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How soon can lower back pain start in pregnancy?

February 27th, 2009 5 comments
mandy t asked:

I have been trying to get pregnant for a while with no luck, but this month i am having lower back pain and a bit of tender breasts,,,but again that could be caused by many other things…I was due to ovulate on the 7th and i had sex the 4th and 5th and early on 6th day morning……hopeful


What are possible causes for my lower back and leg pain?

February 27th, 2009 12 comments
angela923 asked:

I’m 22 and since about a year ago, I’ve been having lower back pain that’s been getting worst. I don’t do sports and there was no injury to the area. It comes and goes but it’s causing me more pain now and the pain is also in my legs. The pain is worst when I lie down at night and its a sharp pain radiating to a dull pain. The leg pain feels like nerve pain and it’s been making my legs very weak and I have trouble walking at times. I also get this weird tingling sensation in my lower body and it makes my legs weak and knees buckle. I’ve been to several doctors and they told me it was muscle pain at first, told me to exercise, and gave me anti-inflammatory meds. None of that worked, and they are having xrays dones and my CT scan is schedule for monday. I’m pretty nervous, and the doctory said she does not know what it is without the test results and does not know what the problem could be. Anyone have similar experiences and can tell me what it was or any ideas what it could be?
Will CT scans always be helpful to find out problems relating to my back pain? Seems like some of you think that I should not be getting a CT scan. What is the worst possible problem that could be causing my pain? I just want to be prepared. I don’t do any lifting or heavy exercise, so the slipped disc thing seems weird… Does it just happen?


What Kind of Mattress is Best for Lower Back Pain?

February 26th, 2009 6 comments
Miss T asked:

I have terrible lower back pain that only seems to surface when I lie down. In other words, when I lie down I feel ok but when I get up I feel as though I’ve been run over by a truck and my lower back is crushed. My current mattress is a Sealy Pillow Top (about 6 years old) and I think I need a new one but there are so many options….help! Here are a few of my questions….

1. Is an Extra Firm Mattress Best? If not, what kind?
2. What is the Best Mattress Brand for Back Pain?
3. Are Memory Foam Mattresses and Good?
4. Has Anyone Tried Bedding—Mattresses/Beds from IKEA?
5. Is it ok to buy Mattresses on line? What sites are best?


How would I get rid of back pain?

February 26th, 2009 6 comments
chevyman100001 asked:

This morning I had a lower back pain, and nothing seems to work! I don’t know how it happened but I think I slept on it wrong!


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Every time i walk i have a pain on the right side of my lower back?

February 26th, 2009 2 comments
Stay Gold. asked:

i just started working out more, like running and walking on my treadmill,
but now i can’t because every time i start walking i have this pain in the right side of my lower back.
not just on my treadmil either, like any time i start walking at all.
it feels almost like a huge bruise but when i look at it in the mirror there’s nothing.
what could this be?
a strained muscle?
plz help! i’m dying to get back on the treadmill!


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February 25th, 2009 No comments
Ray Attebery asked:

Is this you? Experiencing severe pain all over your body. You feel exhausted all of the time. You have gone through numerous tests and your doctor cannot find anything wrong with you. If you can relate to these statements, you may have a condition called Fibromyalgia. And, if this is so, you are probably on the look out for Fibromyalgia pain treatment for severe pain.

You are not alone. Over ten million people in the United States alone have reported symptoms of Fibromyalgia. So, if you are one of the many sufferers of this painful condition, it is important to know that Fibromyalgia pain treatment for severe pain does exist. And, if you suffer from Fibromyalgia pain, your doctor or better yet a pain specialist can prescribe treatment for any level of pain including severe pain.

Medication as Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment for Severe Pain

Generally you will need to undergo a physical examination to determine if you qualify as a Fibromyalgia patient with positive findings of 11 of 18 tender points based on a digital examination. However as a second opinion, Dr. R. Paul St. Amand, M.D. Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine Harbor, at UCLA states that this useful concept is artificial. He further states: “We easily find more widely distributed areas of swelling, spasm, and tenderness scattered all over the body.”

Most doctors will prescribe some type and level of pain medication for Fibromyalgia pain treatment. Some of these medications include:

· Muscle Relaxants. Medication, such as Flexeril, taken at bedtime has been proven to be a successful Fibromyalgia pain treatment for severe pain. This kind of medication treats muscle pain and spasms.

· Antidepressants. Doctors may prescribe antidepressant medications, like Prozac or Paxil, as Fibromyalgia pain treatment for severe pain, as well. These medications for example have been effective at helping sufferers sleep through the night and rest is a key ingredient if you are diagnosed as Fibromyalgia pain.

· Anti-epileptics. Typically, anti-epileptics are prescribed to treat epilepsy, however, these drugs have proven effective as Fibromyalgia pain treatment for severe pain conditions.

Treatment for relief of pain can extend to (Tylenol, Advil, Darvocet-N); antidepressants; injection of local anesthetic with or without steroids into the tender points and trigger points; exercise stretch and intermittent cold therapy. Dr. St. Amand also recommends the use of Guaifenesin, which is available in a 600 mg. tablets, and reducing intake of aspirin and reduce the use of all salicylic acid products to zero.

One of the best non-drug products on the market is Tramaden, taken orally, this is a clinically proven pain medication that can be used to provide speedy relief to aching, painful joints and muscles associated with severe Fibromyalgia pain. Tramaden contains FDA complaint non-prescriptive ingredients including the highly powerful Celadrin and Bromelain for faster pain relief when reducing inflammation of muscle and tissue.

Topical Treatments for Fibromyalgia pain relief

A number of topical, non-oral, non-narcotic pain relief creams have proven very effective for the relief of Fibromyalgia. Menastil is one product originally produced for the topical treatment of Endometriosis and severe Menstrual cramps that has proven effective for Fibromyalgia pain due to Calendula Oil, which penetrates the epidermal and delivers it’s pain relief ingredients to the source of pain. The other is CorProfen, which once again has a penetrating agent to deliver its pain relief agent to your source of Fibromyalgia pain.

For more information about Fibromyalgia pain treatment for severe pain, check out The Fibromyalgia Network’s website. This site can help answer many of your questions concerning Fibromyalgia pain treatment for severe pain.

Visit the web sites below for Fibromyalgia non-drug products and information.