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Why won’t my Dr Prescribe me pain med. this kind of as codeine or hydrocodone for my bulging discs and pinched nerves?

December 31st, 2011 1 comment

Question by : Why won’t my Dr Prescribe me pain med. such as codeine or hydrocodone for my bulging discs and pinched nerves?

I skilled a negative fall and did not recognize the pain for virtually a year. I made a Dr’s. Appt., explained my discomfort. Decrease and upper back and neck pain. Prescribed neurontin, had no effect. Moved to tramadol, worked for the pain but produced me sick. Then onto nortriptiline, an antidepressant that’s supposedly great for back discomfort. Only effect that had was constant sleeping, it was like residing in a fog and no relief from the pain. He then orders an MRI, lumbar only (which I did not know at the time). My upper back and neck are the major problems. Mri shows bulging discs of the L4 an L5. I get in touch with the Dr’s workplace and explain to the nurse that the nortriptiline is not working and the severe fatigue that it is leading to. She calls me back 5 days later on and says the Dr. is uncomfortable prescribing me anything else and they are putting me in for physical therapy. Oh and did I neglect to mention that physical therapy has an extremely prolonged wait checklist in my location, unless I want to drive 30 mins away from my house 4x per week at nearly 4 dollars a gallon when I’m unable to work due to the pain? He’s uncomfortable? I am UNCOMFORTABLE!! Tells me to make an appt with the PA, I go into the appt with the PA these days and he has to seek the advice of with the DR who is “uncomfortable”, I get nabumetone. I glance at the personal computer screen while he is out asking permission. The record says that I have “a historical past of noncompliance with medical treatment” WTF!! Why? due to the fact I won’t preserve taking medicine that dosen’t perform? It also says cocaine addiction, in remission. I have not touched it for almost five many years, I don’t drink or smoke pot or anything at all of that nature. I operate, go to college and support my son all by myself. I am property now, I have taken the nabumetone over 2 hrs ago and my upper back still burns, lower back and neck are aching. I can’t stand or sit for lengthy intervals of time and sleep is unheard of any longer. Why am I staying treated in this way? Can an individual please aid me to recognize what is going on and what I can do to transform their minds. I have responded properly to the medications I listed in my query prior to for other issues with no addiction issues.I have in no way asked this Dr or any other Dr. for that matter for pain medication. I require relief!!!! : (

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Answer by Jamel Shealey
Be thankful they won’t prescribe pain medicine. At times, narcotics may possibly not be the finest treatment for your issue. They are addictive with continued use.

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Persistent Stomach Discomfort and Vomiting Spells ?

December 29th, 2011 Comments off

Question by : Chronic Abdomen Discomfort and Vomiting Spells ?

For a number of years I have had reoccurring cases of severe stomach discomfort (it tends to radiate about to my back as well and is undesirable adequate that I begin to shed consciousness at times) which always includes vomiting. The discomfort does not typically last any lengthier than 10 minutes or so. It will either reside or end right away right after I vomit. At occasions I have nausea and vomiting without having the stomach ache as effectively for no apparent purpose. These attacks have normally occurred as soon as each two months or so. But not too long ago, they’ve increased to 5 in the previous 3 months.

There are no constants just before these episodes except at instances they occur when I’m hungry or appropriate right after I drink cold water. They have happened at varying tines in the day.

Also- prior to I had these abdomen aches, I underwent emergency surgical procedure for a cholydochlosys (sp?). And was diagnosed with “phantom pains” and PTSD afterward. My query is- is this still PTSD all these many years later on? And why have they grow to be far more regular? If not, what could be triggering this?

Hope I gave adequate information. I’d value any tips and assist.
Thank you!

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Answer by imgeminirising
Have you been screened for an ulcer? I wouldn’t settle for a “phantom pain” diagnosis…discomfort is pain! The whole factor with PTSD IS that you get signs right after a traumatic occasion…I don’t know what you had surgical treatment for, but it should have been unpleasant.
Does this come about when you’ve eaten particular foods or are there no obvious “triggers”.

Is this it? cholecystectomy closest I could discover! Maybe you had gallstones removed or your gallbladder was removed…is that what happened? Are your symptoms close to the ones you had earlier to your surgical procedure?

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Back Pain – Common causes and solutions for common low back pain

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Back Pain – Common Causes and solutions for common low back pain

chance to experience lower back pain – either insignificant or significant – somewhere in your life is pretty good


If you are lucky, will last only a day or two. If not happy, try one of the millions who have constant pain in their lives.

Prevention methods must be identified and implemented earlier in life is the best, if prevention works a lot better than any treatment. Even a basic understanding of the cause of back pain can be enough to help prevent such a condition.

Many back issues are caused due to poor posture. Unfortunately, the attitude of many people greatly reduced due to the use of computers. While you sit at your desk, make sure you use the right attitude, and take many breaks to walk around, which increases circulation.

Another reason why so many people are suffering due to poor lifting practices. If you have something that you should always heavy lift to get help, and you must bend your knees. When you bend your knees, it avoids all the weight you lift by putting into effect immediately on your back.

Backs must be exercised and stretched. If your back is inactive for a long time, it will get weak and it will put more pressure on the bone and joints that can lead to painful conditions.


There are many therapists who claim that muscle imbalances are in fact the main cause of lower back pain. There are numerous examples of old songs are classified as chronic or severe to have been cured by relieving the imbalances of the muscles that cause the spine and pelvis are supported.

A good chiropractor should be consulted.

There is good news though.

Back pain can be eliminated way before it becomes a major problem. Avoid stress on your back, good posture (especially while sitting at the computer) to learn, learn how to stretch and exercise your back, and, if necessary, seek professional help better align your muscles and structure.

It saves you a life of pain due to chronic back pain.

Mary Jacobs is writing articles about health issues and alternatives, and other popular topics for over 20 years. Her most recent articles on best hammocks for sale can be accessed at .

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Q&A: Leg “discomfort”… What would you do in my shoes ?

December 28th, 2011 8 comments

Question by Médard Le Métèque: Leg “discomfort”… What would you do in my shoes ?

So, some two many years ago I had a small accident. I am a postman, and was riding my motorbike when it was slippery outside. I braked (or whatever) but accidentally “gave gas” (sped up), so I was “stretched” and had a “jab” in my back. I’m not positive if you understood what I desired to say, but ever considering that that day I have some sort of leg pain (not serious) that goes by means of my complete leg and like there is one thing blocked in my reduce back. I don’t know what it would be, but the physician suggested I may have got to go for injections in my back. I am not a massive supporter of that, since all that rubbish often does far more undesirable than great. What would you do ?
Cortisone, that was the point they have been going to shoot into me.
I also believe it is a light sciatica, but it didn’t show on any x-ray photographs, so I am not sure, but it is annoying.

Very best solution:

Answer by Hebi
I say trust the medical professional.

Medical professionals research for many years to be ready to do what they do. They will not present you an option that’ll harm you.

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HBK passed it to Y2J, Jericho is coming close to Retirement, at WM 27: Jericho ought to pass it to John Morrison?

December 27th, 2011 6 comments

Question by The Animalistic-Viper LP23: HBK passed it to Y2J, Jericho is coming close to Retirement, at WM 27: Jericho really should pass it to John Morrison?

About Royal Rumble time, Morrison wins the Royal Rumble at #one. John Morrison challenges WWE Champion Chris Jericho in a “Ladder Match” at WrestleMania XXVII.
Jericho tells Morrison, he desires to make Historical past & Pass the Torch to him if he wins at WM. Jericho tells Morrison, HBK pass the Torch to him, and He’ll Pass the Torch to Morrison. He tells Morrison he can see him primary the WWE into a New Era. Note that Jericho is Face. Jericho then tells Morrison, if you don’t defeat me, then you failed. Which signifies, he can’t pass the torch from HBK, to him to Morrison. Morrison tells Jericho he’s prepared to make Background & Second.

At WrestleMania XXVII in Atlanta, Georgia, As the match gets into a conclusion Morrison reverese Jericho’s “Codebreaker” & Hits his “Nitro Blast” (Sweet Chin Music) & Goes on best of the Ladder and hits “Starship Discomfort” and gets back up and grabs the WWE Championship. Also in the course of the match Morrison landed on Jericho with a Beautuiful Moonsault onto the annoucers table. Morrison’s Dream came accurate, and he is in the Middle of the Ring, on his knees crying, looking up in the sky. Then he goes on the ropes and does his pose holding up the WWE Championship. Chris Jericho tells Morrison the torch has been past and get ready to lead the WWE, Morrison smiles and shakes Jericho’s Hand. The crowd goes wild and Morrison gets his WrestleMania Moment. Jim Ross on commentary say’s it looks like Morrison’s Boy Hood Dream Came Accurate. Morrison goes backstage celebrating content and see’s HBK, and provides him a Handshake. Morrison is New WWE Champion. Micheals tells Morrison he’s see’s a Youthful Him inside of Morrison, Morrison tells Micheals, he’s the Greatest Ever and desires to have a Match with him. Micheals says possibly, but Morrison say’s this is the Biggest Moment in my Profession and I will cherish it until the finish. WrestleMania XXVII, New WWE Champion John Morrison.
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Solution by Shaddy Haze

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I am 13, I am thinkng about staying an author when older, please study this excert and tell me you viewpoint, Thanks?

December 26th, 2011 5 comments

Question by : I am 13, I am thinkng about staying an writer when older, please study this excert and tell me you viewpoint, Thanks?

Hi, i am 13 and it just came up to me that I could have a shot at getting an author. Please inform me what you think of this excert I wrote, and if I have the skils. Please Note: I will get better more than time to!

The story takes spot in Harlem.

The other group had DeShaun Williams, in the hood he was rumored to be a seven-six giant. Boys & Girls, that was the name of his group, but the brother appeared like he was from yet another planet. Who understands, the prospects are probably. The dude had them broad shoulders that all the chicks digged, wrestler-like calf, an odd grin, and without having a doubt could throw a K-O punch. “You see that kid more than there?” My friend Ramona mentioned.

“Yeah, the big dude”, I replied. “I heard from a group of Puerto Rican’s that he hospialized 1 of there members ’bout a week ‘go, he gave him a brain concussion, and a fractured skull.” That’s nasty, sent shivers down my spine……..”YOU’D Best NOT MESS WITH HIM”, Jocelyn stated, my annoying little sis. Anyways, how a girl like you associated with a Puerto Rican gang? “YOU EVER Study THE PAPER, BOY?”, Ramona yelled! But you mentioned..ahh, what’s the purpose.

Boys & Girls could have been a excellent group, but they relied to significantly on DeShaun. He was the one always tossing and turning on the damn court. I was shredding some significant sweat making an attempt to leap across this joint, even though. DeShaun smacked the ball, and it went hurdling toward the ground. I swear to God, I felt an right after shock. I crossed my feat trying do some slick moves to impress them chicks. That got me no in which, Shaun’s Godzilla-like palms smashed the ball by means of my face, even though it was near my fore-head, concurrently crushing my nose. My vision went drastically blurry, I could see blood gradually dripping down my cheeks. Following a number of seconds, I began choking on the blood, and attempted to gargle it. I felt drunk, I was acting a bit loony from the excruciating pain.

When I arrived in the emergency space, I heard the medical professionals whispering to my mom, mam, we may need to shoot your son up with antibiotics. My mom was pondering. Fortunately, I was half awake. I yelled, “HELL NO!” You ain’t shooting me up with that junk. I’ll get above it naturally. I knew that antibiotics only weakened your immune technique, one thing medical professionals do not tell you. They give you medicine to help you…that medicine has a side impact, they give you some other junk to heal that side impact, and then you get one more side effect, and so on. They rack in the money like that.. Anyways, that was besides the point. Some thing was fishy, and I am certain it really is not the salmon in the cafe. DeShaun, bent his arm, in a 180 degree angle. I can swear that was no accident, the way he just forced his palm into the ball’s face. Therefore, making it pound my face.

Later on on, my friends came over to see how I was performing, Even Thomas showed up, knowing though we had a fight last week, and weren’t tight like that yet. Dough told me I had some stitches in my head, some thing I hadn’t been addressed however. Yeah, I was a bit pissed, but I got over it. Thomas told me we beat Girls & Boys, trailing by about a lousy point. I believed. A person when told me, “I’d rather shed by a dozen points, than a single.”It wasn’t prolonged until finally I was back to my regular program, playing ball, and what not……..

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Solution by kelly!
Im a 13 yr old girl and i dont even know what an excert is.. and that looks pretty skilled so i think you will be rather great someday 🙂

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