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Really should I go on suboxone for a poppy tea addiction?

March 31st, 2012 Comments off

Query by theheatheatwave: Ought to I go on suboxone for a poppy tea addiction?

I am addicted to poppy tea. I take 8-14 grams of powdered poppy pods a day. This is equivalent to about 18 mg of Oxy a day— though I do not take oxy as it make me feel as well swimmy and I never like to get things on the street that may well be stolen/fake. When I take much less than 8 mg of poppy powder I have withdraws: nightmares, sweating, really painful tummy like becoming stuck with knives, sore joints, crankiness, suicidal thoughts (I know far better than to act on them, of course), depression, no appetite, feeling worn-out and unable to operate or care for myself. (Even taking a bath sounds like as well much operate.) I have tried to quit *3* times twice on my own and as soon as with my husband’s help by way of a slow taper. But, when I get down to the very low amounts all around six-5mg a day, the withdraws just seem to hold creating then anxiety from operate makes me snap and I give in to the want to take more poppy powder to make the withdraws go away so I can get my function accomplished. (That’s what I inform myself.. but deep within I just really feel weak and like a failure.)

This has been going on for 7 months and I’ve had sufficient. I want to get clean. I want to have a kid some day, to travel to areas like China, I am a extended distance runner and my education has not been good. (My addition traces back to pain meds I was given after a auto accident final year… immediately after I utilized all of the meds I was desperate for something else like the pain meds to make my depression about not currently being in a position to run go away.) I’m back to running now, I ran three miles these days and it was excellent– so, truly why do I nonetheless take this drug? It really is time consuming, and some of the time I get the dose wrong and end up sick– or if I neglect it I could have withdraws at work which SUCKS.

SO Here IS MY Question. I have an appointment with an addition expert to see about going on suboxone as a stepping stone to finding off the poppys. But ,I have study on the web in many discussion boards (drugs dot com for example) that suboxone is addictive and Quite tough to quit. So, this “remedy” may possibly make items worse for me. I am not taking large amounts of poppy and my existence is not at danger from it. I do not need to do dangerous injection or get my drugs on the street. It is also not extremely high-priced. So is suboxone a good thought for me? Or must I give all of my drugs to my husband. Have him purchase a Safe (this time) and go for the taper again.. this time extra slow … I even have a digital scale to make it precise…

I can not make up my mind.

I also be concerned about stressing out my husband. It really is not his fault that I got in to this so why must he have to clean up for me? That is 1 purpose I Iike the thought of going to a doctor and suboxone. He is really supportive of whatever I want but I want to respect him and not be like these drug addicts I have study about who hurt their loved one. So, what ought to I do?

Best solution:

Reply by Mer
Effectively suboxone can be addictive mainly if you inject(as I too have read online), and it prevents withdrawal syndromes. Even so suboxone itself only gets you “substantial” if you never have a tolerance(and you do from the poppies) so it wouldn’t give you the very same large but you wouldn’t feel the withdrawal signs and symptoms as hard. I’ve taken suboxone but have no dependence as an experiment and it is fairly robust(2mg), so you possibly will be prescribed a dosage a bit larger. But nothing at all compared to the grams of poppies you ingest, so this medicine will do much less harm on your insides seeing as that you will most like get a five-10mg prescription.

My older sister was prescribed it after rehab for Oxycontin and it aided her, but at some point she did relapse on Oxycontin. But she didn’t have significantly support, so if your husband is really supportive I’d so go for it 🙂
And finally they ween you off the suboxone.

Greatest of luck.
p.s. if you do consider to taper down what if you relapse? or worse move onto harder drugs like oxycontin?

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Low Back Pain – Herniated Disc, Sciatica – Everything You Need to Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

March 30th, 2012 44 comments

low back pain herniated disc, sciatica Educational animation is video describe hernias of the lumbo sacral spine.this video produced by University of Toledo orthopedic surgeon. it explains the anatomy of the spine and the structure of the disk type, site, the level of a hernia bulge and L5-S1 herniated L4_L5 commenst levels are the cause sciatica, positive SLR or Stretch TEST cauda equina injury may involve the bladder and bowel.exclude si or sacro iliac joint pain by examining whether the injection of the si joint. This video was made by the University of Toledo orthopedic surgeon Video Rating: 4/5

Extreme back difficulties, please support!?

March 30th, 2012 Comments off

Question by : Extreme back troubles, please support!?

My dad has Actually negative back troubles and I have asked a question like this earlier, but they’re genuinely negative, to the point in which he cant stroll, and has to go to bed because of how considerably pain he is in. He is only in his early 50s even though. He says people back “remedies” this kind of as patches will not support, he may well go to surgical treatment because it has been truly bad recently and he doesnt know what to do.

It really is because of a damaged disc or some thing…IDK as well a lot about this subject but his medical professional said it was. It is mainly when he is standing up, and it is in his decrease back. My mom is going on holiday this week and he is taking a week off of operate to stay with property, I dont actually know why but he desires to do even more housework…so anyway I need some speedy things that may hold off the ache until my mom gets back in a couple of weeks, when he would be ready to have the surgical procedure. Also he is going to be property by himself and what occurs if he cant move or cant get himself into bed, I truly assume he must get some a lot more aid. But he refuses so any ideas from earlier experiences.?

Very best solution:

Answer by Cherokee Billie
it really is extremely challenging to get a parent to listen to you. They nevertheless assume that they know much more than you do. So you do have a battle on your hands. He needs to be resting instead of undertaking more housework. Do not know how you’re going to quit him when he’s determined. Wearing a back assistance would support particularly doing operate. These can be picked up at any drug keep.

I suggest he have an examination by chiropractor to see if there’s a thing they can do to support them before he goes for surgical treatment. Also acupuncture can be of excellent aid for back issues.

Also the following will aid:
Take a hot bath with 2c. of dissolved Epsom salts. Soak for 30 minutes. The Epsom salts will help get rid of the lactic acid that types on the muscles from more than exertion.

Massage an analgesic cream into the sore muscles.

Dehydration can result in severe ache in the muscles. I advise you drink purified water mixed with Mineral Water 50/50. This will change the minerals that are exiting your physique constantly. You must drink past your thirst to get the positive aspects of hydration and the true important is the Mineral Water.

I suggest that adults and youngsters drink 40 ounces of water per one hundred pounds of entire body excess weight every day. Realize that physical exercise, ambient temperature, and state of health have an effect on the water needs of your physique.

500mg of calcium and magnesium, taken twice everyday, can aid with diminishing the discomfort.

Advil liqui capsules operate very quickly on ache. Take them 4 instances everyday.

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These are my symptoms – any idea??

March 30th, 2012 2 comments

Question by shnazzy: These are my symptoms – any notion??

I am going to my doctor tomorrow for my yearly, so I am going to inquire her then, but just believed I’d pose my signs to all of you, to see if any individual has an thought??

-upper roof of mouth, left side, on the challenging component, little bumpy things, that itch and are tender/sore to the touch

-on same side of mouth as over bumps, upper, my gums about my molars are extremely swollen, inflamed, and sore

-the back of my throat is sore and tender when I swallow, ( on the identical side of my mouth as the over – the left side)

-continual headache on the left side, appropriate in the front, nearly feels like it is behind my eye.

-consistently tired, and in “discomfort” – can’t get comfy, sore, achy.

Any tips??? I’d commonly guess I was just getting a cold or flu, but the bumps and swelling in my mouth are throwing me off.

I’ve had all of these signs, constant, with no relief, because yesterday morning. It is now 5pm the up coming day.

Thanks to anybody who answers!

Very best answer:

Solution by emtd65
Have you ever had Mono/Epstein Barr Syndrome ? It may extremely be. Of program, there are other viruses which present in a comparable way.

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Heart Assault Symptoms? Support PLEASE!!!?

March 28th, 2012 2 comments

Question by SA_QU8688: Heart Attack Symptoms? Help PLEASE!!!?

I came residence from function about four, I slept from about 5-ten:30 and I woke up even now feeling so fatigued and tired. I have genuinely poor indigestion and an individual also looked at me and pointed out that my pupils were dilated but then stated that they went back down. I looked this up and saw that they are symptoms of heart attack, I am only 23 many years old so I am scared that it may sound ridiculous if I go to the hospital, I am just pondering if I really should attempt and rest it off or if I should go to the hospital… I am genuinely frightened..I never have any “sharp discomfort”, just an indigestion feeling in my chest area…. Somebody please give me advise…..

Best reply:

Reply by massive nick
Unless you do a lot of meth, cocaine, or amphetamine, you most likely aren’t having a heart attack.

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Question from guy to womern about ladies?

March 27th, 2012 15 comments

Query by Joey: Query from guy to womern about ladies?

My g/f asked this query:
I am 16, I am not sexually energetic. i excersize daily, and eat balanced.I have been getting intense ache w/ my period. I have had it for like two yrs. Every single time I get it, I get sick, really feel like I am gonna puke unbarable back pain, “curl up in a ball” stomach pain. Each time I get it I am out of college for the total point and am in bed unable to preserve something- the only thing that doesnt make me puke is water. The pain meds the doc gave me r not operating, and the previous two-3 occasions I have had my time period, I passed out a couple of instances from the ache. Any suggestions will aid!

OKAY I want to know how I can comfort her during her period? How can I make her feel better? Any guy w/ a g/f if u know pls give me guidance on how to comfort her!

Greatest reply:

Reply by estuardo162002
just leave her alone for that time. trust me its for the greater

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