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I have a dilemma with my reduce back, referred to as “Bulging disk. “Any sucess story?

October 31st, 2011 5 comments

Question by shaban: I have a dilemma with my reduced back, called “Bulging disk. “Any sucess story?

I have been haing this reduce back ache for a while. I have had attempted all kinds of meds, but absolutely nothing has hellped. My medical doctor recommented Cortozon shots. I I wnat to know if anyone has taking this route aND ANY SUCESS STORY

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Answer by Reicherts-713
My husband had 2 bulged disks and has Never resorted to getting Cortizone shots. The really greatest point he has ever carried out to relieve the discomfort is go to the gymnasium Daily and develop up his back muscle tissues. He had a strict excess weight lifting program he was employing and even though he was carrying out that he had tiny to no pain. The powerful back muscle tissue assisted to preserve the disc in location.

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What can I expect for outcomes of MRI? Physician circled “code 340 – Several Sclerosis” on data sheet…

October 30th, 2011 4 comments

Question by torbluejaysfan82: What can I expect for results of MRI? Medical professional circled “code 340 – Several Sclerosis” on info sheet…

I’m scheduled to take an MRI for the very first time on Tuesday morning… I’ve been given 3 tablets that will place me to rest for the duration of the entire approach (which will be an MRI on the two the spine and the brain). I hardly ever feel ache (even though I’ve felt it a lot far more frequently lately in the muscles behind my reduce legs and upper arms — as effectively as stiffness and pain in ankles, fingers, and toes).

The medical doctor asked me to take 3 information sheets back to the nurse for the scheduling of the MRI. He circled Numerous Sclerosis on all 3 and did not even inform me about the MRI on the brain — he just said “this will be a extended MRI on your spine…” When the hospital named to verify the appointment, they told me he also scheduled an MRI on the brian. How lengthy can I count on this to take and, supplied this is MS, how long will it be until he informs me? The next appointment with him is not right up until November 18th and I nevertheless have blood function later this week…

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Answer by Mike J
If he circled that, he almost certainly just left himself a note that the test was performed. That is all – just as a record that he tested for MS. Doctors would not randomly circle diagnoses on a sheet, with out saying anything to you.

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Back discomfort and arthritis?

October 29th, 2011 3 comments

Question by : Back discomfort and arthritis?

I am 17 years old and my Mother claims “Your also youthful to feel back discomfort!” Is it genuine ONLY old individuals can get arthritis? Because when i stroll, my knee’s crack, my correct foot cracks (I chipped a bone on it 2 many years ago by falling down some measures outside) and when i sit up from my chair or i get out of my bed my back cracks loudly. Earlier i fell asleep on the couch and my brother was playing video video games in the residing area and he heard a loud ‘crack’ from my back although i was sleeping and he believed it was odd. The only thing that does not crack on my physique is my neck. Often it hurts too significantly. At times i think about killing myself because no 1 will aid me and the discomfort can be unbearable on rainy days (Literally!) . I’d inquire for pain medication such as vicodin (I have been given it prior to for my foot and it did WONDERS! I felt slight discomfort and it was tolerable soon after i took it) but i hear that is what they phone a “RED FLAG” (Suspicious). Could i get my back X-Rayed to prove i am in discomfort? Can teenagers even get arthitis?

(Also my fingers like..i don’t know how to clarify it. Sometimes my fingers will go completly STIFF and i cannot move them.)

A person please aid…what should i do? And do not tell me to do fricking Yoga, I’ve attempted it all!

Also, My Mom and me have been in a lousy auto accident when i was a infant. Could that of impacted me and could that be the result in of my back pain? What really should i do? No one will aid me, my mother doesn’t do shit for me……She will not even take me to the hospital if I am sick. She’ll just say I am being melodramatic when I am not! It hurts! I have a Reduced threshold for pain!!
God damn it, i CANT do Yoga (I can not physically!!) and i do not want any sites linking to ‘tremedol’ i don’t want pills illegally and i don’t want them to get large, i am in Discomfort and i want a real answer. Just please a person, solution my question..I can not take this discomfort any longer…

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Answer by sahil
these are tests for arthritis rheumatoid element test, ESR

these internet sites can assist u for the two case

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Back pain, Sciatica & Disc Bulging Relief

October 29th, 2011 Comments off

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back pain, sciatica & Bulging Disc Relief NASA discovered, the U.S. Army used former back pain, sciatica & Bulging Disc patients in 93 countries swear by it. The key to recurring back problems is now available for You In The Back Pain Good Bye Program. back pain, sciatica Bulging Disc Relief &

Marijuana med card in california?

October 28th, 2011 7 comments

Query by zack: Marijuana med card in california?

alright, im not gonna lie about my pot use.
i smoke pot. whatever.

and i want to get a med card because i dont want to get arrested and i want to smoke legally.

i know men and women assume its “negative” and no. sorry. its not.
it dont do anything at all, except get you large for an hour.
it doesnt give cancer, doesnt make you body fat.
it offers you the munchies like hell. but it doesnt get you excess fat.

and im not going to lie, i dont have “persistent back discomfort”
or nausea or what ever.

i wanna smoke pot.

tell me how i can get 1.

and dont be a faggot saying,

“oh no! pot head! get a life fool! your gonna get cancer!”

no, shut up ur wasting ur time.

Very best solution:

Answer by stevepitt2
It is legal by Calif state laws but nonetheless illegal on the Federal degree.

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John Morrison’s Road to WrestleMania Storyline & Boy Hood Dream Moment at WM 27: And Huge Push: YES OR NO?

October 27th, 2011 2 comments

Question by The Animalistic-Viper LP23: John Morrison’s Road to WrestleMania Storyline & Boy Hood Dream Moment at WM 27: And Large Push: YES OR NO?

John Morrison comes out and tells WWE Universe, he’s obtaining sick of getting on the Mid-Card, he wants to be WWE’s Largest Star & Best Guy and most importantly New WWE Champion. Morrison will then go on & say he will make WWE far more thrilling and more watchable, and entertaining yet again. Morrison say’s he will generally adjust the WWE Landscape. Morrison also notes he’s also talented to not be in Large Matches to entertain the WWE Universe. So with these words coming from Morrison, it really is establishing his Character. But Morrison say’s what he has do initial is challenge the Best Dog, to prove to everybody he can defeat a Primary Eventer. And battle with the best of them. Now with Triple H vs. Morrison is very identical to the way Triple H pushed Jeff Hardy back in 2007. Morrison also mentions his dream is to headline WrestleMania and have his “Boy Hood” Dream, he say’s he constantly watched HBK, and when he saw him win his Very first WWE Championship at WM 12, he always wanted a moment like that in his Career.

Triple H tells Morrison he reminds him of Shawn Micheals. And they have a couple of matches and Morrison wins. So Morrison & HHH have a Fued until all around Royal Rumble Time. Morrison impresses HHH. Morrison recieves a Enormous Push, HHH tells everyone Morrison is prepared and search out. Morrison then say’s Adjust is Coming in the WWE. Morrison also tells HHH, he’s honored that he reminds him of HBK, but Morrison say’s he’s no exactly where close to HBK’s Standing & Legacy but HBK is his Idol & Mentor. Triple H then tells Morrison he just simply see’s a Reflection of Shawn in Morrison by his Moveset and looks. But right after all of that is stated and accomplished they show respect by shaking hands and their Fued is Above.

About Royal Rumble time, Morrison wins the Royal Rumble at #1. John Morrison challenges WWE Champion Chris Jericho in a “Ladder Match” at WrestleMania XXVII.
Jericho tells Morrison, he would like to make Background & Pass the Torch to him if he wins at WM. Jericho tells Morrison, HBK pass the Torch to him, and He’ll Pass the Torch to Morrison. He tells Morrison he can see him major the WWE into a New Era. Note that Jericho is Face. Jericho then tells Morrison, if you do not defeat me, then you failed. Which implies, he can’t pass the torch from HBK, to him to Morrison. Morrison tells Jericho he’s prepared to make History & Moment.

At WrestleMania XXVII in Atlanta, Georgia, As the match gets into a conclusion Morrison reverese Jericho’s “Codebreaker” & Hits his “Nitro Blast” (Sweet Chin Music) & Goes on best of the Ladder and hits “Starship Pain” and gets back up and grabs the WWE Championship. Morrison’s Dream came accurate, and he is in the Middle of the Ring, on his knees crying, seeking up in the sky. Then he goes on the ropes and does his pose holding up the WWE Championship. Chris Jericho tells Morrison the torch has been past and get prepared to lead the WWE, Morrison smiles and shakes Jericho’s Hand. The crowd goes wild and Morrison gets his WrestleMania Second. Jim Ross on commentary say’s it appears like Morrison’s Boy Hood Dream Came Accurate. Morrison goes backstage celebrating content and see’s HBK, and gives him a Handshake. Morrison is New WWE Champion. Micheals tells Morrison he’s see’s a Youthful Him within of Morrison, Morrison tells Micheals, he’s the Very best Ever and desires to have a Match with him. Micheals says maybe, but Morrison say’s this is the Greatest Moment in my Career and I will cherish it until the finish. WrestleMania XXVII, New WWE Champion John Morrison.

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Solution by Severe Answers Wrestling
I like that, a really intriguing storyline.

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