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Why does my physique feel so weak?

December 31st, 2012 1 comment

Question by Belyi Ovets: Why does my entire body feel so weak?

I have been having severe reduced back pain, weakness in my legs, arms, joints. My bones have been feeling like they will very easily break. I have been brief of breath. All in all I feel like my body is dying. What could be the cause of my dilemma? It’s been ongoing for about 5 months now but my physician says nothings wrong and it is “expanding pains” I am 17 if that indicates anything at all.
I come from a very low income loved ones, eating three meals a day would waste also considerably of our foods. And I do not wake up with the soreness it comes during the day.

Very best reply:

Solution by 15raquaza
Well the finest thing you can be carrying out is consuming a complete three meals a day on a healthier balanced diet regime and drinking plenty of water. Also you must be obtaining normal exercising if you truly feel this way. If you make positive you are getting healthful and fit for at least a month and the discomfort persists, possibly you ought to talk to him yet again.

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When I am in the shower, occasionally I randomly start off going through the motions of vomiting?

December 30th, 2012 2 comments

Query by Mariah: When I am in the shower, sometimes I randomly begin going via the motions of vomiting?

This only happens when my stomach is empty, and it occurs repeatedly. Today it was really bad and ongoing on for about 30 seconds. Why is this occurring?

Finest reply:

Response by Yosef
The water almost certainly helps make your guts tense and considering that you havent ate something it is my guess your physique is telling you to east some thing.

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Causes of Back Pain (Part 1 of 4) | HealthiNation

December 29th, 2012 Comments off

in the body to learn about all parts of the back and the most common causes of back pain with Dr. Paul K. Related Links: Types of Back Pain (part 2 of 4) | HealthiNation prevent Back Pain (part 3 of 4) | HealthiNation Treating Back Pain (part 4 of 4) | HealthiNation TRANSCRIPT: What is pain? The spine plays a major role in most physical activity. If there is pain in the back, however small, can be a profoundly negative impact on our daily lives. There are many types of back pain. The symptoms can range from muscle stiffness to sharp pricking pain. Sources approach to the diagnosis and evaluation of low back pain in adults. Waltham, MA: UpToDate, Inc., 2009. (Accessed November 24, 2009 at back and neck:. Causes National Pain Foundation, 2009 (Accessed September 22, 2009 at Backache Rochester, MN: … Mayo Clinic, 2008 (. Accessed November 24 2009 Low Back Pain Fact Sheet Bethesda, MD: .. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 2009 (Accessed November 24, 2009 at

What is the definition of “loving a sport”?

December 29th, 2012 1 comment

Question by Emily: What is the definition of “loving a sport”?

I’ve been swimming for 10 many years. Generally when I’m at my year-round team apply, we’ll be swimming a difficult practice and the whole time I’m thinking “This is terrible. I am in so considerably soreness.” but I preserve going and when I get out the initial factor that comes to mind is “That was this kind of a great work out! I sense so a lot much better!” I’m questioning if to “really like a sport” you should love it unconditionally, at all instances, or if moments of dislike and soreness are involved? Is the love of a sport only the dedication to keep on going even when it gets challenging?

Finest answer:

Solution by Cilla<3love
I have been carrying out swim for a while and i get the exact same emotions but i adore doing it…Everybody on my crew feels the same way when you request us do you like swimming we all reply “I dislike swimming but i just cannot quit it it really is a part of my daily life that i adore”

I believe we really feel this way because we do it all the time and it will get boring carrying out the same things more than and in excess of once again so we despise it in a way but we know we could not live without having it and in the finish we adore the feeling it provides us So I guess you can phone that really like. Effectively that’s what i truly feel

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Should I additional enquire about my summer time task applications?

December 27th, 2012 4 comments

Question by bigwheels1031: Ought to I additional enquire about my summer time task applications?

I produced many applications for summer season function ought to I contact the organizations about my applications or will they contact me very first? My mom needs me to get in touch with and request if they reviewed my application but I figure that by doing that I would lead to them too considerably difficulties and not get hired, as if I was a soreness in their side.

Greatest solution:

Solution by monkeyangel210
If you really want a work contact and ask to speak to the manager to schedule an interview. It shows that you are responsible and determined.

If you dont care where you work, hold sending out applications and one out of ten prolly will phone you (if all 10 are hiring).

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What do you do when you overdose on Lorcet and Percocet?

December 26th, 2012 Comments off

Query by Laurel: What do you do when you overdose on Lorcet and Percocet?

If you have taken Hydrocodone and Oxycodone for the previous couple months, but the last couple of weeks, you have overdosed and now you happen to be done taking the capsules, is it typical for you to be in insane excruciating ache? Or is there something seriously wrong like internal bleeding or abdomen ulcers?

Greatest answer:

Response by Blake
It’s entirely normal. What you are saying is, for the previous few weeks, you’ve taken a Whole lot of oxycodone / hydrocodone, and now you happen to be experiencing withdrawal? If you randomly stopped taking the capsules as an alternative of progressively reducing the dose, that’s hazardous.

YOU are referring to what individuals get in touch with, “abdomen discomfort”, but it can be not like typical ache is it? It does not truly feel quite physical. There are reports of people quitting cold turkey immediately after taking insane quantities of painkillers for the previous weeks, and then struggling from long lasting psychological conditions. So far, I have only ever heard of long lasting depression. Even so, this is the place it will get difficult. An organization is researching this, and they believe all of the long term depressions are caused by a physical issue, specifically, an imbalance of essential neurotransmitters. They also think that when a individual randomly quits using painkillers right after utilizing them for weeks, their body’s neurotransmitters go haywire. They believe that if the particular person will take a merchandise to stability important neurotransmitters, the person would NOT truly feel withdrawal side-effects.

The organization does have some logical factors, do not they? Following all, that ache in your stomach feels pretty emotional, right? And neurotransmitters do manage emotions. But anyway, what you are experiencing is normal, and I hope that I have been in a position to assist you discover a little bit more about it.

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