain, I’d do it. I went to over 60 doctors around the country to get help. My pain is totally different than yours, and finally, all doctors agreed that drug therapy was my only out. Did you have an endoscopy? I still can’t figure out by your last sentence if you’re better now or not. I hope I helped. E-mail me if you want. I have your name in case you have any questions for me. 🙂 I just read your additional details. I think a diagnostic center might be able to help you. And they will treat you like a person.

  3. Chuck P
    January 24th, 2014 at 05:09 | #3

    I’m sorry to hear of all the pain you’ve been dealing with, your way to young to have these issues. I don’t know what area your in but I would suggest getting to a large area that has a better choice of doctors. Get in and get an overall check up and get to the bottom of this. Don’t let them use you for a Guinna pig. The doctors work for you, don’t let them intimidate you, especially if they are only guessing at what could be wrong. I know this may sound funny but you may have a completely seemingly unrelated issue that is causing the pain, you may consider going to a reputable chiropractor, they often times trace back the most obscure deceases and disorders to misaligned spines. You’d be surprised, and they do it with out meds. I hope you find some comfort, good luck.

  4. L T
    January 24th, 2014 at 05:44 | #4

    i dont know how to help with your pain, but just think positive!! trust me that always helps at least a little

  5. kelliekareen
    January 24th, 2014 at 05:46 | #5

    I lived with Endometriosis for 6 years. With all their little test, it showed nothing, but it was there. I finally got the laparoscopy and they burnt it all away. Two months later they had to give me a total abdominal hysterctomy. It comes back, if you read up on it you will see that it almost always comes back. As long as you have a period it will keep getting worse. the cells that have somehow escaped your uterus and bleed when you have a period creates scaring and can create a web that attaches your organs together. I had a severe case of it. it did with me and it hurt on the top of my thighs and sex was horribly painful. There were times during my period that I would almost faint because the pain was so bad. Doctors act like it is not a common problem. I know 3 people who have had it. Its not uncommon and I hate that they poopoo the whole disease and blame everything else on it rather than taking another look. No test showed I had Endo, the only proof was to let them cut me open and take a look. I was lucky that I had my children young because I wouldnt of been able to have any if I had waited. I’m sorry you are in so much pain. Something to keep in mind, I would get sinus infections, ear infections, bronchitis all the time because my body was trying so hard to deal with the endo. When I got the surgery, I rarely get sick now compared to 5 times a year. When I would poop the pain was also unbearable. Dont give up, make them do another laperoscopy. I bet you it came back. Do not let them put you on Depo Lupron, it ruined my short term memory & I forget words. Good luck and be your own medical advocate. push them to take another look inside

  6. rosieC
    January 24th, 2014 at 06:36 | #6

    I can certainly empathize with you about these frequent bouts of abdominal pains. I bet you’re quite anxious to find out what’s wrong with you. I can sense the desperations and frustrations you’re going thru. Since adolescence, i too, suffered severe dysmenorrhea making me missed school a lot. At one point, i was put on birth control pills which helped somewhat. However, they make me gain weight. I finally resorted to a knee-chest position to alleviate the pain. After the birth of my first baby, I found out that I had a tilted, retroverted uterus.

    When the pains and cramps persisted; esp on the lower left side.; I was then diagnosed with endometriosis. Subsequently, I underwent a hysterectomy at 30 and my left ovary was taken out. My OB- Gyn surgeon decided this course of action as the “uterus looked quite black” to her. However, upon biopsy, the results came back negative.

    I have had colonoscopy upon colonoscopy. with negative results. I have had episodes of bloody stools. I have gone to a gamut of procedures from Barium enema, upper GI series; Sigmoidoscopy. The verdict:? Narrow diverticulum and Irritable Bowel Syndrome A cystoscopy was also done for frequent urinary tract infection and hematuria ( blood in the urine). I have had bladder surgery. In addition, my other right cyst forming ovary was taken out along with the infected fallopian tubes.

    To date, I’m on a slew of medicines. What I have and probably you, aside from this ovarian cyst, is adhesions. And the more surgeries, i have, the more I developed adhesions. or scar tissues. .I have had a c-section aside from tubal ligation. I strongly suggest that you should be seen by a female OB-Gyn specialist. Ask them to do a laparoscopy to determine the problem. You might need a right oophorectomy to remove the right ovarian cyst before it turned cancerous.

    If you have endometriosis ; you need to have a good D& C(dilatation and curettage) to clean out the dead and necrotic tissues..This is in the uterine lining. There are cases of endometriosis and scar tissues or adhesions forming outside the uterus. in the peritoneal cavity even attaching the intestinal walls. These abdominal pains can become so intense. Having a baby sometimes help with the endometriosis. I hope you won’t need a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) before you enjoy the pleasures of motherhood.

    A colonoscopy is not too bad of a diagnostic procedure if done with the appropriate pain med given intravenously. My first one was very traumatic because of the intense pain caused by the CO2 injection. Besides, i didn’t know what to expect. My second and third ones were much more bearable esp when I was administered the right kind of analgesic. And the doctor was very kind and understanding and took his time to explain as he performed the procedure. Explanations can certainly help to allay one’s anxieties. .

    So in conclusion, your right abdominal pains might be due to adhesions, endometriosis, right ovarian cyst or even irritable bowel syndrome .Bear in mind that more abdominal surgeries would further exacerbate the problem. To date, a new natural health approach called deep pelvic massage.is strongly recommended instead. .

  7. I have endo
    January 24th, 2014 at 07:06 | #7

    I’m sorry you still have the pain, if it’s any consolation, many women with endo go through the same thing. Do you know how they removed the endo during your lap? Here is the problem-most dr.’s are not knowledgable in endo when they perform a lap they usually laser the endo and/or do not remove it all-that is why most women will still have pain after having the surgery or any relief they do receive it short lived. Lasering the endo does not remove all of it. the amount of pain a person has does not correlate to how much endo you have, a person with very little can have extreme pain and someone with a lot can have no pain. So, the dr. could have removed 75% of all he found but the 25% left could very well be the cause of the pain. Plus, most obgyns know “textbook” endo-they do not recognize all of the various forms that endo can take-if that is the case the dr. could very well believe he removed it all but he could have missed some. I would guess that he did not/was not able to remove it all. True endo specialists excise endo and will keep you on the operating table until they have searched everywhere and removed every last bit-very hard for a dr. who does not specialize in endo b/c endo can grow in lots of places where it is difficult to remove or it’s grown on vital organs that dr.’s are scared to remove it from. I would request your medical records from the lap, ask your dr. if he was able to remove it all-if he says no, then ask him, “so if the amount of pain is not relative to the amount of endo, and you were not able to remove it all, how is it not possible that it is still causing me pain?” It would be best for you to try to find a dr. that is a specialist though-no matter what his answer. As far as the colonoscopy thing-pretty common procedure for us with endo but I wouldn’t worry a whole lot about that, a colonoscopy will only show endo that has grown through the intestinal wall, which is pretty rare. thats not to say that endo hasn’t grown on the colon but a the procedure doesn’t show endo that has not penetrated the colon all the way through. If you have a lot of symptoms of bowel endo though, such as pain in your rectum, constipation/diahhrea, pain with bowel movements and especially bleeding from your rectum, I would try to get through it. Don’t let them tell you it’s not endo related-google dr david redwine or dr. andrew cook-true specialists with great info on endo. And don’t let them tell you that pregnancy or a hyst is a cure-there is no cure. Hope this helps!

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