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does anybody no anything at all about detoxing from oxycotin?

October 21st, 2013

Question by Emily D: does anyone no something about detoxing from oxycotin?

ive been off of oxycotin for alittle longer than a month….does anyone know if component of the detox is genuinely sore joints? my legs are killing me adequate to be limping its greater then it was a month in the past but even now rather undesirable. if someone is aware of please let me no.

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Reply by painfredoc
If you’re detoxing ‘cold turkey’, the discomfort you took it for may possibly return as the drug ‘leaves’ you. If you are currently being helped by a professional, inform them & they can support ease it an additional way.

You can get assist at your city-county Health Dept.
If you happen to be beneath 18, it could be a dilemma for you with no parental permission in creating.

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  1. yudirtydog
    October 21st, 2013 at 23:38 | #1

    Any drug that classifies as a “Narcotic” or “Narcotic Analgesic” taken over a period of time can and will produce “addictive side effects” (usually negative). The amount (dose) and rate of consumption, body weight, use/abuse history (tolerance level) and many other factors must be taken into consideration in order to answer this question seriously.
    Although most reference material that is commonly available (PDR, etc) will fall back on the statement that they’ve used since the Stone Age. What they’re saying (in reference to all Narcotic Analgesics) is roughly this: …(narcotic x).. Reduces the effect of pain, or the brain’s perception of “pain” through an “UNKNOWN PROCESS”.
    Yup. unknown. and we’re talking about one of the oldest drugs known to man: Opium, and all it’s refined / organic derivatives (Morphine, Codeine & Heroin) All other pain medications that fall into the “Narcotic” class are synthesized versions (“opioid” is a popular term that includes both).
    Well, all that “unknown” bs might be a generic disclaimer that helps keeps lawsuits down or something similar – the truth is: We know plenty! (by “We”, I’m referring to the medical & scientific communities, any and all other concerned or other…)

    As a former “ABUSER”, I can tell you this: ANY Narcotic substance consumed will disrupt your body’s creation and regulation of natural “Pain Reducing” endorphins / dopamine. Basically, your body won’t produce it if you’re providing it externally. However, when you quit providing it, you body will take a while to figure out that it needs to provide that “service” again. There’s the big rub. Everyone’s different here, so it would seem. Some only a day or 2, some people can take longer – lots longer to “return to a normal level of metabolic rate”, which really isn’t where it used to be. Without natural (internal) or artificial (external) sources of “Pain Management Chemistry” available, your body has no way to regulate the way you feel ANYTHING & EVERYTHING. During these times of “withdrawal”, any physical sensation can be misconstrued and incorrectly perceived as “Pain”
    Typical withdrawal symptoms for Heroine last from 3 to 7 days, and there have been reports of symptoms lasting longer than 3 weeks. Again, this is the typical amount of time it take your body to make adjustments and stabilize (metabolize toxins, etc). There are no reported deaths associated with detoxing from heroine; however, withdrawal from stronger, synthesized opioids have caused abrupt seizures, convulsions and death (worst case scenario) None of it fun. For every “pleasurable” sensation you received while taking the drug, you will now pay back at a rate that makes loan shark collection types seem as friendly as “Mr. Roberts” or “Captain Kangaroo”. Got the picture?
    If you didn’t, then the only other scenario is through illegal sources, and I would still consult a doctor. Don’t worry too much about legal issues – there’s tons of assistance available, and their main priority is helping you, not busting you.
    ALSO: IF YOU DID OBTAIN OXYCONTIN THROUGH LEGITIMATE METHODES (doctor, prescription), you might want to check out some of the following:

    OxyContin misbranding and fraud

    Critics have accused Purdue of putting profits ahead of public interest by understating or ignoring the addictive potential of the drug.
    On May 10, 2007, Purdue Pharma pled guilty to felony charges that they purposely misbranded the painkiller OxyContin with intent to mislead and defraud, and three top executives pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of misbranding. The company and the three executives, Michael Friedman, Howard Udell, and Paul D. Goldenheim, will pay a total of more than $ 634.5 million in fines and penalties. Purdue Pharma and the three executives have admitted that Purdue Pharma fraudulently marketed OxyContin by falsely claiming that OxyContin was less addictive, less subject to abuse, and less likely to cause withdrawal symptoms than other pain medications though there was no FDA approval of these claims.
    Purdue Pharma also settled accusations regarding its promotion of OxyContin by paying $ 19.5 million to 26 states and the District of Columbia. The states complained that Purdue was encouraging physicians to prescribe the 12-hour time release drug for use every 8 hours, contrary to the dosage approved by the FDA.

    Retrieved from “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxycodone”

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