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I think my boyfriend is addicted to discomfort killers.?

January 31st, 2012 5 comments

Query by clb1112: I believe my boyfriend is addicted to ache killers.?

I know he use to have a problem with vicodin, but he clams that he doesn’t take something anymore im quite sure he is lying. There have been a few times this week in which i was pretty positive he was on it, but when i confrounted him he got angry and denied it. Is there any sort of at home text or a sign that will indicate he is on pain killers? Also when i was away this weekend he went to the ER casue he was getting truly terrible “back discomfort” and the medical professional proscriber him Hydromorphone. I know he almost certainly made up the back pain to get the meds cause he was out. How can I allow medical doctors know he has an addiction and not to give him this variety of things??
So I known as the ER he went to this weekend and the nurse was really good, but she advised that by law they have to give medical interest adn medication to a paitent who come in, regardless if there is a note in their file about addiction.

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Answer by smokin.kush4200
dang i wish i could get some hydromorphone that things is unusual and costly

individuals on opiates have pin point pupils

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Are there alternatives to spinal fusions?

January 30th, 2012 Comments off

Question by john e: Are there options to spinal fusions?

I am 77 and have back ache. My doc explained my disc L5, L4, L3 are degenerated and I need a fusion. I know many folks who had it completed and it’s painful and recovery will take a prolonged time.

Are there any advances like “substitute disc” or any treatment to steer clear of a fusion.

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Solution by Buzz s
Speak to an orthopedic technologist about what may be accessible in the line of bracing. There is not anything at all commercially readily available i nthe line of a replacement disk.

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Home Care: Moving & Handling Training Teaser from BVS Training

January 29th, 2012 Comments off

This title shows how to safely service users to help move with and without equipment carers and develop understanding of how the risk of back injury, along with their rights and responsibilities under health and safety law. It also explains the dangers of manual handling of service users and carers why can not safely lift or the weight of the occupants. The role of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations to maintain safe practices are also explained. The video shows how people can be handled safely and use a range of equipment for this purpose is demonstrated. The most common situations for the treatment of residents in the area to be covered house. Topics include: The Importance of Back Care • What the law says about moving and handling • The causes of back pain Efficient Moving Principles • • • lying to sitting down and standing on Sitting Sitting • • • Moving and Handling Equipment Dealing with a dangerous techniques • Fall Time: 21 minutes DVD in 11 sections are used in a retail three hours training for more information, visit or call 0845 644 2866

What is a “bulging disc?” and was it induced?

January 29th, 2012 Comments off

Query by djc1175: What is a “bulging disc?” and was it brought on?

By a fall I had a few weeks ago on the ice? When coming out of an workplace a number of weeks ago I slipped on black ice and landed flat on my back. The other day I had an MRI and it showed I had a bulging disc..did the fall result in that to happen?
At rimes I have some discomfort, but nothing I cannot reside with, now my Dr wishes me to go for discomfort management..and I don’t know if that’s needed.

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Answer by MisMischievous
Amongst each and every bone in your spinal column is a disc that cushions those bones. You can envision people disc as some thing like a jelly donut with the bread component on the outside and the jelly portion on the inside. As extended as the disc stay in tact every thing is fine, but when 1 bulges or ruptures, the nerves surrounding the spine can have stress place on them and result in ache. Appropriate now your MRI showed that 1 of the disc in your back is bulging like the side of the donut becoming squashed a bit on one particular side and sticking out more than it should. Depending on exactly in which that bulge is will rely on no matter whether or not discomfort is brought on. And yes, that fall could have triggered that to come about. Additionally, I know from knowledge, with such a disc like this, a quite difficult fall on your rear could rupture that disc, and trust me….you undoubtedly never want that. Be extremely careful.

As to the ache management, it may well be a good concept to go just once to see exactly what they had in thoughts. Discomfort management is not just narcotics if that is what you are contemplating, but a assortment of strategies of helping you offer with discomfort. The principal point of it is that it is dealing with persistent ache and that is what your medical professional was attempting to tell you. What you now think about one thing you can reside with, could effectively get worse over time as you have now entered the group of millions of folks who now have persistent back troubles. Welcome. Hope your journey is not that negative.

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I AM IN SO Significantly Ache… HOW DO I GET THIS Medication?

January 28th, 2012 14 comments

Query by mommadom: I AM IN SO Considerably Ache… HOW DO I GET THIS Medication?

I have “Significant Reduce BACK Pain” I just had an MRI on Tues. I have told my Doc in the previous that I am virtually in tears when I have to function…(stand for five+ hours at a time) he gives me anti inflammatory meds…which DO Nothing AT ALL!!! Why will not he give me pain killers??? Did he order the MRI because he doesn’t believe me??? I am in ache every day…nothing at all he give me can help!!!! Thank-you for your aid 🙂
I never smoke pot…never like it. Chiropractor did not assist…built it worse.
I have been in pain for twelve years.
Have not got the final results back from the MRI nevertheless. Darvocet, Tramadol,Bextra,Tylenol3w/codine Don’t Function!!!
I never smoke pot…never like it. Chiropractor did not help…created it worse.
I have been in pain for twelve many years.
Haven’t got the final results back from the MRI however. Darvocet, Tramadol,Bextra,Tylenol3w/codine Don’t Function!!!
Okay so right here is what he said… Mild “SPONDYLOSIS” at L4-five w/ tint annular tear limited posterior element hypertrophy.
2. Mild “SPONDYLOSIS” at L5-S1 w/ restricted disc protrusion.
Disc dehydrationslight endplate bony hypertrophy and bulge of the annulus and disc with tiny annular tear with no disc protrusion limited encroachment only unremarkable canal and recess degree rootslimited hypertrophy facets and ligamentum flavur bilaterally… ???????
ENGLISH PLEASE 🙂 Thank you 🙂

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Answer by angie
vicoden or percocets should assist.

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Ozone Treatment for herniated disc:anyone heard of or, taken it? Is it effective? how does it work?

January 27th, 2012 1 comment

Question by Nikita: Ozone Treatment for herniated disc:anybody heard of or, taken it? Is it effective? how does it work?


I was diagnosed with a “slipped disc” ( not a prolapse, only compression and back ache) a lot more than a year ago. One particular 31 st October 2009 I had sudden and serious discomfort in my back – so considerably that it hurt even if i took a deep breath.

The clinical diagnosis and MRI confirmed a herniated disc at D1 L2, like some mild protrusion in decrease levels also.
I have been on bed rest and ache medication because. Now i am able to move little ( like for the most fundamental requirements) but there is even now very sharp discomfort.

A pal of mine had heard of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy for herniated disc. I spoke to the medical doctor who practices it and it is a process of injecting ozone/ oxygen in the herniated disc. Now I have just heard of it and am but to decide if I need to go and see this medical professional.

Please let me know in situation you have heard / recognized of this treatment.

More so if you or everyone you know has benefitted from it. Speaking of it, please allow me know if there have been any cons of this apporach.

Thanks a lot lot.
God Bless.

Finest solution:

Answer by natpractitioner
I am not extremely acquainted with this method, but I looked it up on the Mayo clinic internet internet site [] and they say that “the remedy can limit pain and irritation by minimizing the disk’s volume. When employed in conjunction with corticosteroid injections, oxygen-ozone therapy might enhance the effect of the corticosteroids. Oxygen-ozone therapy is carried out on an outpatient basis and does not call for anesthesia.”

They also mention a therapy referred to as nucleoplasty. Nucleoplasty utilizes heat-making (bipolar radiofrequency) engineering to develop an power area that decreases strain inside a disk’s nucleus. Decreased stress inside of a disk can provide pain relief. Due to the fact the vitality field dissolves disk tissue without having creating extreme heat, harm to close by structures is minimized.

Each of these therapies sound as if they have been proven effective in the clinical setting.

Great luck.

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