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What causes lower back pain and heaviness in the lower abdominal area?

February 27th, 2007 2 comments
Emily 🙂 asked:

I’m trying to explain this the best that I can. I have a constant lower back pain, that sometimes gets pretty uncomfortable. I have also had a type of heaviness up inside me. Way up inside, not like inside the genitals. I had a yearly pap done 8 months ago. Everything showed up normal as usual.
Other important things you should know, is I have been married for 5 years. Never cheat. And you would think if I did some how get something it would of showed up then at my last doctor’s visit.
It just worries me to hear that you can have hpv dormated for years and not know it, and get cancer. In your opinions what can be causing this discomforte? I would appreciate your advice. Especially any medical workers who have heard of what these symtoms are. Thanks….

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What are ways to eliminate back pain from a large chest size?

February 10th, 2007 10 comments
The Girl Behind The Camera asked:

with out breast reduction
I already have the best bra’s for support but I still have alot of back pain. any otc pain killers I can take besides advil (it hurts my stomach)
any stretches I can do?

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