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What brand of bicycle sits you upright to reduce back and shoulder pain?

September 26th, 2007 7 comments

I saw an infomercial a while ago about a revolutionary new bicycle that allows the rider to sit almost completely upright thus greatly reducing back and shoulder pain when riding. Only now that I’m ready to buy a bike, I can’t remember that kind of bike. Anyone know?

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How did you deal with hip and back pain after giving birth?

September 21st, 2007 2 comments
newmom2007 asked:

I have hip and back pain after giving birth. Occurs mostly when I sit to feed my baby, but then also other times when I am doing usual activity.

The Dr. said it is normal due to pregnancy for a couple months after but mine started only a couple months after.

He also said that the back pain could be around the area of the spinal. The hip pain is th most bothersome… I’m too young to have all thse aches and pains! What can I do to combat them?
The pains started 2 months after I had the baby.

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