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Depression/nervousness causes aches and pains?

September 30th, 2012 7 comments

Question by paintgirl: Depression/anxiousness leads to aches and pains?

I see that ad on Television saying,”depression hurts….” and I just lately went to the doctor and told him I’m beginning to feel anxiety that I am sick of. I never ever imagined of myself as obtaining “anxiety” or “depresson” but it does run in my family. I have often suffered from migraines and for the last couple of many years (given that my divorce) my entire body is constantly knotted and achey…..largely my back and neck…..and any demanding situation magnifies this. My doctor place me on a reduced dose of Zoloft (which I’m not too thrilled with taking) but it would seem to be assisting. What are the common “aches and pains” associated with depression? Is this what I’ve been encountering all along with out understanding it? The medicine (I am only taking half of a 50 mg pill) seems to make the back aches far better and I’m hoping that also final results in less migraines. I am also paranoid about this medicine since I dont’ see myself staying on it permanently and there are all kinds of warnings about withdrawl, etc.

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Answer by Maggiemay
positive sounds like depression….and your doctor is placing you on a extremely good medicine…you have felt the distinction in your physique previously so you know it operates..I have been on antidepressants for a couple of years now and I wouldn’t be ready to go a day with out them…I really feel happier and more relaxed…when you really feel much better and can tolerate without having the meds your medical doctor will wean you off them …please never do it by on your own as you can cause your self far more stresss …Good Luck..and the greatest medicine they say is a smile and laughter..

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In your viewpoint, does this qualify as emotional abuse?

September 29th, 2012 Comments off

Question by Jack: In your view, does this qualify as emotional abuse?

In your view, does this qualify as emotional abuse?

Following getting friends with this specific a person for no trivial amount of time, I noticed they were struggling from severe depression. Ultimately she opened up and told me about her house existence. Apparently her mother and father harshly criticize her for tiny shortcomings (Her room being messy, failing to do a chore, and so forth.). To be much more certain, they yell at her and call her a “Effing bit ch” and “Effing pig” (They say the 4 letter F word, which yahoo censors) and fling other insults. Rather than raise her voice to her parents in anger, she shies away to a corner and tries to cry silently, knowing that they’ll criticize her for crying (I’ve observed this). She sometimes tries to run away, but they demand her return.
I urged her to mentally attain deep and dig up the 1st occurance. Apparently the 1st incident took place when she was 11 or 12. It was morning, and she had to get ready for college. Her mom referred to as out to her to hurry or they would each be late. When she rolled out of bed, got dressed, and went outside to join her mother, her mom firmly grabbed her by the arm and yelled “You minor bit ch!” although hunting at her with a crazed appear in her eye. Its crucial to note that my buddy says she did not raise her voice to her mother or talk back in any way prior to her mother’s aggressions.
I attempted to tactically confront the mother and father and talk them into acquiring a psychiatrist for their daughter’s depression. The father right away fired back with what seemed like rehearsed, scripted responses. He informed me that she was, in fact, NOT depressed. That she had usually been a pleased, carefree girl. And that IF by some slight opportunity she WAS depressed, it came from an “outdoors influence”.
They later on claimed that I had brainwashed her into pondering that she suffered from depression.
Given that my pal is 18 now, I recommended that she seek out a psychiatrist on her very own. When she tried to get her health care insurance’s member card, which is needed for establishing an appointment, her parents refused to give it to her.
Yet another couple of notes
– I suspect she may have a communication disability, possibly Asperger’s syndrome. She was diagnosed with ADHD at a really youthful age, but the observed signs and symptoms could simply be interpreted as indications of Aspergers. A communication disability appears quite obvious when she converses with her peers.
– Her father has stated repeatedly “If you had been a boy, I’d beat you”
– She is not lying. I’ve questioned her several occasions and looked for indications of fabrication. She even has a tendency to defend her parents at occasions, repeating specific phrases that they’ve informed her.
– There have been three minor accounts of physical abuse. Twice when she was crying, her father was attempting to talk to her and slapped her tough on the thigh out of anger when he felt like she was not paying out interest. She repeated the phrase he told her “I (He) was just trying to get your (my) interest”. On the 3rd account, during the end of an argument, her mom interlocked fingers with her daughter and bent her daughter’s hand back, inflicting what my good friend described as “extreme pain”. When my buddy asked her mother why she did that, her mom stated “To present you that I’m not weak like you think I am.” I view these incidents as small, and whether or not or not they qualify as physical abuse is debatable.
I comprehend now that I have typed all that out that the question is virtually completely rhetorical. I believe most folks would classify this as emotional abuse. If there’s any person who does not, please offer me with an example of what would be emotional abuse.
For the individuals who DO feel its emotional abuse, please supply some assistance as to what me and/or my friend could do to place an finish to it.

Very best solution:

Answer by Leila
She’s 18, she really should find a secure place to remain and place distance among her and her dad and mom to commence off with, the issue is with her dad and mom and not her. She really should be powerful and demand they in search of counseling, either with each other or individually before she continues a connection with them.

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Mr Krishna on Causes of Back Pain

September 28th, 2012 Comments off

Talk on cause of back pain

The video looks at the major causes of back pain in a little detail and what you can to do reduce the problem.

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Was this really a panic assault or heart difficulty?

September 28th, 2012 5 comments

Query by nicolita: Was this really a panic assault or heart dilemma?

Saturday night I woke up at 2:30am feeling the following:
Chest discomfort
left arm soreness and numbness
Upper back pain “a lot more like burn off”

My husband desired to rush me to the hospital but I would not permit him, told him I will truly feel better but honestly I was as well scared that I will not come back.

At 07:30am the pain was even now there I received the courage and I asked him to consider me to the emergency space.

They ran check on me and they did not find something incorrect. The physician says it was most most likely a panic attach.

Should I be concerned??

I am 29 years outdated.

Greatest answer:

Answer by jd
it could be each. i feel you must be concerned.

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horrible delivery part two?

September 26th, 2012 3 comments

Question by hayray: horrible delivery component two?

Then my mom was telling me, “Oh I see hair, it will not be significantly extended!” and the nurse yelled and said “Uh no she even now has a Prolonged way to go!” Which fully discouraged me, she was telling me I had hours left. Then she was telling me I wasn’t pushing difficult adequate, which got me even more discouraged because I was pushing my toughest.

Inside of minutes however she explained it was time to contact the medical doctor. Then informed me “Hold him right there! (In the middle of pushing.)” So I did as I was told and held him in that place in the middle of a push to wait for the medical professional. The medical doctor came in inside almost certainly 4 minutes, and explained “Ready to have a baby.” then out of no exactly where the student that has been following him close to, stepped in and delivered my infant as the other medical professional stepped back. And I was not informed she would be doing it, and I was informed in the morning that she is a just a student and does NOT do the delivery she is only there to observe and inquire inquiries…

So as my sons head came out, she grabbed him and did not attempt to maneuver his shoulders out, she pulled him straight out and oh boy did I feel that. Then they delivered the placenta and the actual doctor sat down and explained “Oh I knew you would tear but I didn’t believe you’d tear this bad.” And then began saying to absolutely everyone whilst sort of bragging practically “These are a lot more than 1 layer deep!!.” He started out to sew me up with no local anesthetic and was telling me I shouldn’t sense anything at all. After begging him to halt since it harm so negative he lastly gave me some pain medication. He completed placing in th twenty+ stitches and left.

A single nurse came to me and said “If you feel like you are gushing blood, let me or LouAnne know appropriate away!” and of program I commenced to gush blood and I was screaming in soreness. My mom went out to get the nurse and she mentioned “yeah i’ll come in, in a bit.” my mom stated “No you come now! My daughter is gushing blood and is in discomfort.” The nurse said “Its not supposed to sense very good.” and walked away.

Eventually a nurse came in and mentioned “Shes hemorrhaging, get the medical doctor.” He came in and did more stitches and actually commenced digging blood clots out. Then said I really should be fine and left yet again…

Skip ahead a truly feel hrs to midnight and I was nevertheless bleeding by way of every thing. They were going to move me to a typical space, right up until one particular nurse explained “Oh shes not going anywhere call the doctor shes lost so considerably blood.” The doctor came in again and started out digging blood clots out as I begged him to cease it hurt so poor and then he finally stopped and said nicely you naturally cant tolerate this so we’re going to take you to the OR and place you beneath to do this. Then left me in the stirrups with the bed high off the group with out the middle portion for 30 minutes until the OR workers came to get me.

This is not even all of what happened. I am just so lost and baffled. I feel like I was utilised as a check topic for that student and the physician did not have a dilemma performing it because Im not his actual patient. I suffered and lost a dangerous sum of blood since of how shedeliveredd him. I was ignored after providing birth simply because “Its supposed to harm.” My mom was disrespected, and told to do the nurses task. I never even know.
and yes. this is definately real. I am so lost and baffled and just hurt that this has occurred to me. Thankfully my son is completely healthier even though.

Greatest answer:

Answer by Chuckles
As i mentioned in your component 1 – this demands to be reported to the hospital.

All behaviour and qualified manner was inappropriate and no exactly where up to specifications. This needs to be reported and brought to the consideration of management if not greater/even more.

A doctor/nurse has codes of conduct to adhere to, procedures/suggestions that Need to be followed or their registration is at risk.

They have no proper to deal with you the way they did and place your health/safety at threat.

For the student to actually deliver, you need to verbally accept or sign to say that you agree to their participation, otherwise they are NOT allowed to do anything at all other than observe.

A formal complaint is necessary and all names must be incorporated. This behaviour was unacceptable and unprofessional. Often a letter of complaint and possibly even disciplinary action can pull a nurse/medical professional back into line.

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Q&A: Could I Be Pregnant?

September 25th, 2012 Comments off

Question by Baelamoon♥: Could I Be Pregnant?

Hi, im on birth manage(new pack on it for a yr) and i missed a pil three days right after my period stopped. 4 days later i began bleeding. that lasted three-4 days. so i stopped bleeding about the 22ish. on the 28 before my daughters birthday i commenced feelin funny bloated tons of gas. a single minute its diarhea then its standard.(shaking when i dont eat) on the 29 im feelin undesirable just cold /flu like fatigued. signs and symptoms are.
naseaus wierd bowels, stomach twinges back ache, wierd consuming habbits, itchy under boobs. then final wednesday i was supposed to commence my period it came three days late,brown Beady not liquid then liquid day 2 lasted for two days (not quite hefty) went away came back a day later on (lighter) went away came back this afternoon brownish. naseaus on and off largely appropriate at two-3 o’clock vomiting
appropriate following i eat i sense bleh, a “pain” under my sternum every single so usually.
so numerous damaging tests.
Please help! Docs becoming a brick wall.
No sex drive normally a nympho ( 2 weeks now)
exhausted and sick of feeling sick and worn out.
lost a bit of fat five pounds or so.
is it regular to have very low volume of hcg in bllood? underneath 5

Very best answer:

Answer by littlemamabearkk
You could be pregnant, you will just have to wait it out. Your body may possibly just be very delicate to hormonal modify, and missing a dose could have sent your physique into chaos. Good luck!!

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