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does labor pains have to be actually unbearable for it to be regarded as labor?

January 31st, 2013 14 comments

Question by estkijedsco: does labor pains have to be basically unbearable for it to be viewed as labor?

I am just about forty weeks pregnant and i am def getting contractions, i feel the tightening and i am getting some groin pains and pulling sensations a handful of that felt reall sharp, but for the most element it truly is not tremendously agonizing does that mean i am not starting up labor. My dr mentioned to call with labor “pains” every single 3-5 minutes but i dont know what pain to anticipate. How do i know if i am beginning labor? Do i wait for the pains to get unbearable? A week in the past I was one cm dilated and completly effaced with the little one at -1 station, so perhaps the pains are just the child staying so low?? Thanks for any beneficial solutions!

Ideal response:

Response by mable.syrup
if you have to query wether or not they arent actual labor pains- then they aren’t. Believe in me- you will know without having a shadow of a doubt the very first time you have a genuine labor contraction.

Also a smart way to inform- can you talk although you are having them? If you cannot hold a conversation and speak whilst you happen to be obtaining the ache- then they are sturdy adequate contractions.

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Q&A: Has homosexuality and lesbian conduct end up being trendy for hetros?

January 30th, 2013 4 comments

Query by blixfix: Has homosexuality and lesbian habits come to be stylish for hetros?

Do we get on “sympathy pains” to alleviate our guilty aware and mimic to present help.

Very best response:

Response by Blink
You are a dumbass.

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Has any individual had surgical treatment to remove extra skin?

January 29th, 2013 Comments off

Query by Cruiser: Has any person had surgery to take away extra skin?

I have misplaced a substantial quantity of weight (on my personal) and now I am left with a whole lot of loose skin on my arms, thighs, and mid part. I would genuinely like to have it eliminated but I have heard horror stories about some cosmetic surgeries. Any very good news?

Very best reply:

Answer by FortyLove
I had P.S. for skin elimination on 4/25/09, It has been 3 months and the final results are even now obtaining even much better. I misplaced 85 pounds naturally from diet and excessive doing exercises in excess of a 4 year time period, but the skin sagging produced me really feel worse than becoming overweight. Sagging skin on my arms, back and abdomen was generating me mesirable. I started doing exercises eleven occasions a week (twice some days) to decrease the skin, but I hold loosing weight so the skin sagging got worse. Ayway, my recovery was great! Absolutely ‘No Soreness”, but I need to admit, I do have a really substantial tolerance for pain. But the discomfort from laying down on the stitches after P.S. on a degree of one-10 was about a three/4. You will undoubtedly need a recliner chair to sleep in for about a week, otherwise stretching people raw stitches while laying down will give you pure hell. Recliner was fantastic! Anyway, after five weeks my physician cleared me for normal exercise, so back in the gym, tennis courts, bowling and so forth. I had a complete of 72 inches of stitches in five different regions of my entire body. I would do it yet again in a heart beat if I had to. But I was terrified just before the surgical procedure. I read through every thing on the net I could uncover prior to possessing my surgical treatment which was the very best issue to do because you locate out issues that your medical professional would never feel of telling you about on how you will really feel although recovering. You will have sensations in your entire body from comprehensive surgical procedure that will go away, as the nerves in your body continue to consider and heal, this will most likely get months even up to a 12 months or much more. I knew that so I was ready, I would have been in the medical doctors workplace every 5 mins if I had not read through this info, result in you will truly feel some odd sensations that are not pain but truly genuinely strange and different, it really is much more than probably nerves healing plenty of numbness in the impacted area at 1st or for month or a lot more. I had a slight arm infection on one particular of the arms four weeks afterwards which was unsual for 1 month out from surgery, right after he opened it and allow it drain, three days it was regular, I laugh even though he opened it, I was relaxed result in I had study about this occuring. Individuals are now asking me how did I get this kind of shapely movie star arms, but I will not tell, no one had witnessed my arms in 35 yrs, considering that I was 12. And it only price $ twelve,500 at Kaiser for the complete surgical treatment, arms, back, abdomen, surgical procedure took 4 hrs, I was back home in about eight hrs. The negative economic system has brought the rates down. Hope this assists.

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Why do guys who have never had a vasectomy give STUPID Tips?

January 28th, 2013 3 comments

Question by THEMOJOMAN: Why do guys who have by no means had a vasectomy give STUPID Guidance?

I have had one particular for 29 many years,,I received one particular due to the fact I presently had 2 youngsters and the lady I was marrying was a young widow and had two young children. It DOES NOT Reduced YOUR EJACULATION,,,IT DOES NOT Reduce YOUR Sex Wishes. YOU GET ALL THE LIQUID Part “ONLY WITH OUT ANY SPERM” in it. In fact your sex life is greater,,due to the fact you know you happen to be risk-free.

Best solution:

Answer by adrianne
Ignorance. Good for you taking responsibility for birth control.

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What are your top rated 10 favourite songs to dance too?

January 26th, 2013 4 comments

Query by Airsoft Junkie: What are your top rated 10 favored songs to dance too?

I am a new and upcomming DJ and need to get some a lot more tunes! (Preferably teens solution, because these are the age group i will be DJing for)

Very best answer:

Response by MC Mastermind
damce music sucks monkey balls

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Is it possible for a cracked tooth to be treated nerve?

January 25th, 2013 Comments off

Question by Caren : Is it possible to have a cracked tooth nerve treatment I have a tooth with a crack and the dentist did not find it until it was too late. .. he dug my teeth very deep, although I have no caves … My only complaint was I feel the pain while chewing …. and I have no caves in the tooth even with x-ray. He told me that he was going to dig deeper to explore ….. My question is: “Is it possible for a bite with a crack to be treated or nerve, the tooth was weak for a crown and root canal?” Ps: the crack went under the gumline. Best answer:

Answer by grandpa walleye
It sounds like the crack went into the nerve of the tooth and you will eventually need a root canal and a crown. Good luck

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