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Anger Psychology Query?

March 20th, 2014

Query by slurpeeaddict246: Anger Psychology Question?

In the resistant/passive anger type, I go through that this sort often endure from depression due to the repression of their anger and feelings, and that a byproduct of that is the inability to come to feel alive or happy unless of course they are “in discomfort” or complaining.

My question is, could a symptom also be only feeling alive when one is in a hazardous scenario or one of high chance?

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Solution by likesfemalefeet
Yes, your symptom could only be ‘feeling alive’ or something else. I by no means liked psychology, it’s about as scientific as horoscope readings, humans are a lot far more complex than any psycologist’s guide.

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  1. Athena
    March 20th, 2014 at 11:52 | #1

    A text book will surly provide you with the nitty-gritty of classic examples which may include symptoms one might have experiences.

    Feeling alive only when in dangerous or high risk situations may mean one of many things, for instance being an adrenaline junky or placing ones self in highly risk situations is the only way of festering whatever feelings of being alive an individual has, because one may feel they have nothing to lose.

    The question is what makes said person bottle up all this anger and does it help? Depression isn’t an easy thing to deal with but are there ways of making everyday a bit more manageable ?

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