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I don’t get cramps on my time period?

March 17th, 2014 2 comments

Query by mememe.: I never get cramps on my time period?

But i really feel genuinely weird below, like i have ache. sorta like the feeling when you genuinely have to go to the toilet but not as bad. i’m 15 nearly 16 and i’ve had my period for about a 12 months, so it really is not a feeling that has just commenced. how do i stop this feeling it truly is actually annoying and kinda hurts. do any of you ladies get this feeling? please any guidance? xo 🙂

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Reply by Masters Pet
sounds like cramps to me. Not everyone has cramps that harm like hell. But you might also have an infection. I know some women that get bladder infections anytime they get their period so you can attempt drinking some cranberry juice.

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I am lookinf or a dentist who understands anything about NICO (neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis)?

March 16th, 2014 Comments off

Query by I am lookinf or a dentist who knows anything at all about NICO (neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis)?

Why do so handful of dentist know how to diagnose or spot this kind of painfull problems?

Ideal solution:

Reply by LX
The Maxillofacial Center for Diagnostics & Analysis Homepage of Dr. Bouquot, major researcher and proponent of NICO as a genuine healthcare/dental disorder,

The research on NICO is quite constrained. No randomized managed scientific studies related to “NICO” diagnosis and treatment have been published. Bouquot is the main individual diagnosing NICO in the tissue specimens obtained by dentists who claim that the problem exists. Many other pathologists who reviewed some of the identical specimens have judged the tissue to be completely standard.

The ideas of cavitational osteopathosis and NICO have been promoted by the American Academy of Biological Dentistry. Postgraduate seminars held by this organization have persuaded a quantity of dentists and some doctors to claim they can cure such circumstances as arthritis, heart ailment, and soreness throughout the body by getting rid of infected cavities within the patient’s jawbones.

Believers in “biological dentistry” have taken the treatment one stage even more. They declare that root-canal-treated teeth lead to NICO as nicely as a host of other continual systemic illnesses. They advise getting rid of all root-canal-handled teeth and most of the other teeth shut to the spot where they say an infection exists. According to a 1994 article in Milwaukee Magazine, a group of nearby sufferers filed suit towards numerous practitioners of this bizarre and hazardous treatment. These sufferers had a lot of properly healthy teeth eliminated with no any improvement in their ailments.
Neuralgia-inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis described in medical literature since 1976, is identified under a quantity of names which includes, Ratner bone cavities, alveolar cavitational osteopathosis, Roberts bone cavity, trigger point bone cavity, interference field, and most typically, NICO. In NICO, it is claimed that little areas of bone in the upper or reduce jaw turn out to be infected or inflamed and die, producing neuralgia-like soreness. Most frequently, no signal of irritation appears on x-ray. NICO is explained to seem after tooth extraction, jaw surgical treatment, endodontic therapy or crown preparation and is speculated to be the consequence of a extended-standing low-grade infection.

The discomfort felt is continual and is often burning and cramping, a lot like atypical facial discomfort signs. Normally there are set off factors right away in excess of the regions of infected jawbone that will make ache when pressed. NICO can lead to “referred ache” in that the neuralgia-like signs are “referred” to other parts of the encounter, intraoral cavity and head.

Feasible Brings about
Some situations of NICO appear to be triggered or aggravated by infection. Other individuals speculate that minor trauma from extractions, root canal and other dental procedures are typical initiators of NICO but believe this only occurs in men and women currently susceptible simply because of a pre-present blood clotting disorder. Some believe that NICO can produce when blood vessels are injured in the region, resulting in poor circulation which in turn can lead to bone death.

It is hard to diagnose this difficulty as the ache signs usually are comparable to other circumstances such as Myofascial Ache Disorder (MPD), Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) troubles, atypical facial pain, trigeminal neuralgia, phantom toothache, or headache. X-rays of the jawbone most typically seem regular. Even so, a bone biopsy of the impacted region can present constructive indicators of jawbone inflammation.

The only therapy for NICO is jawbone curettage, in which the jawbone is opened, the infected location drilled out, and the bone biopsied to confirm the presence of inflammation or infection. Typically the bone cavity is packed with antibiotics this kind of as teramyacin. A program of antibiotic therapy may possibly be prescribed. Jawbone curettage is not presently done routinely, and it is also early to say whether or not or not it will ever turn into typically accepted.

NICO is not normally accepted as a trigger of Trigeminal Neuralgia by most health-related and dental pros. It is attainable that NICO is concerned in some instances of facial neuralgia [one], particularly atypical facial soreness. 1 long-term review (of practically five many years) has reported substantially or completely lowered pain in 74% of facial neuralgia patients who had jawbone curettage. Nonetheless, the pain returned for about 30% of these patients of whom most had been diagnosed with either TN or atypical facial discomfort -2.

In dental circles, there seems to be two distinct “schools of imagined” on NICO. Some medical and dental specialists take into account NICO a controversial diagnosis. Not only do they not consider it a achievable lead to of trigeminal neuralgia or other facial neuralgias, they doubt the situation exists as a disorder. They level to information suggesting bone cavitations are identified routinely in cadaver jawbones, casting doubt on the concept that bone cavities cause facial neuralgias.

Another group of dentists feel NICO is the culprit in several facial ache syndromes and that these agonizing problems can be cured by jawbone curettage (scraping and removing infected tissue). They stage to studies that demonstrate a high accomplishment charge for jawbone curettage. Some dentists in this group believe that root canals and mercury fillings are partly accountable for NICO.

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I commenced my period tues oct 19th then had sex on the 22nd. I was also ending my time period that day and he came?

March 15th, 2014 2 comments

Query by sweetiepie 1992: I started my period tues oct 19th then had intercourse on the 22nd. I was also ending my time period that day and he came?

he came inside me 3 instances and because my last day of my time period i’ve been obtaining slight pains
how likely is it that im pregnant? slight pains in my decrease sthomach, tummy feels sick…but it’s to quickly to inform.i just want to know if i ambecause it was the last day of my time period I’ll be content if i am.
effectively I know sperm can last in your physique for up to a week, and im 18 and in quite excellent well being and I know this sounds dumb but i imply, on a % degree what is the % i am?

Very best solution:

Solution by u make me wanna la la!
and ur q is?

best issue to do is get a test =))

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Just a little support right here. Only great answers please!?

March 13th, 2014 3 comments

Question by angelwings2nite: Just a small help here. Only good answers please!? have much more detail. I charted myself on a ovulation calender and my fertile window was Sept 13th to the Sept 18th and The 18th was the day that i was supposed to have ovulated. I had unprotected sex on the 13th and 14th only. Quickly after the 18th I had discomfort in my reduce left side of my stomach my nipple was sore I am peeing more frequently than standard I got sick and threw up twice I also have decrease back ache and these signs has stopped except for the lower back pain but I am acquiring mild and sudden headaches and a tiny headed hear and there that do go away. Each and every given that this Sunday (September 21st) I noticed that my CM has been egg white but not that thick but variety of a watery variety but it has substance to it but it has covered most of my finger (sorry if its also considerably data) but my question is from the signs and symptoms and details that i offered does it sound like I could be pregnant or in the method of? But I cant test with an early response HPT till this approaching sunday…but I am quite anxious

Greatest answer:

Solution by MrsVincent
It sounds like you very properly could be pregnant. “] You had pain in your reduced abdomen which can sometimes be known as “Plantation Pains” and if your nipples are sore thats one more excellent sign, also the frequent urination. Excellent Luck and plenty of baby dust. “]

I love that each other person that answered this was a guy, cuz you know guys would know a womans entire body far better than a woman and all.. lol

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about wisdom tooth dilemma?

March 12th, 2014 4 comments

Question by kiss_my_ass_1234576: about wisdom tooth problem?

hi all, i’ve carried out searching about wisdom tooth and the difficulties posted by other men and women and i’ve study about them, i have pretty significantly the same difficulty as them except mine’s a little diverse……i lately got my 2 wisdom tooth removed about 3 weeks ago, by now i think i should’ve recovered, wat i imply by that is my mouth should be able to open wide now and i should not really feel any pain. A single of the many signs and symptoms following getting rid of the tooth is that your jaw or your mouth can’t open broad and also your mouth may well be bruised. My mouth is not bruised anymore but i nevertheless cannot open my mouth. The initial tooth i acquired eliminated in the very first week was fine as i can open my mouth following 1 week, then i received my 2nd tooth eliminated and it is been 2 weeks now but i even now cannot open my mouth, any suggestions to wat i can do cuz i am scared that i will in no way open my mouth once more, everyday i have to use soup or something drinkable since i can’t even bite a bread properly.

Ideal response:

Answer by shereen
i do beleive that ur jaw been relaxed for very good time now that ur joints are stiffed a lil. if u coudl chew a gum for a whilst ( it dont take broad open mouth) u can get ur jaw flixable yet again . i remeber a single of my pal had a savage method to drop wegiht many years ago . she went to dentist who tghed her jaws togethr leaving a extremely lil room tahst hardly adequate to stcik a starw so she feeds on drinks and liqueds for2-3 weeks . she misplaced fantastic deal of wegiht and desired to drop far more and physician kep callin her tellin her shes cozing her jaw a main problem if it remines unmoving and that kinda fixed any longer they woudl get rid of abilty to move. she didnt care far more or much less. and she had to have a serioue process to gain that function back. i think tahst what happend to u havin ur jaws not moving for three patinet and try out to eat rich soups u dotn wanna fall sick .
get nicely soon.

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Q&A: Is a infant supposed to spit up a great deal to have acid reflux?

March 10th, 2014 5 comments

Question by cLaU: Is a child supposed to spit up a great deal to have acid reflux?

Properly my baby has all reflux signs and symptoms except the frequent spit up. She only spits up after in a even though. It can be every day but just a tiny amount. But it isn’t going to often happen. So could she have reflux or could it be one thing else?

Ideal solution:

Reply by blessed88
My 4 month old nephew has had the identical issue since he was a newborn(reflux). The medical professional prescribed him some medication and it helps.

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