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How numerous development spurts do girls have?

April 30th, 2013 Comments off

Question by Tay: How many growth spurts do ladies have?

I had my time period 2 months ahead of I turned 14, so basically I got my period at 14. I just turned 15 a month ago. Here is my progress:

12 many years previous: 5’4″
13 years previous: 5’6″
14 many years old: 5’7½”
15 many years old: 5’9″

I have been possessing “developing pains” in my knees lately, but I don’t believe I have increased in height.

How many development spurts do women have? Will I grow more? I want to be 5’10”, 5’11” optimum. Is this achievable? Thanks!

Best solution:

I in no way had a noticeable development spurt. 🙁 I’m short.
A friend of mine grew how you describe, I consider that just says all are different and different people expand at different rates. Some never have development spurts.

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Q&A: Do you think its k for me to request for discomfort med refills?

April 29th, 2013 5 comments

Question by mrniceguy1456: Do you consider its k for me to ask for soreness med refills?

The prescription was filled apr eight.a hundred pills. Its the 18th and I have 3 pills left. Doc stated ” take two every four hours if necessary for soreness”. I have 3 left. Do you consider its been time ample for me to request for a refill?
They are oxycodone 5/325.

ALSO do you think this is a bit of an excessive volume of Tylenol for my liver? I have a fatty liver as is

Best answer:

Answer by A_Girl
take your time and do not rush for it.

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Q&A: How do you know your appendix just burst and also can you die from it?

April 28th, 2013 4 comments

Query by Melissa: How do you know your appendix just burst and also can you die from it?

I was possessing ache like beneath my tummy and it hurted so poor at very first and know it just went away, right now. But I’m not sure if it’s my appendix due to the fact i was having the exact same ache for this total week it came and went away.I just wanna know just in case:D
Also, I had no signs, like some websites say. So i do not know what really has been happening to me. But it really is been happening comparable.

Ideal reply:

Answer by RMG09 Guardian
It will lead to intense pain in the reduce side abdomen for several days or much more that becomes unbearable. The discomfort does not go away until finally you get surgery to have your appendix eliminated.

Yes, you can die from it.

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Muscles of the back pain Antique Anatomy Print 1897 Fine Engraving Medicine

April 27th, 2013 Comments off

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Q&A: What could temple pains and sinus pains be caused by?

April 27th, 2013 5 comments

Question by went proper: What could temple pains and sinus pains be brought on by?

I have temple and sinus region pains(relatively STERN pains) which come and go (off and on)…it appears biological….. but I guess biology is merely/really all about chemistry when it comes down to it, is not it?

I indicate it could be aPHYSICAL blockage like a tumor or something which in reality is again all about chemistry… to get rid of or disolve such would be a considered….

If I were to go to the Doctors what exams or procedures would the medical doctor want to execute in order to discover out far more about this “head pain”.

I have flu-like signs off and on recently as effectively …. this is nearly like an assault on my immune technique or I guess it could be nanos working on the method attempting to fortify it for Future occasions… I genuinely do not know what this is….
could I be allergic to anything that I am becoming exposed to?

I know I am being vague and or rather ~ head pains can be from many factors.
Just tell me what you can, thanks.

Very best response:

Solution by jim
Sinus Infection

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What in the planet could be incorrect with me?

April 26th, 2013 1 comment

Question by silvrbreeze: What in the globe could be wrong with me?

I’ve gone off to school and will soon start my third yr in the fall. I haven’t gone to the doctor since large college, and I prepare on making an appointment to go this Tuesday to my previous pediatrician since I have by no means witnessed a principal care physician and want to speak to a medical doctor that has my healthcare history. Of program I believe I’m way also old to go to a pediatrician, but I am afraid I may possibly have a problem locating a new physician covered below insurance coverage since I acquired married and am in college, and I dont want to run into any issues. So I guess which is my greatest bet. Recently, I’ve had so a lot wrong with me but I was uncertain if I was nonetheless covered under my mothers and fathers insurance since I am in university and lately got married so I put off making the appointment for awhile. Anyway, I have a whole lot of signs and I’m unsure how they all could probably be associated. I don’t want to sound like a hypochondriac to my medical doctor, and I want to know a other peoples’ opinions. What do YOU think?

* Occasionally sharp, extremely unpleasant “heart” pains that I have had given that I was a youngster. I was told they are “developing pains”. Lately, I have seasoned those far more usually, and now at times a new strain/squeezing feeling in my chest that lasts for hrs.

* Final week I had a fever for 4 days of with horrible headaches that I imagined had been brought on by my sore wisdom teeth. A day into it, I began to just really feel really “fever” sick.

* A day or two into the fever, I got a dull discomfort minimal in my right side subsequent to my hip bone. The pain stayed continuously for four days. I wouldn’t want to move really much or stretch the region that harm. If i pushed on the spot, the ache intensified, but it was challenging for me to pinpoint exactly the place it was. I would have to move my hand in circles for a minute ahead of I identified it.

* Following the fever, I developed a cough that sounds like a dying smoker even however I’ve in no way smoked a day in my daily life. It sounds quite congested low in my chest, but no phlegm

* The cough will not go away even however I generally truly feel effectively now. I can not cough up anything, but I really feel tickling in my lungs or something when I breath occasionally and it helps make me go into a coughing match. I had an upper respiratory infection 3 many years in the past and now, ever because then, if I DO cough up anything it is often streaked with dark streaks or blood. I went to the doctor when it very first started out but if I ever get a cold given that then, it happens once again… even though I can not force myself to cough up anything now.

* I have not had an appetite at all given that the fever 1st began 2 weeks ago, which is quite uncommon for me. I am not in excess of fat (5’3 – 110 lbs), but I really do like meals. This worries me simply because often I will come property from operate at night and realize I didn’t have a bite to eat because lunch the day ahead of, and I truly feel no hunger pains at all. It makes me truly feel like I’m numb within.

I do not recognize how any of this could be associated. I really feel like I am imagining it. Please support
I just want to add that I am not on any medicine, and I will not have any healthcare situations that I am mindful of.

I’ve also been advised that the fever, loss of appetite, and ache in my reduced correct abdomen could be an inflamed appendix. Does that sound appropriate? Anyone with any suggestions, feedback, or details would be appreciated.

Ideal reply:

Answer by Luigi V
citation essential~~ You happen to be developing, pregnant? I’m truly unsure what it could be but I just had to tell you It does not matter if your insurance coverage covers it or not you sound like you actually do need to get your self checked out it really is for the best. Due to the fact it’d be undesirable if it was genuinely anything and ended up obtaining worse because of your hesitance. Get yourself check out.

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