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How does a particular person, like me become a political activist?

May 31st, 2012 10 comments

Question by david3flush: How does a person, like me become a political activist?

I am a 49 year old, fat man, who is living on SSI, “I suffer from depression, and panic disorder”. My sickness is managed by medicine, to the point that, I returned to school, and was generating good grades, untill I was sidelined by very low back ache, “I have 2 disc that are as thich as dimes”. But my thoughts is still sharp, I keep it that way by, trying to find out a thing new each and every day. But this is not sufficient, I see my country in a dark location, The Men and women no longer feel. An individual has to adjust this, and properly, why not me? There are so several items that are broken,”but not so broken that they can not be fixed”. If a thing isn’t carried out soon, we will become a second rate nation. America has became a punch drunk, has been prize fighter, stumbling close to the planet, leaving a path of distruction all over the place we go. No one votes, no one appears to care. Am I alone in feeling this? Do you care? Is there anybody out there?

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Solution by normobrian
You can begin by mastering how to use commas and parenthesis.

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Complete Acupressure Mat | Acupuncture Mat | Back and Neck Pain Relief Set | Back Pain Treatment | Lower Back Pain Treatment Reviews

May 31st, 2012 3 comments

Complete Acupressure Mat | Acupuncture Mat | Back and Neck Pain Relief Set | Back Pain Treatment | Lower Back Pain Treatment

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my good friend thinks he’s cool?

May 30th, 2012 2 comments

Question by : my friend thinks he’s cool?

i’ve recognized him considering that 5th grade and even back then he tries so challenging to show off by cracking his knuckles and saying sh*t like it doesn’t hurt(btw he’s kinda of a loner). we went to the exact same junior higher but i by no means got near him cuz he freaks me out. now we’re in higher college and in the very same english class. he sits in the front in the middle row. he’s often there prior to me. and when i stroll previous him he would use his wing chun on me and consider so challenging to impress the men and women around him cuz right after i stroll away and then turn back he would seem around him to see if any individual was seeking. (for those of you that dont know wing chun ,its a martial art that bruce lee studied. i take wing chun as well but i dont want to take this to the public cuz its best if you maintain it a secret) but this fag would punch me when i stroll previous him. and when i just blocked one particular of his attacks ,cuz i have no interest on sparring with him in class, he continues punching. i just want to smack him across the face. i always say “wtf are you undertaking?! stop!” and his response was “but its enjoyable hitting you”. when i speak to my buddies he would just come out of no wherever and speak about sparring and sh*t. especially in front of women. i was speaking to 1 of my woman-buddies and we laughing about every single other people stories and then this fktard came out of no where and mentioned “hey lets spar”. its so fking akward. even when im struggling with him i truly feel that he’s employing as well considerably strength.

from my other friend’s point of view:
the close friends that we have in typical dont like him either. we all believe that he thinks that he’s the primary character of some anime and thinks he’s so awesome. he kinda pumps up his chest anytime he walks to make him search tough. even when my friend punches him and he falls back a tiny he say “it doesnt harm” and sh*t like ” i really feel no pain” (he’s not emo).

he brags also a lot. he said that he knocked down a shaolin monk when he was 7. he’s not a humorous man or woman.. and he by no means was. i forced laughter so i wouldnt hurt his emotions.

WTF IS HIS Issue?? i just want to yell this at him ” YO WTF IS YOUR FKING Dilemma, YOU FKING BTCH! DO YOU WANT Absolutely everyone IN THIS FKING School TO KNOW THAT YOU KNOW MARTIAL ARTS?! IF YOU WANT TO SPAR SO BADLY THERE ARE Lots OF BLACK Individuals STANDING Outside!” (sorry but no offense)

how can i tell him to stop in a politely way. i dont want to harm his feelings. i can envision what would occurs if i inform him to stop: he’s gonna grin and then punch me and say but its exciting. and then i would say how about i punch your mom? cuz its fun. then we would get into a true fight. im by no means critical when it comes to fighting but when this transpires im going all out.

there’s A Lot Far more but i dont truly feel like typing it 😛
im guessing that he’s a loner cuz he failed at displaying off and now everyone is freaked out

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Solution by tagboy
How do you purpose with a jackass.

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Q&A: Is three weeks of rest good sufficient for a stress fracture?

May 29th, 2012 1 comment

Question by : Is 3 weeks of rest good sufficient for a pressure fracture?

Hello: I would drastically appreciate if any person could consider the time to study via this entire point. THank you!

According to the MRI i received, i have a calcaneus pressure fracture. My ache started out two weeks ahead of i got the MRI. Throughout these two weeks, i rested the 1st that very first week, and was able to run pain cost-free for the 2nd week. You may request me “Why did you even get the MRI if you had been at the moment running pain totally free”? The explanation is, is that my doctor advised finding it “just in situation” i had a anxiety fracture and the insurance coverage covered the expense entirely. I imagined to myself “what do i have to lose, possibly following all i will uncover out that something may possibly truly be incorrect with my foot and i will require some sort of therapy”. So i went into the MRI assuming that nothing was incorrect and i was just doing it to be truthful, for sh*ts and gigs. Contrary to my prediction, the medical professional named and said: “hello, i think you might want come in, i identified one thing in the MRI that you most likely want to know about”. Regardless of my week of discomfort totally free operating, it was found that i really had a calcaneus anxiety fracture!!! And the medical doctor recommended resting for 6 weeks with some biking and swimming instead.

Nonetheless, i would like to point out many things which i almost certainly really should have described to the medical doctor. Very first of all, i believe the purpose i got the tension fracture in the very first place was simply because i was landing on my foot the wrong way (outdoors of foot) but ever because i fixed the way i landed, my foot felt drastically much better. (a coincidence? i feel not.) I also replaced my old old footwear which probably helped.
Subsequent, i didn’t mention that before the MRI scan i had previously taken a week of rest. However, that was proceeded by one more week of running. That week like i pointed out happened to be pain totally free.
For that reason, i consider it would be okay for me to rest for Three weeks as an alternative of six. On that third week i would commence operating once again. Even so, they would be short and simple runs every single other day. I would not begin my critical workout routines yet again until finally i hit that sixth week. I think this is suitable simply because i had currently had some good rest time, and MY FOOT DOESN”T EVEN Harm TO RUN ON.

Right here is my proposed schedule which includes what i have already carried out.

Week 1: I discover discomfort in the foot and take the week off
Week 2: I get an MRI scheduled but consider landing on my foot a various way. That ends up functioning so i run discomfort totally free this whole week.
Week 3: My MRI benefits are back and i am informed not to run for six weeks. This week will be rest
Week four: Rest/Cross Instruction
Week 5: Rest/ Cross Education
Week six: Ease back into running: Brief easy runs every single other day
Week 7: Ease back into operating
Week 8: Get back to real instruction

The major function is to have my proposed routine evaluated. I am a freshman in high school who would like achievement in the upcoming cross country season. I am addicted to operating and want to commence back as quickly as achievable. Would my strategy be setting me up for severe injury? Is three weeks of nonstop rest merely not sufficient? Thank you for studying this extended essay and responses are drastically appreciated.
This is not meant to be rude: but just in case i didn’t get the point across:

If i wanted to go operating in 5 minutes without any pain what so ever, i could. Nonetheless, i just do not want to threat far more significant injury.

Very best solution:

Solution by Randy Lahey
6 weeks no operating at all (activities like biking/swimming was what i did when i had my anxiety fracture). Sounds like you know what your carrying out however, that is a quite very good proposed action program

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What can I do to ease this Extreme lower back pain at 34w2d pregnant?

May 28th, 2012 1 comment

by jo-h

Query by hot mama: What can I do to ease this Severe reduced back ache at 34w2d pregnant?

It is finding in the way of me carrying out the easiest things, like standing to do the dishes or sitting to fold the laundry. It is so undesirable all I can do is lay down, and even then it really is a dull ache. Also, I am not certain if this is associated to the back ache or what, but my legs starting final night have been really tense and tight and have that painful feeling as “expanding pains” would really feel like (we all don’t forget people, appropriate? not fun). This might sound weird but the only way to give myself relief in my legs is to lightly punch my legs…. Anything at all I can do to ease these pains? Why am I finding them? My poor 22 month old son is left to play by himself due to the fact I cannot even move to do that 🙁

Greatest solution:

Answer by Melynn
Have you attempted a pregnancy support? Its this brace variety thing that aids support your belly and sort of hold it up a bit. The “growing pains” sensation sounds alot like what I really feel when nerves get pinched in my hips. Generally its been diagnosed as poor muscle strength in my hips which causes the bones to shift and pinch nerves, which is a common dilemma in the course of pregnancy-but I get it when I’m not pregnant too!) The pregnancy support can support, but at this point in your pregnancy laying down alot is possibly very best anyway. I have discovered them on the web for about $ 30 on

Will your son play with you even though you lay on the sofa? Its probably also a great time to just snuggle with him all day the moment in a even though-possibly just watch a film and have snacks and snuggle time! I am only 16 weeks pregnant with a 18 month old, but it operates wonders for us when I’m acquiring a particularly nauseos day!

Great luck!

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Cool images Upper Back Pain

May 28th, 2012 2 comments

Some cool

upper back pain photos:

We ignore the people who love us, to meet on interviews of dubious relevance
Image by Ed Yourdon This couple sat on one of the tables outside on a Le Pain Quotidien restaurant, located on Broadway between 91st and 92nd Street. I had the impression that the young man was staring at the woman for several minutes while they pecked away at the keyboard of her Blackberry … Note: This photo was published in June 1, 2009 BooRah blog about Le Pain Quotidien. It was also publised in an August 5, 2009 blog titled “ Keep talking, I’m Listening – NOT . “Moving into 2010, the photo was published in a March 3, 2010 blog titled” A romantic moment: Something to enjoy or Broadcast “And it was published in an April 13, 2010 Romanian blog with the title” Cat rezisti fara telefon .” It was also published in a June 8, 2010 blog titled “ Hedging Your Bets . ” And it was published in an undated (late Sep 2010) blog titled “ Lots Of Phone Cases For You . “It was also published in a December 9, 2010 blog titled” Currently Somewhere Else .” Moving into 2011, the photo was published in a March 22, 2011 blog titled “ My Life Without A Cell Phone: An Amazing Tale Of Survival ? “and a March 21, 2011 blog titled” A ‘electrical’ way to reduce lower back pain – Israel 21C . “And it was published in an undated (early June 2011) titled Russian blog” Как Разжечь в Нем Интерес на Первом Свидании . “It was also published in a July 1, 2011 ” The Vine “blog , with the same title and detailed notes as this Flickr page. And it was published in an August 11, 2011 blog titled” 15 Normas etiqueta the digital para novatos (y no tan novatos) . “It was also published in an August 22, 2011 blog titled” 7 Powerful Tips to becoming a better Listener ,” the text that was published in a September 1, 2011 blog titled “ Can I have your attention? “And it was published in an undated (early september 2011)” Can Do for Women “blog titled” 10 Funny Excuses for a bad date .” Moving into 2012, the photo was published in January 1 2.2012 blog the title “ Stebo Went out-line … . “And it was published in an April 4, 2012 blog titled” Upper Back Pain -. numerous causes Uncovered “It was also published in a May 10, 2012 blog titled” Logistical problems still hinder the contribution method that has proved successful for the charities give . “And it was published in a May 23, 2012 blog titled” ACTUALIZADO:. Numéros THE PREMIUM SMS CANCELADOS (2012) “***************************** Looking back at some old photos from 40 – 50 years ago, I was struck by how visible the differences between the culture of that time, against the culture of today. In some cases, showed the things people wore or carried, or did when they no longer do today . But sometimes it was the opposite: things that are not reflected in the 1960 and 1970 have become a pervasive part of the culture of vandaag.Een good example is the mobile phone: 20 years ago, it simply does not exist. Even ten years ago, it was a relatively low visibility, and usually only on the main streets of big cities. Today, of course, cell phones are everywhere, and everyone is using it in a variety of culture contexten.Maar I think not that this is a permanent phenomenon, after all, if you think back to the early 1980s, you probably would have seen that many people that Sony Walkmans, or “boom box” portable radios – all of which disappeared … If the law Moore (who in fact says that computers double in power every 18 months) may be up for another decade, we will automatically gadgets about 100 times smaller, faster, cheaper and better – ie much better integration of music, camera, messaging, and telephone, but also the ability of the devices so small they are embedded in our glasses, our earrings, or a tattoo on our voorhoofd.Dus the point of this album is a reference to offer – so we back to (hopefully) 10-20 years from now look and say, “Was not it really weird that we behave in such a bizarre way, as we interact with those primitive devices? “

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