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June 30th, 2012 5 comments

Question by kass: CAN U GET PREGNANT IF…?

my mom had me and my brother and then didnt want to have anymore youngsters so she got her tubes clamped.

she got them completed 10 years ago and now she think she may be pregnant simply because her boobs really feel like they are burning (like they were when she was pregnant ahead of)

so she is wondering if she the clamp got loose and she might be pregnant.

we looked at web sites and looed at signs but she has an excuse for eery symptom she has like if i inquire her “do you hav decrease back ache”
she like “properly ya but i was moving furniture around yesterday”.

i really want assist ..thank you

Best answer:

Answer by Caitlin S
Its attainable. Tell her to take a check.

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What ought to I do? Failed Root Canal, Possible Dental Malpractice. Please Read! I know its Extended! Aid!?

June 29th, 2012 3 comments

Query by Katie P: What really should I do? Failed Root Canal, Possible Dental Malpractice. Please Read! I know its Prolonged! Help!?

Here is how it went. Went to see dentist for toothe ache, considered perhaps just a filling required. He stated No, it demands a root canal (tooth #13, leading left)place me on penicillan. one week later on I went in for the root canal…Every little thing was going very good, Didnt really feel something but i could inform he was getting difficulty, due to the fact he kept asking for distinct dimension files, one following yet another. Then he mentioned, “we’re about done, i just want to clean it out (hydrogen peroxide is what he explained), and correct when he poured that in my tooth I felt the most uncomfortable feeling ever. I flinched and kinda moaned, and he said “that hurts you?” I explained yea! i imagined maybe the novacaine was sporting off, he didnt feel that though, he stopped with the peroxide and started out poking at it, and that was producing the discomfort worse..So he explained “okay effectively, Im sorry we are unable to carry on. I will have you back in right after a week or so to see if we can finish” So i was in the chair for an hour and all he did was drill the hole (pretty large hole I may well add) and clean all the nerve out so he mentioned..Not to mention paid 98$ for him to place a hole in my tooth.So he said that perhaps i had a infection and he put me on more antibiotics, Maintain in mind..that thats all he did was drill the hole, I DID NOT get a temporary filling or the gutta percha so they phone it..Following the following day, it was sore but not aching, it ONLY harm (the within of the tooth, gum component of it) when it was swooshed really tough (water or mouthwash) or if it was stabbed with meals and so forth. But I really do not have the identical tooth ache as I did ahead of I went in..Anyways so another week later I went in to “finish the root canal remedy”, and told him everything that was hurting, he mentioned okay lets take a look and within 30 seconds he was already carried out since all he did was poke all around in there to check every little thing and I began crying due to the fact it harm. Thank God he checked the discomfort reflex just before he started. So when once more he told me he couldnt do anything at all and was sending me to a endodontist down the road (his enterprise companion) And my dentist did call the endo and explained to him that it is a unusual case..thats what he named it, was uncommon! So another week later….(these days)..i went into the endo, 130$ copay (with insurance coverage) was supposed to be 300$ but I made a scene in that office..I was not fixin to shell out 300$ just for him to appear at my tooth. They took xrays,he cam in, talked , made me open my mouth and squeezed my gums to see if they harm, they didnt harm there, so he just made the decision to get the instrument and ram it up in there…Screamed like a mofo..And he mentioned, alright, lemme search at the xrays, he asked me how a lot of canals their have been..How the heck am I supposed to know..I told him that the dentist did not tell me how a lot of he located, and then he said “well Im rather certain Dr. Riggs missed a canal, OR left some nerve and tissue behind”…it was a large bummer to hear that..Immediately after all the money and discomfort i have been via the final handful of weeks to have the professional inform me that he will have to redo it. I informed him i would talk to my husband about the money concern..apparently he heard about my issue with paying that a lot. I just require to know if anyone out there is familar with any of this or possibly they now if this is malpractice, Is this one thing serioud to wherever i can sue? Im debating on wether to get it extracted or not, due to the fact truly If it was carried out the correct way the first time i wouldnt be having to pay out all this added funds..Now to have it RE-Treated will be even a lot more costly plus with a expert will be far more money..Any suggestions or anybody with a malpractice law background. I require assistance right here, kinda feeling down in the dumps about this complete appears like its always me thats the “unusual or uncommon patient” that has difficulties diagnosing or cant be helped. I know this is extended but please someone assist!
Oh and the ache that im talking about…the only way I can describe it is if you have a blister on your foot or something, 1 of individuals raw gooey 1, if you get a pencil and just poke at it..kinda of the quick shock of pain that runs by means of your physique..

Greatest answer:

Answer by jason
Not malpractice, crap transpires.

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Identified no fluids in uterus or appendix @ ER am I preggo?

June 27th, 2012 Comments off

Query by SleepingBeauty: Found no fluids in uterus or appendix @ ER am I preggo?

prior med historical past- @ the age of twelve (2000)i started depo provera- i stopped in 2008 (twenty) due to wanting to “cleanse” /” its just not all-natural, anyways immediately after 1yr i received back on it result in effectively pms is just disgusting, so in 09 after a year of “cleansing” i get back on depo til my final schedule shot which was april 17th 2010, nicely i didnt get it (Finance causes), so in june (chaotic) i dont keep in mind my period and i know i havent had 1 this month, must be preggo appropriate? no preceding signs of pregnancies or miscarriages in the past.

so now that ur caught up on my med historical past lets go to june 12th 2010

close to 11 in the morning i get a blood spot ” oh yeah no wonder why ive been a biotch” so i have no tampons (packed up) so i go to keep and purchase some, properly all day into the subsequent i dont bleed anymore but i have a bloating reduce adominal discomfort, “must be gassy” properly as the day proggressed the discomfort went over to my right side and was horrible, i slept in the recliner for the subsequent two til i could get to the er. cause now ive done some research on ovarian cyst (bf is experienced in popping them) and i assumed i had a single rupture do to the ache and stuff. well i get to the er they do a urine pee test, detrimental, an ultrasound, located a cyst on my left side (not my correct in which the discomfort is), a ct scan no fluids in my appendix either so the dr stated no ruptured ovarian cyst and the surgeon stated it was since its not appendicitis, so either way the gave me some percs and motrin, im not taking the percs any longer, i stopped the 17th morn when i received sick oh yeah i went to er the 16th btw, the ache was disturbing my rest, either way, the men gave me a gynos # and she thinks they should have gave me some check (im considering blood), both way she scheduled me in for the 22nd of up coming month but, she she just before you come in consider a preggo check, for ins. motives,

what do yall believe?

Very best solution:

Solution by Addy’s Mommy O)
I’m getting a tough time following what you are making an attempt to say but I will consider to assist. I do not think you are pregnant, I believe you could have either an infection or some thing wrong with your fallopian tubes. I consider you need to get to a doctor asap and have the medical professional give you a pregnancy check. Any medical professional, that tells you to consider a pregnancy check prior to an appointment is not a good physician. That’s is there occupation not yours.

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X-ray imaging Backache spine and pelvis X-Ray Photo Poster, 12×16

June 27th, 2012 Comments off

X-ray imaging Backache spine and pelvis X-Ray Photo Poster, 12×16

rel =

  • Photographic Print Title: X-ray imaging Backache spine and pelvis X-Ray
  • Dimensions: 12 x 16 cm

X-Ray imaging Backache spine and pelvis X-Ray is digitally printed on archival photographic paper resulting in vivid, pure color and exceptional detail that is suitable for museum or gallery display. Finding the perfect piece for your interest and style to fit easily and within your budget!


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Birth manage capsules and leg pain?

June 26th, 2012 1 comment

Question by bonanovas: Birth control tablets and leg discomfort?

My legs really feel dull and achy ever given that I commenced taking Yaz but I never want to discontinue taking my birth management tablets if it is standard to have leg pain that is not linked with DVT. Specifically, I have been taking birth handle tablets for about two months to treat acne, which I have been dealing with because I was 17…and the outcomes have been amazing! Not only has my acne cleared up significantly but my intervals are a lot lighter with minimum to no cramping. However, I occasionally have dull achy leg ache (largely at evening) and ibuprofen appears to alleviate most discomfort but I read the side effects contain “serious leg ache” which might indicate the presence of “thrombophlebitis” or “DVT” which is a blood clot that has the likely to break free and cause a pulmonary embolism. I hate the notion of going back to “pizza face”, especially when a day-to-day dose of ibuprofen relieves the discomfort caused by Yaz but I don’t want to dismiss one thing that could be serious both. In a nutshell, I want to know how dull and achy my legs require to be prior to it is regarded as “serious leg discomfort” or is it typical to have some leg ache with out clotting?

Very best answer:

Solution by Me
Heather…you genuinely need to request this to an actual physician. This is a Extremely legitimate concern that you are having. I myself have never ever had any dull achy legs whilst on birth manage and non of my other girlfriends have either. I do not think that is typical. I think that you want to genuinely listen to your entire body and go to your physician. If you want a thing for acne…see a dermatologist. They have many creams and even oral antibiotics that you can consider to get rid of your blemishes.

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Ache in and around my belly button?

June 25th, 2012 2 comments

Query by auntietawnie: Ache in and close to my belly button?

I have a pain that feels like it is coming from my belly button, but I am not 100% good that is exactly where it is coming from. It commenced Tuesday, and now here it is Friday evening and the ache is even now there, but I have noticed other symptoms along with it. Such as a nagging headache, upset stomach, I had diarrhea for a couple of days, and on Thursday it was back to standard, but right now it was as if I am finding constipated. I had a hysterectomy back in April, and all of this possibly coming from that “but I doubt it” I Actually feel something is wrong with me, and although I have an appointment set for Monday morning at 8:45 I really feel as if I need to have to be observed now. I don’t want to go to the ER, and them inform me it’s nothing and send me home, but at the very same time I maintain considering to myself go go go. Has anybody else ever experienced this odd discomfort “It feels like a knife is becoming stabbed into my belly button, and the pain is shooting down close to my correct side into my back area”

Finest solution:

Solution by Mike
You are pregnant!

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