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Q&A: in karate kid what is the two songs Dre (Jaden smith) and his woman pal dance with at the arcade?

April 25th, 2013 1 comment

Query by Ethan: in karate kid what is the two songs Dre (Jaden smith) and his girl pal dance with at the arcade?

I just noticed karate child (2010) the new 1. and Dre Parker and I think it’s his lady pal by now. go to some arcade or anything and they were dancing to two songs, and I cant locate them Anyplace. any support? thanks!

Very best response:

Reply by Nunyo
“Minimal” also known as “Apple Bottom Jeans” T-Soreness
“Poker Encounter” Lady Gaga

i won’t believe you could not uncover individuals songs

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Has ultra conservative lawyer Ted gun Nuggent learning weaponry skills while serving his country in Vietnam?

April 24th, 2013 10 comments

Question by Farouk Christos Moses ? Has ultraconservative gun lawyer Ted Nuggent learning weaponry skills while serving his country in Vietnam Nuggent loves hunting and loves Sarah Pain “because they kill elk. Has his arms to learn in the army? Skills Best answer:

Answer diethyl Dinner Candle ™
Bill Clinton showed him how to catch and kill Cong

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Q&A: Have had a uti for three months do I threat kidney infection?

April 24th, 2013 4 comments

Query by Katie: Have had a uti for 3 months do I chance kidney infection?

I went to the medical professionals when I initial noticed the signs and he told me I had a uti and gave me antibiotics. (Macrobid) for a week. It felt greater but not completely so I went back and he gave the identical antibiotics just for 10 days and it nonetheless has not left. Does this imply I have a likelihood of a kidney infection?

Best answer:

Answer by Lucas
you most likely have the clap

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Mild ache in right testicle a week in the past, gone down slowly, what is it?

April 22nd, 2013 1 comment

Query by Voice: Mild discomfort in right testicle a week ago, gone down progressively, what is it?

Hi, a week in the past I had this mild “soreness” in my right testicle, I checked my correct testicle for lumps, which I was unable to discover, how ever I did find the ache spot at best of my testicle at the stage which it is connected to me. The ache has gone down steadily in excess of the week, to the stage of currently being almost normal, I can walk, run etc. However, I even now think there is nevertheless room for recovery, I am to afraid to “stimulate” my self because I come to feel I might scratch the “injured” component and make it worse once again. I did consider to “stimulate” a bit, it it did trigger a mild sensation in my proper testicle, not pain, just a strange sensation. So I stopped. I am about 25 many years outdated.

What do you guys feel it might be? Is it standard amid males to have such problems? would it be capable to heal it self, can I “stimulate” myself?

PS: I have not touched my “discomfort spot” at my right testicle right after the last verify up, I am afraid I may scratch the injured component and make it worse and delay its healing and so forth. So I do not touch it or anything.

Ideal response:

Solution by Bishu
Perhaps you had a ‘Bumpy Bike Ride’ or stretched yourself as well considerably…

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What are the actual results of smoking weed?

April 21st, 2013 5 comments

Question by Ciara: What are the actual effects of smoking weed?

I have heard a lot of stories such as “its great for easing ache” and that “its in no way harmful” nevertheless a lot of other men and women claim that “the body fat-soluble smoke is stored in the body for a month and can make you addicted as it is launched slowly” Is there any truth to any of these theories? What does weed in fact do?

Ideal answer:

Answer by Glockmeister
You turn out to be really violent. Most weed smokers can be recognized by the cum stains on their pants from continual masturbation when they cannot locate rape victims. Soon after extended use the standard pot head will commence to develop inhuman like characteristics and there violence will develop. Eventually they will delve deep in to caves and caverns to worship there weed calling it “my precious”.

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New Big PROBACK Pro Back Lower Back Pain Relief Brace Improve Posture

April 21st, 2013 Comments off

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