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Any suggestions for a brace to help appropriate bad posture?

November 24th, 2013

Question by curiouser: Any suggestions for a brace to aid appropriate bad posture?

specifically slouching, rounded shoulders…hopefully it can be worn under garments inconspiculously, and not also pricey ….

any other hints or tips to proper bad posture also welcome…thks

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Solution by Michael I
A broom handle up your trouser leg

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  1. not_gullible
    November 24th, 2013 at 12:02 | #1

    Your body is perfectly capable of re-learning and maintaining correct posture without a brace.

    The simplest solution and help I can give you is to read a book entitled, “Pain Free- A Revolutionary Method For Stopping Chronic Pain”, by Pete Egoscue. Pete helps you to identify what poor posture is, how it results in pain and other conditions, and teaches you very simple exercises you can do at home to correct the problem.

    You may also consider visiting a Neuromuscular Therapist or Rolfer. These practitioners specialize in corrective massage and postural assessment and are trained to identify why you have poor posture, can correct the problem and teach you how to avoid poor posture habits.

    Poor posture results from lack of awareness or simply imbalances in your muscular system. Some muscles get used more than others depending on our hobbies, sports we play, lack of exercise or incorrect exercise, or our occupation. People who work on a computer all day are usually slouchers because of the position their body is forced into for many hours a day. The stronger muscles win out over the less-used or improperly used weaker muscles. In a slouching pattern like you describe, typically the muscles in the chest and anterior shoulder are stronger than the muscles of the upper back. So, everything gets pulled forward and you end up slouching.

    A brace is only a “bandaid” approach and does nothing to change the habits or conditions that got you to where you are. Be proactive and concentrate on the cause of the problem without wasting time treating the symptoms.

    Hope this helps you.

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