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Back discomfort and chiropractors?

November 30th, 2011 4 comments

Query by eRiKa: Back discomfort and chiropractors?

So i have been experiencing decrease back discomfort for a couple year now from gymnastics (you can read far more about this in my question “gymnast with back pain”). I have been considering about going to a chiropractor? I have tried Almost everything and this looks like my final alternative. Can any person fill me in on chiropractors, what they will do to me/ my back, and if it will be fixed forever or temporarily. Any data. u can think of concerning chiropractors, i would like to study it. Thanks!
Also, my mom says she doesnt trust them? ought to i be worried too?

Best solution:

Answer by The English Teacher
In the initial visit, they generally take an x-ray of your back to see exactly where the issues are. Following that they will adjust you in different positions for different parts of your back and neck. Usually it does not hurt, but you will feel the motion and hear the cracking. I don’t know why your mom doesn’t trust them, but for many many years the AMA has been behind a smear campaign against chiropractors and your mom may have heard about this. I have been going to a chiropractor for many years and they have helped me a lot. It will take a even though for the muscles to turn out to be used to the new position of the vertebrae, so, you will likely have to see 1 for a handful of months at least until you really feel far better.

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Must I modify physicians?

November 29th, 2011 8 comments

Question by mommyem: Should I modify doctors?

So I went in these days for my six weeks exam right after getting my child. I’ve nonetheless been bleeding and it really is a large concern for me. And I was also feeling really ill with stomach and back pains and dizziness. So I tell my physician all of these points. And even though speaking with him I get emotional and start off to cry a little. So he keeps asking me if I’m depressed. No, I’m not depressed, I am concerned and I do not really feel effectively. Right after examining my uterus he appears at my back and says to me “we need to have to get you working out.” Like I never know I’m body fat, I just had a child and I’m even now 55 pounds overweight from never losing from my last two pregnancies. Then he orders a urine test to check for a bladder infection. When that comes out standard he sends me property. I nevertheless feel like crap and he hasn’t identified out what is incorrect with me, but he’s sending me property? Not to mention that he is constantly calling me Amy or by my daughters name. Am I becoming a hypochondriac? Or should he have checked more than that?

Greatest answer:

Answer by mistypa12000
You could be suffering from depression. It can result in unexplained discomfort and bleeding. If you never feel confident in his answers I would go see an additional medical doctor. There are written tests the physician can give you to check for depression, if practically nothing physical is creating your issues.

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HOW TO SAVE YOUR BACK: A Ninety-Nine Cent Lower Back Pain Session with a Physical Therapist

November 28th, 2011 1 comment

HOW TO SAVE YOUR BACK: A Ninety-Nine Cent Lower Back Pain Session with a Physical Therapist

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Chronic Pain, could it be fibromyalgia?

November 28th, 2011 3 comments

Query by Ashley: Chronic Pain, could it be fibromyalgia?

I am a 23 year old mother of 2 boys under 2. I have constantly had lower back, hip and leg pains. The doctors when I was younger told me it was “increasing pains” and that I would develop out of it. I am going to physical treatment as well as psychological treatment. i am often tired and that was prior to I got pregnant. It appears like no matter how significantly or how small rest I get im often tired. But it requires me forever to fall asleep. any who the physical therapy requires the edge off a small, but truly helps make me sore the following day. I went to the medical doctor and they did x-rays and in no way got back to me.. I have chronic migraines and it would seem like my legs and feet are usually cold even when they sweat, I know kinda gross. I was offered tramodol when I broke my finger and that truly created my mood great and not so significantly discomfort. its a drug that impact serotonin. I feel like that was a good medicine for me as it gave me relief I have not had in years. I have been on paxil for 4 months no and it isnt assisting as considerably as I like and it cant be taken with tramodol.what should I do and what is with all the pain?

Very best answer:

Solution by unschoolymomma
I have Fibromylagia and Persistent Fatigue and I can tell you it took me lots of physicians, specialists, and therapists till I finally discovered 1 that diagnosed me and didn’t tell me it was all in my head or attempt to give me drugs that are not really very good for this condition.

Considering that there is no cure for Fibro it is difficult and since they are still finding out about it some doctors poo poo it and try out to ay it is depression or pain steeming from a thing else in yoru body.

I also had “developing pains” some thing fierce and my Mom would have to come in and rub down my legs and arms at night. I was miserable . They attempted to say Oh it is probably some kind of arthritis, but nevertheless I eventually saw yet another specialist about a month ago that has been int he enterprise forever and he told me it was not that, but only the Fibro.

Fibro is a distinct kind of pain. It can really feel like the flu, electrical currents operating thru your body. Stress tends to make it worse.

I was lucky as mine went into total remission throughout pregnancy and for months after and then came back worse than ever.

All I can do is stick to my heating pad, ice the regions down that are bothering me most, I take some Zanax at evening to help me unwind- this has been a lifesaver as most of the pain comes from not getting restful sleep. I knew I was no sleeping simply because I by no means dreamt and would wake up dead tired and not refreshed in the morning. Now I sleep ten hours straight and wake up refreshed. Yes I still get pain, but you understand how to deal with it.

I hear that Paxil will make the discomfort worse.

Pressure is a biggy. Stress will make our discomfort go up a hundred instances worse. You need to learn how to destress- breathing tactics, quit worrying so much, get out and get moving- walking is the best. I discover sugars and caffeine make my discomfort worse so I try out to stick to much more lean meats, fresh veggies and fruit and remain away from all the junk and lots and lost of water to lubricate these joints.

I am sorry you are going thru this. I absolutely comprehend. I hope you can locate some points that function for you. There is no magic pill. I want there was and what works for 1 man or woman may well not for the subsequent so it is trial and error. Hopefully you will discover one thing quicker than I have.

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“I am 31yrs old and for a week now the correct mid place of my back has been hurting. It hurts so negative that I’m hav?

November 27th, 2011 2 comments

Query by BIBARACHA: “I am 31yrs old and for a week now the proper mid location of my back has been hurting. It hurts so negative that I am hav?

“I’m 31yrs old and for a week now the correct mid place of my back has been hurting. It hurts so lousy that I’m getting problems breathing, even when I cough or sneeze it hurts. What is leading to this agonizing discomfort?”

Greatest answer:

Solution by tom4bucs
old age stinks

have you cracked a rib?
pulled a muscle??

time to see your doctor

all the ideal

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Back ache…and sitting down.?

November 26th, 2011 2 comments

Query by Tiffany: Back pain…and sitting down.?

Is it correct that your back cannot Really harm more when you’re sitting down? This is what an ER physician told me final night. I went in complaining of horrible lower back pain. I’m a directory assistance operator and I sit down for prolonged intervals of time at function, which tends to make it worse.. He essentially told me that it was all in my head, and that when you happen to be sitting down your muscle tissue are relaxed so theres no way it could harm. I believe hes complete of **** myself, due to the fact I know for a Truth it hurts worse, but what ever. I wanted to get somebody elses opinion ๐Ÿ™‚ This physician was Soon after I had been to one more ER, exactly where the physician there informed me to suck it up, and that everyone has back discomfort and that he did not miss perform above it and did not believe I must either. He said he didn’t imagine it was as negative as I say it is. Certain, no huge deal. This “minor back discomfort” as he referred to it as is interfering with my lifestyle, I can barley even move at times! Both physicians made their decisions without having any x-rays or something!
he claims i have pulled a muscle in my back. i disagree. due to the fact if what he says about the back not hurting when your sitting, it is not appropriate. my back hurts WORSE when i sit, meaning its NOT a pulled muscle…hes stupid! i have an apt with a chiropractor on tuesday morning ๐Ÿ™‚

Finest answer:

Answer by William P
Your physician is correct in that it is most likely not a muscle problem, however, it sounds like a problem with your lumbar spine. Potential culprits are degenerative disc condition, spinal stenosis and a herniated disc, amongst others. Its essential that you see a medical professional with some expertise in the spine such as a discomfort specialist or physiatrist. You might also contemplate an orthopedic surgeon, though I would contemplate them a second step. In the meantime back support is extremely essential when sitting for prolonged intervals of time. I propose this article on SpineUniverse: Its about how to lessen back pain while sitting.

As somebody who suffers from similar signs and who has been to some genuinely excellent specialists, there is aid and hope for you.

Very good luck.

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